Can I Transfer my Amazon Gift Card Balance to Another Account? – The Ultimate Guide

Many people ask a common question: Can I transfer the Amazon gift card balance to another account? If yes, how could this be done? Please review this article because we will answer all Amazon gift card balance questions.

When you read this article, there will be no more questions in your mind.

Can I Transfer my Amazon Gift Card Balance to Another Account?

No, you cannot transfer the balance of the Amazon gift card to another account, as shown in the Amazon terms and conditions. In addition, if you contact customer services, they will be able to redeem your gift card, and you must be able to save it on a different account.

So, you cannot transfer money between Amazon accounts. And you will need to provide your bank and credit card details to receive payments. But there are a lot of methods where you might transfer your amazon gift card balance to another account.

1st Method

The first method is you can call Amazon customers call. If your issue is within their scope, you will surely get help transferring Amazon customer service. And you can quickly move an Amazon gift card.

2nd Method

The second method is to place an order to purchase some items using an Amazon gift card and then cancel the order later. For this, you must order Smartwatch like Apple watch or an Oppo watch and then cancel this order.

Amazon will return your amount to the Amazon wallet after some days. And later, you can also request to transfer the amount to your bank account. It is a long process, but it indeed works.

Under Which Circumstances Can I Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Another Account?

You can transfer the Amazon gift card balance to another account in the following situations.

Situation 1

If you have purchased the physical gift card from the not valid or incorrect account, you have lost the claim code.

Situation 2

Suppose the buyer and recipient are the same for the Amazon gift card and want to transfer to another account. In that case, you can transfer Amazon gift cards to others.

It is always for the recipient when purchasing an Amazon gift card; providing the correct email address is good. Because if you have to change after buying an Amazon gift card, it may take time and become a complicated task.

Situation 3

Here, we will discuss some steps showing you that transferring your Amazon gift card balance to another account is possible.

  1. Go to your Amazon account and search for the Kindle ebook. Here, you have to search for a kind ebook whose price should match the cost of your gift card balance. If there is a significant amount, you will get a kindle ebook again and again.
  2. After this, look at the right side; you will see the option to buy now, and then scroll down. Scrolling down, you will find the Give as a gift option. And then click it.
  3. Now is the time to fill in the Amazon email of the person you want to send the gift card to on the next page. And then you have to send it.
  4. Your sending makes the recipient part of it, and the person who will receive this gift is associated with the Amazon account. In the end, the recipient receives the gift notice from
  5. The recipient must click on the get gift option and follow the advice once they come to Amazon, where they are linked, and then write the gift code in the email and get a gift by clicking on it.
  6. Here, claim now or download options are available on the right side. After this, a link is placed at the bottom, and the blue tie is for the change of gift card.
  7. You will see a pop-up box in the middle if you click on the blue tick. You will find another link at the bottom in the pop-up box that you have to click. Now, the gift has been switched to the gift card and is available immediately.

Situation 4

Transferring the Amazon gift card balance is necessary to fix other options like setting up Amazon pay UPI.

Under Which Circumstances Can You Not Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Another Account?

Here, some situations are discussed in which you cannot transfer your amazon gift card balance to another account after it is claimed or redeemed.

Situation 1

If your Amazon gift card is returned to you as a refund.

Situation 2

If the Amazon gift card was added to your account as good manners or respect.

Situation 3

Amazon gift card when you receive under employee benefits.

Situation 4

In the last situation, you cannot transfer if you have gotten an Amazon gift card reward.

How Can I Send Money to Someone Via an Amazon Account?

  1. First, you must open your web browser and go to the Amazon payment website.
  2. Next, log into our Amazon account.
  3. Now, click the send money tab at the top of the page.
  4. In the last step, enter the recipient’s email address, Amazon alias, or mobile number in the recipient field.

Restrictions and Prohibited Activities of Gift Card

There are certain kinds of conditions in connection with Amazon. Com gift cards. If you are engaged in these activities, then amazon may prevent you from redeeming gift cards or taking further actions on our account without a refund. So, you may not.

  1. You must not sell or exchange a gift card for cash or other prepaid instruments.
  2. Give or receive a gift card as payment for goods or services of Amazon. An individual asking for or third-party gift cards as a payment method for goods or services can be a scam.
  3. Use the gift card for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  4. When Claim is redeemed, transfer the gift card from one account to another.
  5. Buy a gift card from any unauthorized 3rd party, as we cannot guarantee they are legitimate.
  6. If you have placed orders for commercial reasons, make payment with a gift card. So, you must not use gift cards to fulfill sales or fund purchases you make for reselling or exporting services.

Engaging in any illegal activity or using an gift card in violation of Gift card terms and conditions may result in to act against you.

Final Words

I hope your question like Can I transfer the Amazon gift card balance to another account? Has been solved. Hopefully, now you can share the Amazon gift card balance with another version, and with the help of an Amazon gift card, you can get the Apple watch for you too.

In this article, I have tried my best to clarify all doubts regarding transferring the Amazon gift card balance to another account through questions and answers. But if you have any questions, ask and clear your doubts.