How Does ZOOM Work?

ZOOM video communication has seen its best year so far in a short business age of fewer than 9 years. Not many of us can say that for the current Pandemic and recession hit year.

The surge in ZOOM video communication is largely derived from the compulsion of remote working.

The education sector in particular was disrupted globally which shifted most of the education to the online mode.

ZOOM works for desktop, mobile application, and as third party integration. It offers a free basic package where you can make video calls for up to 40 minutes.

ZOOM was built for corporate customer needs for video communication. Let us take a glance at how well ZOOM works in achieving that vision.

ZOOM’s Application

You want to use ZOOM applications on a web browser or download an app for your smartphone; ZOOM has a solution for you.

  • ZOOM Client for Meetings, its web browser client
  • ZOOM Mobile apps for IOS and Android
  • ZOOM Rooms windows application
  • ZOOM Plug-ins for Skype, Intel unite, IBM Notes, and Microsoft Outlook
  • ZOOM Extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox

If your developer’s team wants API source codes and needs to integrate the ZOOM client services with your customized web experience, you’ve got yourself covered here too.

ZOOM’s Solutions

Individual and corporate customers have different video and calling communication needs. ZOOM has plentiful video communication products that can best match the needs of every customer.

Here are ZOOM video communication solutions.

ZOOM defines the host as the customer hosting video call and inviting attendees or viewers. Its free plan offers a limited video call duration of up to 40 minutes.

Paid plans can accommodate up to 1,000 participants and up to 10,000 viewers. Its customized solutions for large entities can offer viewers up to 50,000 and above.

ZOOM‘s Price Plans

ZOOM offers a free basic plan for Meetings allowing up to 100 participants and a group video meeting limit of 40 minutes. One-on-one “meetings” are free and unlimited with the Meetings application.

Free$ 149.90 per year/License$ 199.90 per year / License$ 199.90 per year / License
Up to 100 participantsUp to 100 participantsUp to 300 participantsUp to 500 participants
40-minute group callUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
1:1 unlimitedSocial media streamCloud StorageUp to 1,000 participants
Company domainUnlimited cloud storage

ZOOM’s pricing plans for Rooms start at $ 499.00 per year per license. Its other popular solution of Webinar starts paid plans from $ 400 per year per license with 100 attendees.

ZOOM phone comes with country-specific plans and calling rates. Its Phone-paid plans for the US and Canada start at $ 120 per year per license with metered rates for calls.

ZOOM How-To and Features

Joining a ZOOM meeting is easy; all you need is a host meeting ID link. The meeting host gets a unique ID to share with the participants. Participants do not require signing up for ZOOM for joining the video calls and conference rooms.

Hosting a meeting or conference room requires the host to sign up for a free or paid plan as required. The host will have to either use the online browser version, desktop, or mobile app to host the meeting or event.

Video Communication with ZOOM comes with additional features such as screen and file sharing. ZOOM integrates with third-party apps like Dropbox, Outlook, Zappier, and Skype making it easier to share different file formats and screen sharing.

Users can also record the Video sessions on the local device storage or ZOOM cloud storage. ZOOM cloud storage limit changes with paid plans though.

ZOOM webinar and meeting scheduling is another feature that provides convenience to institutional clients such as the education and health sector in particular.

ZOOM videos and communication experience can be enhanced with a third-party app marketplace as well. The app marketplace integration offers additional benefits to corporate clients with multiple business needs along with video communication. Some of the featured marketed apps that you can integrate with ZOOM include:

  • Go Daddy Online Appointments
  • Slack
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Teams
  • G Suite and Gmail, Calendar