10 Steps to Closing a Sale- The Ultimate Guide

Closing and selling are two different things, and often, good sellers are bad at closing. What are the 10 steps to closing a sale that increases the chances of creating a regular happy customer?

Here I have discussed all steps in detail that will help you close the sale successfully and leave a positive effect on the customer.

Let us start!

What are the 10 steps to Closing a Sale?

Follow these 10 steps to closing a sale and making your work experience better.

1. Question about Sale

Once you have presented all the qualities, benefits, and specifications of the product and think nothing has been left, move towards closing the sale to deal with other things.

Our primary purpose of explaining things to the customer is that he can ask him for a sale. So you can use any sentence like ‘hope so now you do not have any question, I think we should move towards paperwork.”

This is the best, most straightforward, shortest sentence you can use for convincing him to buy the product without further question.

2. Deal Selling and Closing Differently

Selling is an easier task than closing because, during selling, you have to give a brief presentation on the product and explain everything. However, in closing, you are about to move towards an agreement.

Most of the salesmen are very good at selling; however, they lose confidence and the customers when it comes to closing. You should practice how to close a sale effectively from these 10 steps to closing a sale.

Once you have presented the product well, be bold and have faith in the customer and yourself. This trick will help you in closing effectively and practice a lot of how to be confident during closing.

3. Ask Early

While presenting, keep an eye on the customers’ gestures, and if you think you have convinced him to stop the presentation, ask him if he is ready to buy this item.

If his answer is positive, do not say anything about the product because he will feel bore. However, if he has some problem, keep presenting the specifications of your product and try your best to convince him.

These tricks help know where your customer stands and what strategy you should use for convincing him for sale.

4. Get Ready for Objections

All customers are not satisfied at once. Some of them take a long time and raise different questions, so always be prepared for such objections. These queries depict that you are successful in developing the client’s interest in your product. Try your best to answer all objections in positive ways.

Furthermore, gather all information about the product so you can answer all the objections and satisfy your client.

Similarly, before moving to close, all the things you think the client can ask, answer them beforehand. So you can move towards ending effectively.

5. Say Give it a Try

You are trying your best, but still, the client is not willing to buy the product, and he has some doubts about it in his mind. Maybe he has some financial issues, and he is looking for something less expensive.

Then for giving him a sudden and robust push, you say give it a try and take it with you to home.  This sentence has been seen to act on most people’s psyche, and then people do not think even for a few minutes.

They take the product and go. But make sure you are using this sentence at the right time and the client is interested in your product as some came to the store only for window shopping.

6. Give Flexible Budget

It is the responsibility of management to introduce different types of payment methods so customers do not neglect your product due to budget. It is the most important part of the 10 steps to closing a sale.

For example, you can introduce a monthly payment plan. Similarly, you can show them the smaller package of the same product or the same product of a different company.

If nothing is possible, then show them another product having almost exact specifications but less price. This will make you, the customer feel comfortable and build his trust in you.

7. I do not have Enough Budget

Even if you have provided them different payment methods, so they feel easy and buy the product. However, they are still not buying the project and avoiding your offer by saying I do not have enough budget.

They are actually using this sentence to avoid your product, and it means that they do not like your product, and you have failed in convincing them to purchase the product.

You still have a chance and revise all things, but this time in a better manner and give your 100 % best and make sure you do not miss anything while presenting the product.

8. Try the Different Closing Technique

All human beings are different, and they perceive things differently. Thus you cannot use the same technique for all customers as some customers buy things just after a little explanation.

However, some customers ask men questions, and they need more time for satisfaction. For both types of customers, you need to choose different strategies.

Go to google and search for different techniques. Write them on a note and practice all techniques in front of your fellows and virtual customers. Similarly, look at the closing process used by your fellow salespersons. It is the most effective step from 10 steps to closing a sale successfully.

9. Be Persistent

It is commonly observed that salespeople lose hope and think that the customer will not buy the product after 2-3 questions, which is their biggest fault.

Whenever you think that customer is leaving, try one more time and keep trying to convince him. In short, you have to be persistent if you want happy closing.

Do not give up even if a person leaves the store; keep trying by sending emails and messages if your company permits you. Eventually, that person will become your happy regular customer.

10. Be Positive

If you lose the client, do not lose hope and never underestimate yourself and start thinking negatively about your qualities. Commonly, you will lose customers.

When you start a salesperson’s job, its ratio is higher, but with time, their number decreases, and the number of convinced customers increases.

 Even if you become an expert salesperson, you will still lose some clients, so never be negative. Stay positive.

Continuously assess and try to understand the possible reason due to which the buyer has not purchased your product, then work on your weak area, and with time, you will see improvement.

Final Words

All in all, try to be persistent and confident while closing. Furthermore, try to make a customer-friendly environment and give different Opportunities, so he does not have to worry about its budget.

Do not rely on one technique; instead, practice different techniques and use the most suitable one for each customer. Keep an eye on his gestures, and if there is a need to present things again, do it immediately.