How to Connect HeartCast to Peloton?

HeartCast uses mostly the “Karvonen method” and is officially known as “the heart rate reserve (HRR) Formula” to calculate the heart rate zone and display them on iPhone and watch.

HeartCast only sends your peloton to the current BPM as it displays incoming BPM.

Open heart rate monitor settings on the fitness equipment like a peloton. You have to look for the ‘HeartCast” in the available list, and after pressing connect, you will get connected to the peloton by Bluetooth equipment.

If you do not see HeartCast, press refresh on the peloton or any fitness equipment. This article is all about the Peloton, HeartCast, and solving the queries like how to connect HeartCast to Peloton.

For further details, you have to read it thoroughly!

How to Connect HeartCast to Peloton?

Some steps to follow to connect HeartCast with fitness equipment, like a peloton. You can execute these steps before every session. Most probably a session of 10 to 15 seconds.

1. Open Heartcast on Your Watch or iPhone

First, you have to open HeartCast on the watch and iPhone, allowing them to synchronize with the HeartCast. This procedure may take a few seconds.

2. Press the Start Button on the HeartCast on Your Watch

On watch, press the HeartCast. Start button to begin broadcasting the Heart Rate over Bluetooth. This process shows that HeartCast on your iPhone starts the Bluetooth connection process.

3. Connect Your Bluetooth Equipment

 Open Heart rate monitor settings on using fitness equipment like Peloton. Look for the “HeartCast” on the available devices list. Then press connect. Press and refresh your fitness equipment if you do not see any HeartCast.

Here, press connects and wait for 109 to 15 seconds to synchronize between iPhone and Fitness equipment. Therefore, it is important or necessary to pair an iPhone or HeartCast in the same way as a Bluetooth speaker.

HeartCast will be automatically discoverable in the fitness equipment or peloton’s heart rate monitor settings. HeartCast remains open and stays visible on the iPhone until the heart rate is synced between the Fitness equipment and iPhone.

How to Connect HeartCast to an iPad for Peloton App Workouts?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to connect HeartCast to an iPad for the Peloton App workouts.

  1. First, Open the Heartcast on the watch and iPhone.
  2. Then you have to press Start on Heartcast on your watch.
  3. Now, begin a Peloton workout on your iPad and pause your workout immediately. This process will save you valuable workout time.
  4. Tap on the heart rate icon on the right side of the tablet.
  5. In the final step, select your iPhone from the available device and wait for almost 15 to 20 seconds. And your heart rate will sync on the screen. Now, close the heart rate monitor window.

Common Connection Issues – HeartCast Disconnects

The common connection issues are mostly related to the initial connection process. It is important to connect HeartCast to the Peloton before your workout session. And HeartCast will stay connected between the Peloton workouts in the same session.

For more information, let us look at some points.

  1. First, you must ensure that Heartcast is open and visible on iPhone while connecting to the Peloton tablet. Now, wait 10 to 15 seconds for your number to display o Peloton before allowing the iPhone to close or sleep.
  2. Once you connect, you can allow the iPhone display to sleep. Because your Heartcast on iPhone is major responsible for transmitting your heart rate data to your fitness equipment over Bluetooth.
  3. Second, you must ensure that your Hheartcast and iPhone are not paired with the Peloton tablet in Bluetooth settings. When it is paired directly, users have reported consistent disconnect issues. Heartcast does not need to be paired with the Peloton to function.
  4. You can also connect to the Heartcast before each ride by simply opening the Peloton’s heart rate monitor settings.
  5. Confirm that the Heartcast is not paired with directly the peloton directly. Instead, open Peloton’s Bluetooth settings and press forget on “Heartcast xxxxx.”
  6. In addition, you have to confirm that your Peloton tablet is not paired with the iPhone. And open iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and then press forget on the peloton Android tablet.
  7. If the peloton prompts you to pair with iPhone, then press cancel. Heartcast will surely continue to connect and then function properly with Peloton.

Heartcast Version is Out of Sync on the Apple Watch and iPhone

Most of the time, the HeartCast watch app is not updated when your HeartCast iPhone is not updated. This is probably due to the “auto-update” that is disabled on the user’s apple watch. Instead, you must compare versions on your iPhone and watch by triple tapping the heart icon.

The heart icon is located in the middle of HeartCast screen on both your iPhone and watch. This will be flashed briefly. If these versions are not in sync, you can free update the HeartCast on the Apple Watch in App Store App. For example, you are restarting HeartCast on your apple watch.

Standard Restart:

  1. First, press down the side button below the digital crown
  2. Then swipe right over the HeartCast to show the red close button
  3. Press close and click the side button again to confirm that HeartCast has closed. If not close, then try force quit.

Force Quit:

  1. First, open Heartcast so that it is visible on your watch.
  2. Press and hold down the side button until the shutdown screen appears.
  3. Do not press shutdown. In the end, press or hold down the crown to force quit the active app. You should see the HeartCast minimize and then close.

Peloton Bluetooth Crash

On some occasions, the heart rate display on the Peloton tablet will freeze with a spinning graphic, and it requires a peloton restart indicator.

  • The heart rate window on Peloton remains on screen for more than 20 seconds with no data or a spinning graphic.
  • When you disable the Bluetooth on the peloton, the heart rate window remains on the peloton display. In this situation, you have to restore the peloton tablet. Fortunately, restarting the peloton tablet is a harmless and quite fast operation.
  • Restart your peloton by holding down the power button on the peloton tablet for a few seconds. Once you are off, hold down the power button again to restart the peloton.

Peloton Tablet Displays “Not Connected” While Heart Rate is Visible on Screen

This is a common and known issue as it does not affect HeartCast operation if the numbers match on iPhone and peloton, and you will have a solid connection.  We are not sure why the peloton sometimes reports messages while connected and stable.

Final Verdict

This guide has discussed the complete safe steps for anyone experiencing connectivity issues. HeartCast does not cause any troubling sessions. Most of the issues are solved by the iPhone and verifying Apple Watch.

You can easily find Bluetooth settings on the left-hand side of the screen beneath the “wireless and networks.” You have to ensure Bluetooth is toggled on, so the peloton can search for Bluetooth device and connect.

You may ask if you have questions like connecting HeartCast to the peloton app!