7 Places to Install or Put your Peloton And Choose the Best Place?

You do not need ample space for placing a peloton, but it must have some features. What are the 7 places to install or put your peloton as it will significantly affect your workout?

It is the primary concern of people, so without wasting time, move ahead to know the best places and their features for the peloton.

What are the 7 Places to Install or Put your Peloton?

If you want to use it to the fullest, choose the location for it wisely. Moreover, while choosing a place must think about others as well. Following are the 7 best places for installing it.

1. In Wardrobe

If you want to keep the peloton at very private places and away from the reach of children as its screen is sensitive, the wardrobe is the best place. There is space between cupboards in the wardrobe which we use for walking.

Place the bike there and leave room for peloton accessories like shoes, dumbbells, etc. Moreover, adjust it wisely so you can look at the screen during the workout on the mat.

2. Storeroom

The other best place for keeping it is a storeroom. Adjust a few things in the store and make spaces for the peloton. Moreover, place a stand nearby for keeping peloton accessories.

The peloton will be saved in the storeroom as no kids will go there. But make sure there are not plenty of things around it. As they can fall on its screen, and the peloton will stop working.

3. Bedroom

If you do not have enough space in your wardrobe and storeroom, the best place is the bedroom. If there is a place between window and bedroom, keep it there.

During workouts open, the window for ventilation as the body sweats very much in intensive activities. Always open the window carefully as it can hit the peloton screen. If its screen gets damaged, your peloton will be useless.

So take all precautionary measures to protect it from breakage.

4. In an Empty Corner of the Room

You do not like to place anything between your bed and window; look for an empty corner of your house. If there is a need to displace a few things, do not hesitate and make room for the peloton.

Once there is an empty corner, place the peloton there. Furthermore, you can keep the double or triple-tier shelves in front of your bike to keep accessories, such as towels, dumbbells, mats, speakers, etc.

5. In-home Office

Many people started working from home in the pandemic, so place a peloton there if you also have a small office in your home by adjusting working tables.

You can add a few things on the wall in front of the screen, for example, a few quotation paintings, etc., to make the wall attractive and keep yourself motivated.

Moreover, it will be easy for you to make time for the peloton as if there are only 15 minutes, you can start class and work out. Moreover, you will be able to keep an eye on your office.

6. Upstairs Spare Bed

You do not want to keep it in your bedroom, and then the best option is to keep it in the storeroom. We all have room in our houses which no one uses. If there are few things in that room, adjust them in the other room.

Turn that room into the small gym and place all accessories like mat, shoes, dumbbells, speakers there. It is the best option from the top 7 places to install or put your peloton as you will get the feeling of the gym at home.

7. In Lounge

You want to keep an eye on every room of your house, and then the lounge is the best place for keeping the peloton. Moreover, there is enough space in the lounge to keep accessories easily.

Best of all, you can rotate the screen at any angle. You will be able to see your family members’ activities; thus, you will not be bored. Moreover, you can have a little chit-chat with them.

How to Choose the Best place for Putting Peloton?

Above mentioned 7 places to install or put your peloton are best and are chosen by keeping these features in mind.

Sufficient Place

You cannot keep the peloton at any place as you will not be comfortable during the workout. Moreover, there are chances of damaging the peloton. So always keep it at 2×4 place.

You can easily find empty corners in your home; similarly, there are spare rooms; choose any of them and install your peloton there.

Stable Base

The floor for keeping the peloton must be balanced and smooth. Peloton bikes work best on hard floors that are made of concrete and wood. However, you cannot keep them directly on the floor.

Because the bike can slip and it vibrates very much. So buy a high-quality mat and place the bike on it; it gets easy to clean the sweat; moreover, the bike will not slip.

There will be no vibrating and tick sound; thus, you will not be a source of disturbance for anyone.

Power Supply

Peloton bikes need electric power for working, so it is not good to put them in the middle of the room. Because then you will have to attach a long wire which is hazardous.

So try your best to keep the peloton as near as possible. Moreover, the power supply source must be good.


During a workout, the body sweats a lot, and there is the sensation of heat. To overcome all these issues, always place your bike near the window so you can get fresh air.

You will not sweat a lot of them moreover you will save your money. Because if it is away from the window, you will have to buy a fan for it, and these fans are mostly expensive.


It produces noise which can be very frustrating for your neighbors, so try to reduce it. Always install the bike on the ground level as then there is less vibration, and you can further reduce it by placing a mat under the bike.

However, if you live in a flat, look for a space away from their normal sitting area and bedroom so they can live and sleep peacefully.

Away from Children

Peloton is a very beneficial machine for exercise, but it is costly and needs extensive care. So always put it away from the children. As kids, during playing can hit its screen with somethings hard and it will break down.

Moreover, its other parts can also get damaged, so please be cautious and always keep it away from the kids.

Final Words

In a nutshell, there are many places to install the peloton, but the space should be ample, balanced, and away from the reach of children, and make sure you are not a source of disturbance for others.

Home office, wardrobe, spare room are the best places for installing the peloton. Moreover, there must be a window for ventilation and power supply.

Thank you for your read!

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