Can You Watch TV on Peloton? And How? 2023 Update

When it comes to knowing, can you watch TV on Peloton?

And how?

First, you need to know what a peloton is, what to know before you buy, and, most importantly, how it works. This guide will provide you with all information about it.

John Foley, the founder of the peloton, brought the best evolution in technology. This discovery connects the world through fitness and empowers the members to grow stronger.

In this busy world, everyone wants to be fit and healthy despite his busy routine. If someone can exercise at home, it will be great for him on his own time.

This talent in technology aims to bring challenging workouts into people’s homes quickly and affordably.

What Is a Peloton 2022?

Peloton is an American company of stationary exercise equipment in New york. The main products are peloton bikes and peloton trade. Peloton also manufactures bike accessories such as headphones, bike mats, apparel, shoes, and resistance mat.

What would you say if you could do challenging workouts, including cycling, running, yoga, meditation, and boot camp at your own home?

What would you say if you could attend your workout class at your own home with your family members?

If you are thinking about how it is possible, brands like peloton make it possible.

There are proper training classes for the riders to motivate and energize them, and a live DJ is also available for entertainment.

How Does It Work 2022?

The peloton bike is a nicely constructed indoor cycling bike with a large touchscreen attached. It is made up of Carbon and aluminum and has a flywheel in the front. This flywheel is here to determine the resistance while you are riding.

This stationary hardware product having a 22-inch HD touchscreen, is connected to other rides through WIFI. This screen will let you see the live or demand classes only.

It also has Bluetooth capability and an ANT sensor.

It conducts scheduled live-streaming classes for its riders, and they can access these classes at home to motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

If someone cannot access these live streams in time, Netflix can access the classes on demand.

These classes are not free; a monthly subscription is required to attend these classes, and if you don’t attend these classes, then this peloton bike is just like an ordinary bicycle.

You can see your output, burned calories, and heart rate on this touchscreen and compare yourself with other riders. You can also motivate other riders by giving them a high five.

Now the question is can you watch TV on a peloton? You can read more about it a little further down.

Can you Watch TV on Peloton 2022?

The peloton bike touchscreen has custom android software designed for customers to attend live or on-demand classes. You can add friends by browsing the community and starting a video chat with other members.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear the motivational instructions screaming from the screen, but you want to entertain yourself during the ride. Then you use your peloton bike screen to watch TV.

Suppose you have the know-how and want to. But you’d also be saying goodbye to the manufacturer and extended warranty if you bought it.

That’s why peloton forbids users from modifying software to watch TV and download apps like Netflix. You can also watch nearby TV while just opening the riding mode, which is safe.

However, a simple method to overcome the problem lets you watch the non-peloton content on the HD monitor itself. You can access different websites by activating the mobile browser in the device’s settings.

How Can You Watch TV on Peloton 2022?

Before going to try this, be aware that trying to do this may cancel any warranty, you are eligible for if access to the site can crash your monitor. We can say this is the improper use of its custom Android software.

If you are willing to take the risk, follow the below step to find the browser.

1. Click on the setting button located in the upper right corner. This will show the menu to adjust the screen brightness, volume, WiFi, account information, and more.

2. The last option for device settings will be at the bottom of the menu.

3. After clicking on the device setting, find About Tablet.

4. Tap on Legal information.

5. Now click on Webview license.

6. A list of licenses will become visible along with all the links, but you must click on the link that says ‘homepage.’

After this, you can use the android mobile web browser to access Facebook, Instagram,s and whatever you want. You can use this browser as a regular tablet to watch TV.


The following are it’s worth mentioning benefits

  1. You can use it at your home at any time you want.
  2. You don’t need to travel to get to your workout.
  3. You will never get stuck in traffic or struggle to attend workout classes.
  4. The app offers many live-streaming classes beyond cycling, including cardio, meditation, strength, yoga, and stretching.
  5. This peloton app provides different running, cycling, and yoga programs and lasts for several weeks.
  6. Scheduled live-streaming classes conducted by trainers help to achieve your goal appropriately.
  7. All these classes are saved in your profile.
  8. You can challenge other riders and people with a peloton to make yourself more fit than other coworkers.
  9. By using its live DJ feature, you can enjoy your ride.
  10. Using Bluetooth capability, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to the touchscreen and enjoy your ride without disturbing anyone else.
  11. Nowadays, many hotels have the facility of peloton bikes in their fitness room to keep fit physically while traveling.


Here are its few drawbacks

  1. There is a need for space in your home, especially when attending weightlifting classes.
  2. This peloton bike ranges from $1500 to $2000, so it’s not affordable for most people.
  3. After buying, you must pay around $40 monthly for a live stream classes membership.
  4. You must have to purchase delta cleats for your bike shoes.
  5. These shoes are not given to you with a Peloton bike, and you have to spend about $ to buy them.
  6. You can only see the videos that are supported by the Android system.
  7. You would not be able to see your Peloton bike analytics and metrics.

To Sum up

In short, you can watch TV on a peloton, but the Company prohibits the users from taking that risk because if your peloton monitor crashes, you will lose the warranty you are eligible for.

You can watch what you want by activating the mobile browser in the device setting, but your peloton bike would not be more than a regular bicycle.