What is Walmart Video Game Return Policy In 2022

Walmart offers a vast selection of video games in stock both online and at the physical store. Is it possible whether Walmart accepts video games in return?

And if that is the case, what are the options for claiming the return of video games? This article contains all the information that you need to understand about the Walmart video game return policy in 2022.

Before entering further details, let’s understand what Walmart’s return policy is.

Return Policy at Walmart That You Should Be Aware Of

Walmart places a high premium on customers ’ satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied with their purchases, they can contact the company’s staff to arrange for a refund either in cash or product.

The returns policy and process are simple, enabling customers to simply return the purchased products for free through postal, nearby stores, or pick-up at home.

For example, in case you buy video games in one of Walmart’s stores or on Walmart.com, you can simply return or exchange the product for free within ninety days. Walmart does need a receipt for a customer returning the product; however, it should be if they lost the receipt.

Walmart’s Return Policy for Video Games in 2022

Video games returned at Walmart are simply straightforward; however, the return procedure is different. It means that the customers who buy the video games at the store will have other return processes than those who buy at Walmart retailers.

In addition, If users want to get a full refund from Walmart for the video games that they bought, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Wii, they must do it within the first 90 days. The returned items should be unopened or those that are not working properly after the users buy them.

Video games may be subject to tougher regulations than, say, food, clothes, or televisions because the games can be opened and played. Other than that, the users might also make copies of it already. On the other hand, as users, it is advisable to choose the desired game that you need and verify it before unpacking.

Moreover, every customer may learn more about Walmart’s return policy and how to contact customer service for support; however, the information provided in this article will also be helpful and sufficient for returning video games to Walmart.

Is Walmart Strict About Its Return Policy For Video Games?

It seems that Walmart is very strongly committed to pursuing the video game return policy. As mentioned earlier, Walmart has learned that many consumers would exploit the loophole by purchasing a video game, unpacking it, and then returning to the store for a full refund in whatever excuses they may find. Thus, Walmart has taken steps to ensure that this does not happen.

Furthermore, it is frequently preferable to have a precise confirmation by Walmart staff that users have got the right game for the relevant console before making a purchase.

Once the confirmation of the purchase is made, the company is able to refuse refunds for their customers any time in the future as long as the returns are considered inappropriate ways or fraud from the customer side. Additionally, the company can freeze the customer’s account if found fraudulent or return many games.  

How Long Does It Take To Return The Video Games Product Back?

Counting from the day you purchase the product, you will normally have 90 days to return it to the store. You also have the same number of return deadlines for the online purchase; however, the return policy counts the 90-days period of the products delivered, not the purchase date.

Moreover, some other products are covered by a 90-days return policy, including accessories, clothes, movies, books, and outdoor items.

However, specific Walmart merchandise has a shorter period of time to return. Phones and PCs are examples. On top of that, customers are required to have a legitimate justification for returning stuff that late, particularly with opening video games.

For example, during the Christmas season (From November 1st to December 25th), customers cannot return any products within the period. The return process begins to operate again on December 26th. Therefore, if the customer’s return deadline is within that period, they can have extra time to try out the game.

Ways of Getting Video Games Refunds

A video game refund may be provided to you in a number of ways depending on whether or not the game you wish to return is refundable. Simply speaking, if customers buy the video games through their debit or credit card, the company will give back the refund through the initial card purchase.

Whether or not you still have a receipt in your hand, Walmart is not strict on that. Furthermore, if you purchase the items using cash on hand, you will be given a refund by cash. Finally, for those who use a gift card, the refund will be in an initial gift card or a new card. 

Using Walmart’s Online Return System, What Are The Options?

If you bought a video game through the Walmart website, you have 90 days to return it, either by post or in-store.

  • Go to the Walmart’s website
  • Find and click on a ‘Start A Return’ button
  • Then follow the return guidelines

Mostly, the returned video games by mail are free of charge. For refund by cards (debit or credit), the process will take at most 10 business days. For the gift card refund, it only takes you 3 hours to complete the process.  

More Details About Walmart’s Return Cases

Generally, you must return unpacked video games with the original receipt within 90 days of purchase to obtain an overall refund. However, the returns and refund choices will be limited.

In case of delivery damage, Walmart will send another video game of the same type to its customer, yet the company does not make a refund. Furthermore, in a scenario in which the customers do not have the receipt or lose it, they can still request a return.

However, they need to bring a government ID card for verification. For an online receipt that is lost, the users can check Walmart Store Receipt Lookup for archive and record.

Other than that, in case customers lose the packaging, they can still return the item to Walmart. On the other hand, the request for this kind of return might get rejected by the company.

Apart from that, if users happen to receive video games with errors or any technical errors and damages, they can request an exchange. Walmart is responsible for the warranty. Lastly, if any cases happen due to a customer’s fault, they have to be accountable for their mistakes or discuss with store managers for further solutions.


Video games purchased from Walmart may be returned for a refund, but they must be in their original, unopened packaging. For unpacking a video game console, the item is only redeemable for a replacement.

Moreover, Walmart opens choices for the customers to request the return of video games, such as on the website or in-store. The only thing to be sure of is that the items of request must be purchased within a 90-days period.

All in all, to minimize any prospective complications, customers must have a careful look at every item they purchase. Double-check with receipts as well as items that should be taken before leaving the store or accepting payment (if you buy online). By doing this, the customers will have fewer difficulties in dealing with the return items.