Does Amazon Accept Synchrony Home Cards? All You Need to Know

When you want to know, does Amazon accept Synchrony Home Card, you first have to learn what Synchrony Home Card is.

How can we link it with Amazon?

How we can make payments and how it does work.

Amazon is a multinational American technology company specializing in e-commerce, digital marketing, and intelligence.

It is one of the five successful USA companies. It took a start-up as an online bookselling store to compete with local sellers of books.

With time, it expands its services and provides a retailing platform for sellers and manufacturers to sell their inventory at wholesale rates.

When potential buyers order your product, you make a sale, and for this, you should know the payment method of Amazon.

Here we will only discuss whether Amazon accepts Synchrony Home Cards.

All you need to know.

Let’s start!

What are Synchrony Financial and Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony is a financial service company that provides different financial programs to retailers, manufacturers, and healthcare practitioners to build a relationship between its business partners and buyers.

This company is the parent of synchrony bank. It is also the latest provider of personal credit cards, including master cards, visa cards, amazon prime store cards, lowe’s Advantage, sam’s club master cards, Verizon visa cards, and Home cards in the USA. By providing this facility to retailers, it supports its credit card issuing policy.

Synchrony is affiliated with many companies in the USA, including Amazon, Chevron, Lowe’s, and many small-scale retailers.

Besides providing store credit cards, it offers other credit products and financial loans to support retailers.

What is Synchrony Home Card?

Synchrony home card is mainly for household purchases and also offers a reward on extraordinary expenditures.

Synchrony home card is a no-annual-fee credit card that does not charge you any yearly fee; it is good to know about it. It is a no-annual-fee cardholder, and you can save up to $200 yearly.

Synchrony home card is like a “closed-loop” card accepted by only limited vendors or merchants.

But it has a wide range of acceptance at more than a million locations and is used to buy home-related items such as electronics, furniture, floor items, and many other products.

Does Amazon accept Synchrony Home Cards?

Yes, amazon accepts synchrony home credit cards because synchrony Bank is affiliated with Amazon a. The home card gives the holder to meet household needs by giving 2% cash back on purchases under $299.

As we know, the payment method of Amazon includes amazon store cards, and amazon prime store cards and these cards are issued by Synchrony bank. Synchrony Home credit card is used at more than a million locations.

You can make payments on amazon via credit or debit cards, including master cards, amazon store cards, amazon secure cards, and more.

How can we use a Synchrony Home Card at Amazon?

So now you do not have any query about does amazon accept synchrony home card. Follow these steps to use a synchrony home card at Amazon

1. First, choose Amazon as a Synchrony Home retailer.

 2. Browse the home-related products that you want to buy for your home.

3. Click on the apply button.

4. At every site, including, affiliated with Synchrony Bank, your credit card is a part of Synchrony Home.

5. You can avail of every benefit everywhere the card is accepted.

How do You Make a Payment Via Synchrony Home Credit Card?

Here is the step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your amazon account
  2. When you purchase on Amazon for a home-related item, go to the payment page.
  3. After reaching the payment page, find the option of “ buy through Synchrony Home Credit Card.”
  4. Then add your home credit card account number.

Pay Later Policy on Amazon:

Making a payment right after you make a purchase is unnecessary. Because has launched the Bill Me Later Payment Option, this modification in the payment system allows the buyers to make payments after the purchase.

Can you Use a Synchrony Home Card Anywhere?

No, you cannot use this Home Credit card anywhere to buy products. You can only buy home base items to make your home an ultimate destination from the sites that accept the Synchrony Home Credit Card.

It will be helpful to buy home-based goods if you face significant household items expenses. You must use your Synchrony Home Credit Card at least once a year to keep your account activated; otherwise, your account will be deactivated.

The Financial Promotion on Amazon

We know Amazon accepts a Synchrony Home credit and this home credit card offers 12- 60 months of financial promotions when you make qualifying purchases.

You start getting your rewards within 1-2 billing cycles after you make qualifying purchases.

It offers 6-month financial promotion when you purchase $299 or more. It offers a 2% cashback policy when purchasing under $299 as a credit statement.

When could Financial Promotions go Bad?

In case when you pay the full payment of your purchase in time, you are fine. If you don’t make payment of your purchase in full or on time, there is a possibility that extra charges will be added to your account.

29.99% APR is fixed for new accounts. People who don’t pay in time will have to pay interest on the entire balance for the whole duration of your offer, and you will not be eligible for 2% cashback over the $266 purchase.

Which Stores Use Synchrony Home Credit Cards?

 We can also say that it can be used anywhere because over a million locations nationwide accept the Synchrony Home Credit Card. Home-related online stores also accept it.

There is a short list of locations where we can use synchrony Home Credit Card.

1. Amazon Store card.

2. Ashely Furniture Store.

3. American Tire Store Card.

4. American Eagle Outfitters Store Card.

5. American Signature Furniture Store Card.

6. Ariens and Gravely Get The Gear Car.

7. ABT.

8. Home advisor

9. Mattress Warehouse.

10. Lovesac

11. Carpet One Floor & Home.

12. Jerome’s Furniture.

How can you make a Payment on Synchrony Bank Credit Card?

To make a single, one-time online payment, follow the following steps.

1. First, log in to your Synchrony Bank account.

2. Click on the Make a Payment option.

3. Choose a Payment amount, Payment source, and date.

4. In the next step, carefully click on Submit for Review button.

5. Review your payment and then click on the Submit button.

6. You will receive a conformational email later from the bank.


In short, this article includes how Synchrony Finance empowers millions of retailing platforms by issuing credit cards and giving them financial support to nourish the relationship between seller and buyer.

You will also learn how to apply for a Synchrony Home Credit card and how to make payments on Amazon by using this.

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