5 Reasons Why You Should Sell On Amazon (Explained)

If you are manufacturing a good product and don’t sell it on Amazon, you miss much more than sales. Once you establish brand authority, one of your retailers would sell your products on Amazon anyway. It would be a much effective policy to start selling on Amazon to control your brand identity.

Here are the top 05 compelling reasons why you should sell on Amazon.

1) Largest Global Customer Base

There isn’t an online marketplace as bigger as Amazon. Amazon has several dedicated online stores for different regions and countries. It means a readily available customer base for your business in any region.

The ease of selling on Amazon means you can get started straight away. Moreover, buyers look for products and brands on Amazon. It saves enormous marketing and advertisement costs. Small businesses can find it extremely hard to enter into a competitive online marketplace otherwise. Reaching out to such a large global audience would otherwise be near to impossible for retailers.

According to statista.com, there are over 212 million unique monthly visitors to the Amazon website in the US. The worldwide Amazon prime users have crossed 150 million figures. These prime users spend on average $1,400 annually.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these millions of customers, would you?

2) Build a Brand Recognition

Just like reaching out to an online audience takes enormous effort, building a brand poses further challenges. When we talk about brand recognition, reaching out to the customers becomes only part of it.

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Once you start selling on Amazon, you can build a loyal customer base quickly. If you have good products and customer service, you’ll quickly stand out from the crowd. It wouldn’t take long for customers to recognize your brand logo and products on offer. Amazon algorithms show similar products from your products to your customers.

One big benefit of building brand recognition on Amazon is, you can gradually take customers to your online store. Naturally, customers would search for your brand online. It wouldn’t be quick but a gradual and consistent process. The more organic traffic you find coming from Amazon, the better it is for your brand.

Customers love buying from familiar brands. Once you create a mark on Amazon, you can build customer trust easily.

3) Amazon FBA Program

Many small and medium businesses find it difficult to go beyond geographical boundaries. Shipping and logistics can take a toll on small businesses. They have expertise in what they sell, not in how they ship. Amazon’s FBA program offers great flexibility and time-saving option for all businesses.

Instead of sending your products to customers directly, you send them to Amazon warehouses. All you need to do is to streamline your production schedules. You’ll ’till keep control of your sales. You’ll interact with your customers the same way as well.

The FBA program is a great fit for small businesses lacking warehousing space and global shipping. It offers quick delivery with return management. There are no upper limits on your storage space. Amazon offers quality customer service and discounted shipping rates to its FBA partners.

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4) More Benefits with fewer Efforts

Analyze the full suite of benefits that Amazon offers. Global customer base, branding, FBA, affiliate and partner programs, and growth opportunities. You can’t beat that package if you want to analyze the cost-benefit of selling on Amazon.

If you fully utilize the services on offer from Amazon, you can outsource every other selling function other than manufacturing products. All you need to do is to focus on the core of your business.

There are no listing fees on Amazon. You can outsource shipping through FBA that includes return management. Amazon is the leading brand in e-commerce providing marketing services. Customer service is guaranteed here. Millions of active users love buying at Amazon. The takeaway here is to harness more benefits with fewer efforts.

5) Amazon Selling Programs

You are a creative handicraftsman. You want to sell on a Business-to-Business scale. You want to sell pre-owned products. You have a unique product and need a global launch. You want to work as an affiliate and make commissions. You are innovative and create customized products.

All the above points and more are all specialized selling programs that Amazon offers to its selling partners. Taking the partnership further, now you can avail of a financing facility from Amazon as well. You are an established business looking for cloud-based or other e-commerce services. You’re backed here too.

Amazon offers selling partners exclusive benefits that you can’t afford to miss out on. The growing competition in the e-commerce world means you can’t miss the train. There are compelling reasons to sell on Amazon, much more than increased sales.

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