The 10 Steps of the Sale Process- Explanation and Example

You are struggling with the sale of your product; then it means you are following the wrong process. The 10 steps of the sale process used by experts will help you increase your sales.

Here is the complete detail of the selling process. Without wasting, let us dive into the article to understand the whole procedure with examples.

What is the 10 Step Process of Sale?

There are 100% chances that your business will grow very much if you act upon the 10 steps of the sale process given below

1. Prospecting

It is the first step of the sale process, and in it, you look for people who have enough budget and potential to match your need. Although you have contact with many people, all of them are not your prospect.

Some of them are lead means they do not have the potential to buy your products. But a leader can become your prospect if they have enough money, authority to buy.

But most important of all they should have the desire to buy it. Try your best to increase the prospect ratio.


Suppose you are selling hair serum; look for people who claim to have a think and rough hair.

2. Pre-planning

It is the second and most crucial step of sale processing, and it is the base of the whole process.

Once you have identified the target, plan how you will approach him and present your products. You have to make pre-planning for catching his pain points.

Then plot a strategy for targeting his needs and strategy. If there is a mistake in pre-planning, there are many risks that you will not be successful in targeting the customers.

Moreover, it helps you in increasing your confidence, shows your professionalism and dedication towards work.


Now make a plan how you will convince and approach the client. For example, you will ask their pain points, then satisfy them by explaining the benefit of your product and note down the specifications you will be saying to the customer with the main focus.

3. Approach

Now is the time to approach the customer, and it consists of two parts. Firstly, you talk to the customer about things he might like, then slowly start a business conversation with him.

Now keep your pre-planned strategy in mind and implement it step by step. Make sure you have got his attention and developed his interest in your product.

Similarly, talk to the customer smoothly, do not hesitate, and show smooth transitions.


Now start by greeting and ask them any question like do you like wearing a shirt? Have 1-minute chitchat and move to the exact point.

4. Presentation

Now the next trial starts, you have to present your product to the customer in the best way. Start by discussing the advantages of your product then its specifications.

During the presentation, make sure you convince the customer that he needs this project, it will solve all problems it has many advantages, and you will miss a considerable charm if you do not buy it.


Start praising the product like this serum is made of 100% natural ingredient, and it will remove dandruff from hair and make them smooth and shiny. You have to use it only once.

5. Trail Close

After the presentation, the trial close starts, and now, by gestures of the customer, you can assess if there is any question unanswered. Similarly, you will know if you are succeeded in developing his interest in your product.

Once you have ended your presentation and explained everything to the buyer trail closes.


Now you can ask your customers different questions like ‘do you have any queries?’ and ‘what are your view about the product.’

6. Determine Objections

This starts after the trial has ended. If there is an objection or question from the side of your customers, do not hesitate and do not be aggressive as often dealers become offensive when cons of their product are mentioned.

You should feel happy that at last you have developed an interest in the customers and he is thinking of buying it. So try your best understand his all question


If your customers say that its packaging is not good. Then repeat the same question in detail as it will make the customer believe that you understand his point and care about it.

You can say,” are you afraid that its glass packaging will break down if stress or jerks are given to it?

7. Handle Objections

Once you understand the objection completely, respond to it positively

However, if a complaint is invalid, you can ignore but if the customer is subjecting the same object again, then address it will a strong argument and try your best to remove the doubt from his mind.

Otherwise, he will never buy the product. So deal carefully with this part of the 10 steps of the sale process.


You can satisfy him by saying that the bottle is made of solid and high-quality glass. Moreover, in the box, shock-absorbing material for minimizing jerks is present.

8. Trail Close

Now there is again a trail close, but please do not be haste in this trail. Make sure that you have answered and justified all the queries and objections of the customer.

If your customer is happy now and does not have any queries, it means you have persuaded him to buy your product. Move to the closing.


The salesperson can start the close trail by asking the question. Does its quality glass and packaging need further clarification?

9. Close

Now is the time of the final ending, and in this step, help your client make the decision. It is the most critical step, and in 64% of cases, the salesperson fails to close the sale and loses the customer.

Most important, do not let the fear of losing the client overcome you. But be confident ultimately customers will buy the product


So you know this serum will change your life, and you are willing to buy it. Can I pack it?

10. Follow up Services

Once your customer has bought the product, say goodbye to him and make the payment procedure easy. However, the process does not end once you have sold the product.

Now you should take steps to make him your happy regular customer as it was easy to deal with old customers instead of finding new ones. This is all about the 10 steps of the sale process.


There are different follow-up services; for example, remain in contact with him if he faces any problem, address it in minimum time. Similarly, take steps to improve your presentation skills.

Similarly, if you have any commitment with him, fulfill it, and appreciate your customers, it will make them feel happy and special.


In a nutshell, Chasing, approaching the right clients are initial steps, then you have to convince for buying your product by pre-planning and presentation. In the end, answer their objections.

Try your best to remove all their queries, move forward to the final follow-up and services steps, and make him your happy regular customer. With time and practice, you will understand the whole process.

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