Five Reasons Why Amazon Is Safe

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform in the world. It presents immense benefits to both sellers and buyers. For sellers, security concerns are different than for online shoppers.

Online shopping presents similar card theft, fraud, and malpractice issues everywhere. However, expectations with a brand name like Amazon are much higher than ordinary e-commerce sites.

Amazon has become the world’s leading e-commerce platform for some reasons. Providing its customers and partners with unmatched security features is one such reason.

Let us take a glance at how Amazon is helping its partners and customer to stay secure.

1) Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon’s brand registry program offers security and branding features at the same time. It has dedicated partner support, increased brand recognition, and proactive security features.

Once you register your products under a brand name, you’ll increase your chances of patent protection. In recent years, counterfeit product selling has increased manifold.

Under the brand registry program, partners with Amazon can protect their products against the counterfeit selling threat.

This Amazon service comes with additional marketing and branding benefits as well. Increasing branding means you are securing your identity. It is particularly important for brands selling unique products under registered names and patents.

Some key additional benefits of using the Amazon Brand Registry program include the following:

  • It offers brand analytics to analyze your marketing strategies.
  • It embeds additional features such as A+ content, sponsored ads, etc.
  • It provides proactive brand protection from Amazon.
  • It protects your brand against infringements and selling counterfeit products of your brand.

2) Amazon Transparency Feature

Amazon offers millions of products to its customers. A large proportion of sellers on Amazon are resellers too. It doesn’t affect the branded and reputable companies as long as their products are sold anywhere.

However, young brands looking to make a mark with differentiation can get caught in identity theft.

Customers expect high-quality and authentic products from sellers. Amazon’s transparency feature allows its partners to sell authentic products to their customers. It builds trust between sellers and buyers.

The sellers can add product information, manufacturing details, dates, places, etc. With this transparency feature, they can secure product information.

The customers will feel secure while purchasing as they’ll receive exact product information with the product delivery as listed.

3) Amazon IP Accelerator

Protecting the brand identity is challenging anywhere. Copycats steal your brand ideas and replicate them anywhere. Your brand gets stolen easily if it doesn’t cover a patent claim. Intellectual property is more challenging to secure than physical products.

Amazon’s newly launched Intellectual Property Accelerator program offers protection for brands. It combines brands with reputed Law Firms to work out IP protection.

You register the product brand, patents, and trademarks through these law firms. The service is currently available for brand partners in the US only.

Yet the initiative offers comprehensive intellectual property protection under the US regulatory environment.

4) Use Amazon Pay for Security

All e-commerce sites look to provide a secure shopping experience to their customers. Leading platforms like Amazon have gone a step further.

You can create an Amazon Pay account once and pay through it on Amazon and other sites. You never need to enter your credit card number, PIN, and other personal information while shopping on Amazon.

It can protect buyers from identity theft, credit card malpractices, and unauthorized access to your account.

Amazon pay provides great flexibility and convenience to customers. Your account details and credit card information remains secure with Amazon’s SSL website. You do not need to use the credit card details on multiple sites with Amazon Pay.

Amazon pay has eased customers’ cart experience, which has also helped sellers grow sales. The payment solutions have helped buyers, and sellers build trust in Amazon’s trusted platform.

5) Amazon Site Security Features

Amazon has launched its flagship AWS program, providing businesses with various cloud and web services. Shoppers can expect the same level of security in Amazon global stores.

From industry-standard two-factor authentication features, SSL site, and Encryption to security alerts. There is hardly any security feature that Amazon buyers wouldn’t find here.

Amazon proactively removes spam accounts, fake reviews, and counterfeit products. The Amazon Pay option and secured account features combine customer protection. These security and privacy features add to the secure shopping experience for buyers.

Amazon offers comprehensive security and payment features for buyers. The focus of security issues has been largely on protecting brands. Amazon has taken several key initiatives to protect its partners and enhance customer trust.