How to Connect Fitbit to Peloton?- All you Need to Know

Peloton has many benefits, and different sensors are installed in it. However, you can improve your performance further by connecting it with a smart watch, for example, Fitbit.

How to connect Fitbit to the peloton? What are the benefits of the peloton, and which is the best Fitbit watch for the peloton? Including these questions, here I have discussed many other queries.

Let us start!

What is Fitbit?

It is one of the biggest wireless smartwatches and activity trackers companies, and you can get its product worldwide. Many sensors are connected with it, such as light, infrared, temperature, etc.

The device monitors all the data and sends it to the Fitbit app via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. For using all Fitbit features of fitbit, you have to get it premium, which costs $7.99 per month.

However, it is available for free of cost on some devices. Following are the metrics of Fitbit.

  1. Active zone minute
  2. Ectodermal activity
  3. Heart rate variability
  4. Breathing rate
  5. Skin temperature
  6. Oxygen saturation
  7. Stress score
  8. Heart rate tracking
  9. Resting heart rate tracking
  10. Resting heart rate tracking
  11. Running speed and distance
  12. Calorie expenditure
  13. Pedometer
  14. Sleep tracking

Is Peloton Compatible with Fitbit?

Yes, the peloton is compatible with Fitbit, and there are many benefits of pairing Fitbit with the peloton. The most considerable flex you get after syncing two devices is that all your data of the peloton is automatically uploaded to the Fitbit, and you can easily access it through the fitbit.

There is a lot of information you can see on the peloton. First of all, log in to your fitbit account before taking a ride on the peloton.

  1. Work duration
  2. Distance traveled
  3. Total calories burned

You can assess all-day activities if you have synced the peloton app with Fitbit. Thus you can better take care of your health. Moreover, it serves as the best source of enthusiasm and motivation for some people.

How to Connect Fitbit to Peloton?

By connecting the peloton with the Fitbit account, you can combine both devices. Then all metrics of the activity you did on the peloton are displayed on your Fitbit account.

Follow this procedure to share your progress report to the Fitbit

  1. Complete your workout
  2. Now look for the option of sharing on the touch screen.
  3. There will be the option of Fitbit on it.
  4. Login to the Fitbit
  5. Now sign in to your account on the peloton
  6. The bike will automatically be synced with your Fitbit account
  7. After logging in, all the peloton reports and matrices are uploaded to the fitibt account as you work out.

You can also connect both devices by following this procedure

  1. Firstly, open the setting tab on your Peloton bike; scroll down until you find the heart rate monitor button.
  2. Ensure you have turned on the bluetooth, and the peloton is connected with a stable wifi connection.
  3. Now press the back and bottom button until the fitbit logo appears on the screen.
  4. Now click on the refresh icon on the peloton app and wait for a few minutes until you find the option of Fitbit device.

In short, you do not need to be technically skillful for connecting both devices as both devices have built-in compatibility, and they pair with each other in the shortest time.

Does Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Works with Peloton?

You cannot use fitbit as a heart rate monitor by directly connecting it with the peloton. Peloton only supports ANT+ technology; however, both Fitbit and Apple watch lack this technology.

However, it does not mean you cannot monitor heart rate with the Fitbit while doing a workout on the peloton. However, you have to do it separately as a part of your account.

But it is not recorded in the data metrics from your account. However, if you want to deliver your heart rate data directly to the Fitbit, you should have a specific model of Fitbit, for example, Fitbit versa smartwatch.

Which Fitbit Works with the Peloton App?

Fitbit versa 2 is the best watch to be used with the peloton.  Its best feature is that it uploads your heart rate to the peloton app with the help of Bluetooth.

However, if it fails to project the heart rate on the monitor screen, you can check it as part of the overall metrics. Is not it worth praising?

Does Fitbit help with Peloton Workout?

Yes, it helps. By using Fitbit, you can better assess how much you should workout, the length of resting sessions, the appropriate workout intensity, and the training option.

Let us have a deep look at it

  • Workout Intensity

It will do a complete assessment of your workout intensity and suggest whether you need to make changes or not. Moreover, you suggest workout intensity based on your age and health.

  • Workout Duration

It helps find the best workout duration for you. You will be able to do the workout for the time, which will not cause muscle fatigue but makes your body adaptable to training.

  • Class Frequency

You get advice on how many times you should take classes.  When we take classes more than required classes, our muscles become fatigued. However, it does not recommend taking that specific class.

In short, you can experiment with many classes, and it makes many things easy for you.

Peloton and Fitbit Health Metrics

Recently, Fitbit launched health metrics that assess skin temperature, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. They may not be very beneficial; however, you get a lot of information and motivation.

  • Oxygen Saturation

The body needs oxygen for performing, and there is a thriving organization of oxygen in the body. Fitbit has red and infrared sensors at its back which measure the concentration of oxygen and makes you know if the blood is well oxygenated or not.

  • Skin Temperature

It helps you know the body’s temperature sweat, and it enables you to understand how your body responds to the stress and training. Skin temperature helps in thermoregulation and gives valuable feedback about fever and the menstrual cycle.

  • Breathing Rate

It is also known as the respiratory rate, which means the number of breaths you take in minutes. The normation respirator rate is 18 to 20 breaths per minute.

Peloton and Fitbit stress and management

It is a fantastic feature of peloton as it gives you feedback on your current stress level and if you are over-stressed, it will recommend you take meditation and relaxation classes.

Peloton has hundreds of yoga and stress classes, and top trainers are present to guide you throughout the class.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you can connect Fitbit to the peloton within a few minutes; however, make sure there is a stable internet connection, and Bluetooth is turned on. However, it does not monitor heart rate directly by connecting with the peloton.

Along with a heart rate monitor, many other sensors are in the peloton. These metrics help you get more motivation and improve your workout routine as you get suggestions according to your health.

If you still have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!