5 Reasons Why You Should Use Payoneer (Benefits You Should Know)

Payoneer is an online platform that has been facilitating online payments of businesses and professionals around the globe since 2005. The headquarter of the company is in New York, USA. It also has over 14 offices worldwide.

The platform has crossed the 4 million users mark, and the count is still growing daily. The platform also serves over 200 countries and territories, allowing truly global payments between users.

One of Payoneer’s key competitors is PayPal, a global online payment solution company. However, PayPal is much more widespread and well-known among users than Payoneer.

One of the reasons why that is so is because Payoneer focuses more on businesses and professionals. It makes Payoneer a dedicated company that serves a specific portion of the market.

Similarly, due to its specialty in handling business and professional users, Payoneer offers services that are more well-suited to them. The company’s services include receiving funds from users and other payers through different methods.

Similarly, the platform facilitates users in paying other users, usually free of charge. Payoneer also allows its users to withdraw their funds to their bank accounts. Similarly, one of its most appreciated features includes the Payoneer card, which it provides, in association with MasterCard.

However, that’s not all. Using Payoneer has certain advantages for users. Users evaluating whether Payoneer is the right choice should check the five reasons why they should use Payoneer, given below.

These reasons are not an exclusive list. However, it should give users an idea of what they can expect from the platform and why it’s a decent choice.

1) Perfect for freelancers

Payoneer, an online financial services platform, is perfect for freelancers for several reasons. First, Payoneer has affiliations with all the top freelancing platforms, including Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc.

The platform allows users who are freelancing on these platforms to withdraw their earned income easily. It also allows these users to use the Payoneer card to make payments online. As mentioned above, the platform focuses on these professional users.

Therefore, the services provided by Payoneer are well-suited for freelancers around the world. Furthermore, Payoneer automatically recognizes these platforms as a source of income. Therefore, users don’t need to provide proof related to it.

2) Payoneer e-wallet

The Payoneer e-wallet feature on the platform allows users to use their Payoneer account as an online wallet. Payoneer allows its users to have three different wallets in USD, GBP, and Euros, which cover the top currencies used worldwide.

Users can also get two extra e-wallets if they request the platform. Any payments that users receive on these accounts are a part of their Payoneer balance that they can use online.

They can also directly withdraw from their e-wallet accounts to their local bank accounts or add these balances to their Payoneer card.

3) Billing options

Payoneer offers its users the capability to get their billing statements quickly and easily. The platform allows them to send requests to their clients or other parties with compensation requests.

Once a user makes a compensation request from another party, Payoneer emails the party with the request. Payoneer allows other parties to pay their payees through different methods. This process can help Payoneer users replace their billing solutions with compensation requests.

While some users may not consider this a great feature, it can help small businesses and freelancers that don’t want to pay for dedicated billing solutions.

4) Integrated with other networks

Payoneer has many different integrations, which allow users to make transactions with the integrated platforms seamlessly.

These integrations include major online marketplaces such as Amazon, allowing users to use Payoneer for online transactions. Similarly, other integrated platforms include Airbnb, Rakuten, Wish.com, Adobe, Google, Shopee, Shopify, and many others.

Users that use both Payoneer and one of these platforms can easily benefit from Payoneer’s integrations with these platforms. However, more importantly, these integrations allow users to receive funds without special effort.

5) Easy to use

Another advantage of Payoneer is that it is easy to use and user-friendly. Users of all levels can use the platform without any problems. Payoneer is available through the web and its dedicated smartphone application.

Similarly, its website is available in 10 languages, allowing users from many countries to view their local versions instead of the global English version.

Furthermore, the platform makes managing online funds as easy as using a bank account to manage money. Overall, the website, and the platform, in general, are easy to use.


Payoneer offers users solutions for online receipts and payments. The platform is also one of the top choices for online financial services. The platform focuses on businesses and professional users.

There are several reasons why users should use it. Above are the top 5 reasons why users should consider using the platform.