5 Reasons Why You Should Use Venmo (Explained)

Gone are the days when transferring money to someone used to be a long hectic nightmare. Those days are over when you had to fill in multiple bank slips and forms to transfer money to your relatives and friends. Gone are the days when the banking transfers used to take many days.

With the advancements in technology, lifestyles have become quite friendly for people. People can do wonders by sitting just at home with few clicks on a PC or a few taps on a mobile screen. One of those wonders is the transfer of money to friends and family.

Venmo is one of those latest technology apps that is popular among citizens all across the USA. The Apps are not limited to a certain age group but are designed in a way that is helpful for all.

There are different reasons for which you should use the Venmo app and leave the old conventional long hectic ways behind.

1) Free of Cost Services

The fee structure is free of almost all transactions through a bank account or debit card. This is a delight for all of its users. Venmo is designed as a friendly social media peer-to-peer money transfer app.

The biggest advantage that the customer gets from using Venmo is its low-cost fee structure. The low budget and absolutely free transactions via Debit card and bank transfer are why everyone should be using Venmo when transferring money to their friends and family.

2) Social Money Transfer Network

Yes, you have read the name right. Venmo is a Social money transfer network that helps you transfer money just like Social Media. Imagine asking for a loan from a friend or family. Sometimes it feels so awkward, and similarly, when you have to ask for your loan back from someone, that makes you feel guilty sometimes, even if it’s your own money.

Venmo protects persons from these feelings and makes it easier to ask for money or a loan. The key success of Venmo has been its social media-like interface and news feed that attracts the younger generation.

3) Social News Feed with Emojis and Comments on Every Transfer

Transfer of money feels like interacting on social media now. Getting notifications about other money transactions, transfers, and gifts provide a whole new positive vibe.

The transaction details, purchases, and money transfer appear on the social feed just like other social networks that make Venmo quite attractive and interesting to use

4) Simple & Easier to User for All Aged People

In this era of globalization, social media, and digitalization, the only thing that people look for is extra time. Whatever saves the user time is needed for the user. Similarly, in the money transfer and banking domain, the old conventional transaction methods are complex, hectic, and time-consuming.

In contrast to the usual banking processes, Venmo is easier and simpler for users. This provides a whole new advantage to the younger generation that helps them save time and is easier to use. The younger generation, but the easy workflow also makes it suitable even for the elders who take advantage of using Venmo by saving their time.

5) Pay Bills, Dues and Fees via One Platform

Venmo is like an electronic wallet that can be used to pay for any product or service. Almost 200 merchants and businesses are linked with Venmo courtesy the PayPal. Venmo is not only restricted to the transfer of money or banking transactions. It can also be used to pay bills, pay fees and dues, and pay for the services or products online.

Apps with such functionalities are quite popular among audiences as this prevents using multiple applications and multiple processes for transfers, transactions, and payments.

In A Nutshell

Venmo is an app that you won’t regret using. Venmo is limited to the USA for now, but keeping the latest trends in mind over the past few decades, the app seems like a great success. The app is surely going to reach global boundaries and reach new heights. Maybe the app can replace the whole banking and traditional transaction mechanisms as a whole. Whatever the outcome is, if your country has access to Venmo, you better start using it.