Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks? (All You Need to Know + FAQs)

A fire stick is a streaming device. Once you connect it with your TV, you get to stream unlimited movies, shows, and seasons. This is why it is a staple gadget in many modern houses. This gadget saves the user from the hassle of finding a show on the internet and waiting for it to load. Even if it loads completely, it doesn’t play uninterruptedly.

There is always one problem or the other, hindering its smooth play. On the other hand, the fire stick ensures the smooth streaming of shows. If you are an avid Walmart shopper and buy everything from there, you must be wondering whether you can buy these fire sticks from there or not!

Does Walmart Sell the Fire Sticks?

Yes, Walmart does sell the fire sticks. It is one of the most sought-after gadgets in recent times, and the millennials love to buy them! It makes their lives much more manageable! They could travel long distances and stream their favorite shows to have a good time.

One reason why Walmart is the first choice of most customers is the ease with which it provides everything under one roof. A buyer can get his hands on the fire stick and pick a loaf of bread alongside from the same store without any hassle!

Choosing a Fire Stick at Walmart

For anyone planning to buy the fire stick from Walmart, making a choice would be pretty easy. Reason: the retail store offers a plethora of options. The buyers can simply visit the store and look at all the specifications, and making the decision would become quite convenient for them.

Some of the most famous and sought-after fire sticks sold by Walmart are:

Google’s Chromecast with Google TV

This is quite a reliable fire stick, which can convert any TV into a smart TV. Quite a popular choice amongst the users, one can buy this from Amazon for $50.

During the discounts and special package deals, the users can get them for a price even lesser than this one.

If the buyer is tight on the budget, there is a cheaper option as well. For merely $29.99, one can have the 3rd generation Google Chromecast. Though it won’t be as good as the 4k HDR, it still is pretty decent in its working.

To buy this fire stick by google, one can either visit the retail store of Walmart or have it from the online store.

This gadget has the features of both a fire stick and a casting device. Hence, its usability is higher than its competitors.

Apple TV

For those who are avid Apple lovers and are its loyal customers, Walmart offers the Apple TV. The retail store sells all the versions of this TV. Also, as each version is sold in the most authentic and original form, users love rushing to Walmart when they need to buy a gadget.

With the price tag of $130, one can have the 4th generation Apple TV.

However, if anyone wants to go one step ahead and spend some extra bucks to buy the most advanced versions of this TV, other more expensive options are also available. Though they would cost higher, they provide 4K entertainment. Alongside this, their memory space would also be relatively high!


Roku is also a streaming stick that several users prefer. It comes with extensive features, which indeed set it apart from others.

Also, it is quite a budget-friendly option. By paying merely $29, the buyer can have this amazing gadget that is highly portable and can be taken anywhere.

Walmart also sells an expensive version of this same gadget with extra features. This can be bought at the retail price of $92. It provides 4K HDR and is packed with significant advantages.

 NVIDIA Shield

NVIDIA Shield is yet another streaming device that Walmart sells. With a price tag of $149.99, this gadget comes with features worth spending this much money on!

The 4K entertainment feature surely elevates the experience and pleasure of the user. It also offers an 8GB storage portion, letting a movie buff watch as many shows on it as possible.

Walmart and Amazon Fire Stick

The amazon fire stick is the most popular one out there and is a favorite for most movie buffs. However, unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t sell the Amazon fire stick.

Why doesn’t Walmart sell Amazon Fire Sticks?

Well, this was not the case some years ago! Rather, it was quite the opposite. Walmart used to sell Amazon firesticks, and it was surely one of the most bought gadgets by the users. However, the retail company stopped selling it in the year 2017 and never started the sale again!

When Walmart took this decision to abandon Amazon and not sell its firesticks anymore, many questions as to why this was being done arose! However, the company never came up with an explanation.

No one could figure out the motive behind this decision by the management. Nonetheless, a possible reason for this discontinuation could be the growing competition between Amazon and Walmart.

Where Walmart was initially an in-store retail store, Amazon has always been an online supplier of things. In the online sphere, it has a huge customer base. Simply put, Amazon is the biggest supplier of online products to customers globally. When Walmart decided to venture into the digital world, it saw great competition from Amazon. This direct competition between these enterprises is touted as a possible reason Walmart decided to discontinue the sale of Amazon fire sticks but kept selling other companies’ similar gadgets.


Does Walmart have its fire stick?

Walmart used to have its own fire stick back in the day but not anymore! In 2010, Walmart acquired Vudu. This was done to venture into the world of online streaming and compete with the likes of Amazon and Netflix. However, it didn’t gain much attention from the customers. Hence, the company abandoned the idea and started focusing on newer technologies.

Why doesn’t Walmart sell Amazon fire sticks?

One possible reason behind this is that Amazon is a direct competitor of Walmart when it comes to online commerce. With the latter trying to find clout in the online sphere where the former is already a giant, this decision must be a reaction.

When did Walmart stop selling Amazon fire sticks?

Walmart stopped selling Amazon fire sticks in the year 2017. Before that, it was the go-to retail store of most purchasers to buy this gadget. However, since Walmart now abandons it, the customers opt for the alternatives.

Are the fire sticks sold by Walmart worth it?

Yes, Walmart sells some of the most amazing fire sticks loved by movie buffs all across the globe. For instance, the Google Chromecast is a fire stick and casting device, which makes it a worth-having gadget. Apart from this, the Apple TV is a highly reliable smart gadget to have.

Which fire sticks does Walmart sell?

Walmart sells a number of fire sticks from Chromecast to Apple TV and from NVIDIA Shield

to Roku. With each one having different price tags and varied features, the user can select one just according to their convenience.