Can You Use Peloton with Zwift? and How? (2022 Updated)

Zwift is an app that gives its user the experience of video games and has many enchanting routes. You can connect it with different stationary bikes. Can you use Peloton with Zwift and enjoy its routes?

Here I have subjected this query and discussed it in detail; moreover brief comparison between Zwift and peloton is also given.

Let us start!

Can you use Peloton with Zwift 2022?

Yes, you can use Zwift on the Peloton, but you need an add-on device known as a smart shift trainer. This additional device takes control of your resistance knobs and introduces its communication environment and gearing.

Thus with this gadget, you go into the virtual training world where you can interact with your friends and enjoy.

People love to use Zwift with Peloton because socialization is limited in the Peloton. It is almost impossible to have both Peloton and smart trainers because you need ample space for keeping them.

Thus shift gadget is the best option as with this small device you can go into the world of highly social training, and it is not affordable for everyone to buy both devices.

How to Shift your Peloton Bike into Connected Zwift Mode 2022?

Follow these steps to introduce your Peloton bike into the world of Zwift mode

  1. Find the red resistance knob of your bike and then slide the shift controller on it.
  2. Now take a standard Bluetooth cadence sensor and attach it to your crank.
  3. Now pair it with the help of a Zwift screen.
  4. Open the Peloton dial and go through the quick calibration cycle to set the resistance level.
  5. Now connect the Zwift with the shift controller.

Peloton vs. Zwift: Which is Better for you?

Can you use Peloton with Zwift? Yes, you can pair them, but here is a brief comparison to show you whether you should replace the Peloton app with Zwift or not.


If you want variety in your workout and are looking for an exercise machine that positively affects your mind as well, the Peloton is best. Zwift offers only cycling, but you have a lot of variety in routes.

All routes have different levels of difficulty, and it is challenging to cross some paths. However, in the Peloton, you get a chance to do many drills other than running.

Like yoga and meditation and both are perfect for your mental health. Moreover, they have classes of different difficulty levels and lengths.

Quality of Cycling Workout

If your main focus is running and you want to be a professional runner, Zwift is the best app, and the world’s topmost brilliant runners use Zwift to practice running.

Moreover, they have such a wide variety of cycling routes, and it is the best device for runners of all levels. If you are starting just now, you can choose a bit easy path and regularly train your body for difficult ones.

However, the Peloton is not that good for cycling, but it offers workouts for all body parts. In short, the Peloton is an exercise bike and the best one for the toning body part.


Peloton offers his customers full support and has hired trainers and instructors for guiding and solving their user’s problems. You attend their life and pre-recorded training classes and do drills under their guidance

Moreover, you can choose the best instructor for you. However, in Zwift, there is no such scenario of videos and recorded lectures. There is no one for guiding and giving health tips.

So if you want to create a gym-like environment in your home, choose the Peloton app, and you can pause it for 1-3 months when the situation is different.


A Peloton is an exercise machine, and its pedals offer resistance; thus, you have put force to move them. This is why users feel like they are cycling on the road, and they lose weight and tone their bodies quickly.

However, Zwift is an online app you do, and they do not have their bike. You can install it on any stationary bike. It offers very little resistance, and you feel like playing video games.

Virtual scenes enhance the video gaming experience; however, you can also get this scenic view on the Peloton, but they are limited on it.

Training Programs

We compare their training programs based on the quality of workouts and price. However, both programs work for those people who stick to it and do it regularly

The training program of the Peloton is expensive than Zwift, but you have more training options, and you get high-quality training.

Thus if you are looking for expert trainers and looking forward to toning your body without any harm, a Peloton is best, but you will have to invest some money, but it’s worth investing.


The user’s interaction with both Peloton and Zwift is almost the same. Thus you cannot prefer one to the other based on interaction.

You get a chance to ride a bike and try different drills without going outside and touching a real bike; moreover, you do not even need a trainer.

Similarly, a Peloton is also best for riders who cannot bear the heat and the temperature outside and do not have enough time for cycling. They can easily do cycling on it in their home for a few minutes and enjoy themselves.

Hardware Requirements

You have more training options with the Peloton, and you can do different drills with it; thus, you need more hardware devices; however, the Peloton experience is limited, and you do not need many devices.

You can use Zwift with only pc and laptops; however, for using all functions and features of the Peloton, you need AirPods, earbuds, TV, smart TV, speakers, iPad, iPhone, and Bluetooth connection to use its app.

But most of these devices are present in our homes already. We have to connect them with the Peloton using Bluetooth. Make sure AirPods and speakers are near the Peloton; otherwise, the connection will break down.


As Zwift offers less function and lacks innovative features, so its price is also less than Peloton. Zwift costs only $14.9 per month; however, Peloton costs $19.49.

Peloton has different monthly subscription plans. They offer a plan in which each family member can make an account of the Peloton and record health and progress.

Thus, there is no confusion about can you use Peloton with Zwift; moreover, it is cheaper than a Peloton subscription.

Final Words

Using a shift gadget, you can use the Zwift app on the Peloton and experience cycling like a video game without touching a real bike. However, a Peloton is better than Zwift if you want to lose weight, as it has more training options.

Similarly, there are no trainers and pre-recorded classes on the Zwift, but you can access live, recorded classes on the Peloton. Both apps have pros and cons; it’s all about your needs, style, and budget.

If you still have any query feel free to ask in the below comment section then you for your visit!

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