VENMO is not only an app but it has become a verb. When someone wants to discuss transfer or transaction of money among the younger generation, they usually say it between themselves

“Just Venmo Me”. This shows the huge popularity of the application in USA and among the younger generation.

The Peer-to-peer money transfer app purchased by PayPal is a huge giant in the field of money transfer and transactions.

There are two sides to every product, the benefits, and the loop-holes. Here we will look into some of the Pros and Cons of VENMO.


1) Low-cost Fee Structure

The fee structure is free of almost all transactions through a bank account or debit card. This is a delight for all of its users

2) Social Media Like Interface

The key success of Venmo has been its social media like interface and news-feed that attracts the younger generation

Transaction info like Social News Feed with Emojis and Comments

The transaction details, purchases, and money transfer appear on the social feed just like other social networks that make Venmo quite attractive and interesting to use

3) Easier and Simple to Use

The old conventional transaction methods were quite complex, hectic and time taking. In contrast to the usual banking processes, Venmo is easier and simpler to user

4) Avoids the shame of asking Money

Venmo helps the user avoid the guilt of asking for money from someone he may know or asking to return the money. Venmo makes such communication quite smooth and friendly

5) Products and Service Purchases

Venmo is like an electronic wallet which can be used to pay for any product or service

Almost 200 merchants and businesses are linked with Venmo courtesy the PayPal

6) Global Presence:

Being a subsidiary of PayPal, it has a presence in over 202 countries which makes it the largest player in the electronics/mobile payment industry. It has expanded itself quickly in the emerging market and is setting its footprint all over the world.

7) Large Customer Base:

The customer base is huge which makes it a huge success. There are around 192 million users as per reports from 2016 with registered accounts of 15 million users.

Venmo is operated in 25 different types of currencies making it easier and friendly for transactions. This has increased its worldwide acceptance and make it trustable among the customers.

8) Strong Backing:

Venmo initially bought by Braintree and then acquired by PayPal has strong backing. PayPal being the global financial payment system giant provides strong backing to Venmo.


1) Delayed Transactions

The transfer interface, notifications to the users are smooth and quick but the actual transfer of money takes a couple of days as per US banking requirements.

There is a slight delay between the actual transfer of money from one user to another.

2) Public Transactions

All the details of the transactions and purchases are public on the social news feed. This on one hand is a unique feature but can be annoying to the consumers.

Some of the users might not actually want to show their transaction or purchase details to other users. By default, the option of the transaction privacy is set to public. But this can be turned off by the user

4) Hackers and Spammers

With the ease of use, there is an increased risk associated with every digital technology. Similar in the case of Venmo there is a risk of fraudulent transactions, hacking of the accounts. Spammers alert

5) Fake Bank accounts or Close Accounts

Due to the gap between the actual transactions, some of the spammers actually use this window to make fraudulent payments. They purchase products from the businesses and send them the money.

In actuality, there is no money in the account or the account is closed. But meanwhile, the vendor is shown the notification that the money has been transferred.

6) Stolen Phone or Safety

There are cases when you are using Venmo on your phone and your phone gets stolen or misplaced somehow. There is a risk associated with someone using your Venmo account.

Transacting the money or can use your private information from the Venmo account. The thief can also take your account number or credit card number from your Venmo app.