How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton App?

Peloton is a well-Known company that manufactures outstanding fitness equipment, and it has its fitness app, but Apple Watch is more popular than these two things. Fitness-minded people having both the Peloton app and apple watch must be looking for how to connect the apple watch to the Peloton app. This guide will provide you with complete guidance regarding how you can connect the apple watch to your Peloton app and Peloton bike. If you are frustrated because of repeatedly trying the process, don’t worry. Here we have described the process step-by-step.

Lets Start!

Why People Connect Apple Watch to Peloton App?

More than 33 million people bought apple watches in 2020, which is really amazing to know. The apple watch user is able to monitor distance, heart rate, cadence, calories burned and time spent in Peloton workout. What would you feel if you could see all these analytics on your Peloton app screen? For sure, it will be stimulating and entertaining.

When you connect the apple watch with the Peloton app or bike, there is a transfer of data between these two products that enable the user to check all the analytics on the Peloton app touchscreen.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton App?

If you are a Peloton app user, you will be glad to know that you can easily connect your Apple watch to your Peloton app. The peloton app is an excellent alternative to Peloton equipment to enjoy the Peloton experience with other fitness equipment.

Follow the step listed below to make your apple watch connected with the Peloton digital app:

Download the Peloton Digital App

First, you need to download the Peloton App from the Apple store app on your Apple device. You can quickly type the Peloton app in the search bar, and in a few moments, the App will be on the screen.

Open the App

When you have successfully downloaded the App, open it and go to the settings. Click on the “More” option. This will lead to a list including Apple watches as an option.

Install The Apple Watch

Now click on the Apple watch option. Then hit the Set Up Button. Scroll down the screen until you reach the bottom, and there will be an Install option. Click on it to install the Apple watch.

Make the Connection Correctly

Go back to the Peloton app and again open it. Log in to your Peloton account, and now you will need to set the location for your Apple watch to track accurately. Set all the Apple watch tracks metrics, including burn calories, tracking movements, motion and fitness, and many other elements.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton Bike?

Not only the Peloton app user can connect the apple watch to App but also the Peloton bike can be connected to the Apple watch. Here we have described a step-by-step guide to let you know to connect your Peloton bike to the Apple watch.

Enable the Gymkit

The Apple watch needs a Gymkit to get connected with other equipment, so, first, there is a need to enable the watch’s Gymkit. Open the App and go to the various equipment available for connection. Click on the Detect Gym Equipment option. Allow your Apple watch to detect the Peloton bike by clicking on the sidebar. Make sure that both the workout and settings on the Apple watch are compatible with your Peloton bike.

Open The Peloton Touchscreen

Now go to your Peloton touchscreen and get ready for a class as usual. The watch connected with your bike is compatible with both live and on-demand classes. Now select the class you want to join. A start pop-up will appear. Click on it to agree to take a class. But if you’re going to take a live class, then wait to complete the watch’s pairing process.

Connect The Apple Watch With Peloton Class

Unlock the Apple watch and turn its face towards the left side of the touchscreen camera. The NFC built-in chip will allow the watch to sync the touchscreen camera of the Peloton bike.

The watch will vibrate, indicating the connection between the watch and the Peloton touchscreen. The Peloton screen will also show a message saying connecting. Give time to complete the connecting process.

Start Your Workout

A green logo will appear on both the workout page of the screen and on the Apple watch workout page. Now click on the Start button to enjoy the Apple watch connection with the Peloton bike. You can see all the metrics on your touchscreen that an apple watch tracks.

Can An Apple Watch Be Used To Start Workout?

No, the Apple watch cannot be used to start a workout. There is a need to open the Peloton app first from your Apple device, and then you connect it with your Apple watch.

But you can also use the Apple watch to take the live Peloton class. For this, you need to wait to pair your Apple watch until there is less than 60 sec on the class countdown. If you make a connection before it, you will need to reconnect it if the time runs out. When the Peloton class ends, the Apple watch will get disconnected automatically.

Which Metrics Does Apple Watch Track During Peloton Workout?

When you have made a successful connection between the Apple watch and your Peloton app, then the following metrics are tracked by your Apple Watch:

  • Blood Oxygen level
  • Burned Calories
  • Resistance of different levels from 1-100.
  • Cadence, which means the number of pedals in one minute.
  • Heart rate.

Only these metrics will be visible on the Apple watch. Fitness tracking apps will show the other metrics such as cadence or average power.

Can You Connect Every Apple Watch to Peloton?

The people who are using the old generations of new technologies are intended to ask if they can connect their old Apple watch with the Peloton app? So, fortunately, Peloton supports the old models of the Apple watch. Apple has released Apple Watch OS 8, but the Peloton app is still compatible with OS 6. So if you want to make the connection of your Apple watch with the Peloton app, then make sure your Apple Watch is using OS 6 or higher.

Can You Connect Other Watches With Peloton App?

Like the Apple watch, the other advanced watches with ANT+ technology can be connected with Peloton bike and App. You can use your heart rate monitor with a Garmin watch and many other watches, but if your watch does not support it, you are unable to connect with your Peloton app.

Final Verdict

That is evident from the progress of the Peloton that it is competent to Apple company and Peloton has developed many exciting features in its equipment. The Apple Watch can be connected o the Peloton app and Peloton bike. In this guide, you will get the complete guidelines about how to connect Apple Watch to the Peloton app? You will also know which type of other watches can be connected with the Peloton app and which metrics are tracked by the Apple watch when connected with the Peloton bike.