Walmart Dress Code and Its Related Policies In 2022?

For the first time ever, Walmart has introduced a new dress code for its employees, allowing them to choose from a far wider range of clothing options than ever before. Anyway, what are the dress code requirements for Walmart employees? In addition to having over 11,000 locations in 24 countries, Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer. It is tough to manage a uniform workplace dress code with so many markets that work for everybody.

Walmart, on the other hand, has opted to alter its dress policy in the future. Walmart has determined that on Fridays, only workers who work at the register or in the bagging department will be permitted to wear jeans. In addition, the company is implementing this significant move with the aim of reducing theft and enhancing customer service.

Thus, you have got to make sure you know Walmart’s dress code before applying for a job there. Although jeans are okay to wear, you are only allowed to wear them for some days. On top of that, your jeans must not be ripped, or else you cannot wear them. Along with the new jeans regulation, Walmart has declared that women or long hair employees must tie in a ponytail back or up. Regarding makeup, employees cannot wear makeup while working. Plus, only plain black or white socks are allowed to be put on.

Walmart Dress Code 2022

Source: Business Insider

Is there a dress code at Walmart? It is true that Walmart has its own set of dress rules. Wearing ankle-length pants or a nice shirt in any style and color is the best way to look good in a jacket or jacket-style vest. A vest is an outer jacket that goes over the shirt and is often put on top of the shirt itself. Walmart employees cannot wear sweatpants, skirts, pajamas, jeans, or other dresses.

However, Walmart has just implemented a new clothing code for its staff because Walmart workers have been clamoring for years for a change in the dress code to allow them to be more comfortable at work. The decision was not to make their employees follow their own comfort all the time. Walmart just established the following dress code in 2022:

The colleagues may now wear anything they choose. The sole requirement is that they must wear Walmart vests and badges because the traditional dress code (including khaki pants, white or blue long sleeve shirt) is no longer a restricted requirement. Furthermore, the individuals seem to enjoy being allowed to wear their comfy outfits again. Additionally, jeans are permitted to be worn while starting to work. But the rule is that the jeans must be simple and not have any tears or other decorations. Thus, it is quite acceptable to wear comfortable clothes with a vest and name badge.

Walmart Employee’s Uniform Set

A vest and a name tag are provided as part of Walmart’s uniform policy. The color you get depends on your position. In addition, you are free to dress in your own clothing, provided that they are in accordance with the uniform policy. The vests are free, but customizing them costs about $11.

Is It Possible To Wear Leggings To Work?

Leggings are a type of clothing that falls under underpants and yoga categories, so employees cannot wear them to work. Moreover, besides jeans, other acceptable clothing items, including khakis, chino, and capri pants, can be worn to the workplace.

Employees Cannot Wear Ripped Jeans To Work

Walmart does not allow their employees to put on ripped jeans or any patterns that have tears or torn edges. Plus, older jeans, as well as those with scratches, deterioration, holes, or white stitches, are not acceptable as well.

Wearing Hoodies At Walmart

Here is another clothing category that potential Walmart employees need to know which is hoodies. There are some managers who might let you wear hoodies, but there are others who might not. This is dependent on your position in the workplace as well as whether or not the hoodies are considered a safety threat. For example, some Walmart workers may be allowed to wear a hoodie tucked into their vest, while others may be prohibited from doing so. Again, it would be best to double-check with your senior or manager.

Employees Are Not Definitely Allowed To Wear Shorts

There is no chance for Walmart employees to put on stylish shorts to work. Because they are generally not authorized for Walmart workers, there are certain exceptions. For instance, everyone can wear their capri pants and skirts, but they must be longer or at least 3 inches above the knee.

Wearing Hats To Work

Employees can put on the hat if only it is the Walmart brand hat; otherwise, it is still not possible. Moreover, for front-desk or cashier employees, they definitely cannot wear anything. 

How About Putting On Piercings?

The 2018 dress code policy implementation was to ease up the piercing restrictions for employees. By doing so, the employees are authorized to retain their facial piercings while they are working. On the other hand, it is not possible for those who work at fresh food departments at all due to hygiene purposes of the company. Most of the time, employees will be requested to take off their piercings while working.

Walmart Employees Hair Dying

Source: CNBC

Walmart has eliminated restrictions on hair color for the employees. The policies specify that workers may dye their hair in whatever color they like if only it does not distract them from their duties. However, to be safe, it is essential to double-check with each manager to see what they consider ‘distracting.’

How About Tattoos?

Tattoos are now generally authorized for Walmart workers, and dress code requirements involving tattoos have now been reduced.

With the exception of tattoos that are offensive in some way, it is rare that your boss would request that they be covered. But, again, individuals must check with their own manager to ensure that the tattoos are appropriate, or else they will have a cover on the tattoos.

What Is The Impact Of The New Uniform Policy?

The new policy has already generated a lot of discussions. The company’s employees will be required to adhere to the policy that will come into effect in 2022.

  • No one thing fits all. Thus, some individuals are excited about the new rules, but others are still thinking it is going to be difficult.
  • When it comes to the new dress code, one of the primary worries is that Walmart employees may find it hard to get the clothes that meet the standards.
  • Pants are limited to only 2 colors, which are black and blue. Meanwhile, the employee must wear a white shirt. Thus, it is quite difficult to have a consistent uniform like this.
  • Adding to that difficulty, the shirts must have a neckline and be long.
  • The required pants and shirts may be costly and unaffordable for some employees. Hence, this new implementation of the policy on dress code raises serious concerns about the employee’s financial capabilities.

Although some people have expressed worry about the new policy, Walmart stands by its policy. To be more professional, they need this policy. Employees will receive a few weeks of training before they start working again.

Walmart employees have a few alternatives if they do not want to conform to the new dress code policy. Simply speaking, the first alternative is to either stick to the rule or seek a new job. Moreover, another option is that each individual can make a formal complaint to the head of the department. However, it is not guaranteed that the complaints about the dress code policy would be working or not. As mentioned earlier, the company has a firm stance on this new policy. Therefore, Not all workers are content with the new arrangement. Last but not least, it will be fascinating to observe how Walmart’s new dress policy can actually work for the following years.

Bottom Line

Besides all the tough conditions, Walmart offers every employee a Walmart Discount Card. Those who wish to start as Walmart’s employees would be excited to grab this deal. The card entitles workers to a 10% discount in-store, except for travel because there are additional discounts on travel.

For the new prospects, it would be better to review some policies, such as drug-testing, paychecks, retirement plans, bereavement, and lunch breaks, before submitting their application. They are critical things that prospective employees must know. Nevertheless, the only concerned and strict policy is the dress code policy. The company has a bit more safeguarded on staff’s clothing, especially short pants, and skirts or ripped jeans are not allowed. 

As being said, each organization has its own rules so does Walmart. However, the uniform is not so strict that everyone cannot do it. There is a lot of flexibility in colors and styles that every employee can put on. In addition, tattoos, hair dye, piercings, and other stylish matters are freely open for their staff, except in the case that it affects badly to the company’s image. Many dress code requirements are role-specific, and various supervisors will most likely apply different standards. However, to be simple, you can wear long shirts, sneakers, and jeans to work. 

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