What Is The Size Of A Christmas Stocking 2022? All You Need To Know

Christmas stockings are designed differently and divided among children. They have a standard size, so you must be curious about what is the size of a Christmas stocking and how to sew them.

Without wasting time, move ahead to know all about stockings, for example, their size, how to sew, and the best items for putting in them.

How are Stockings?

Before moving towards what is the size of Christmas stockings, let’s see what stockings is. These are tiny socks made very beautifully; everyone designs them in their own way, but they are primarily red.

People hang them on the walls on Christmas night then Santa comes and fills them with gifts, candies, and toys. People divide them among the children in the church to get more facilities from God.

It is a small act and tradition of spreading happiness and joy in the children, and it’s widely practiced on the night of Christmas.

What is the size of a Christmas Stocking?

The standard size of a stocking is 20 inches, and its width is almost 17 inches; and you measure its length from the upper left corner cuff to the stocking toe at an angle. So if you want to sew a stocking, buy 14” by 15” inch cloth.

It is stitched by joining a rectangle of 6” by 14 and a square of 6” by 6”. Now you have a complete understanding of what is the size of a Christmas stocking.

Follow these steps to sew stockings

  1. Cut two pieces of the stocking shape
  2. Now blanket stitch front and back together.
  3. Take along a piece of green felt, and 8-8 lemon leaves shape.
  4. Now attach them to the stocking.
  5. You can use thins other than lemon leaves for decorating stockings

What to Put in Socks?

The stocking size is very small, so always place small things in it. However, it all depends on your budget and what to put in your socks.

With enough budget, you can place different and innovative items like small gadgets. However, if you are not on the budget, put small cards, chocolates, candies, balloons, etc.

Five Best Things for Placing in Stocking

Following are a few best things for placing in stockings and children will surely love them

Jingle bell brecelletes

These are small and colorful bands and look lovely when girls wear them. Moreover, they cost only $3 so you must buy them to keep in stockings.

Glow sticks

Glow sticks are also the best for placing in a stocking as a present as they have a glimmer that shines, and they look super cute in darkness. Best of all they only cost $1.

Crossword puzzles

In crossword puzzles, a scattered picture needs to be assembled. Is it not the best gift? Children will enjoy playing in their free time moreover it will have a positive effect on their mental health. So must consider them for placing in stockings.

Small cars

You can place small cars in the stocking as children love such toys. Moreover, these are very affordable as you can get a pack of 6 cars only for $ 6 from amazon.


You can get small stickers designed with different animated characters or have some quotations mentioned on them. Stickers are enchanting, and kids love to decorate their room walls with them.


You can buy candies from nearby stores and put them in the stockings as children love to eat sweets. Furthermore, they do not cost very much and have a wide range of flavors.

Stuffed toys

Small sizes stuffed toys are available in the market in almost all sizes. So buy the toys which can be placed inside the stocking and divide them among the children

How do you Hang them in the Fireplace?

It is not difficult to hang them, find a solid horizontal rod, fix it with the wall, and then attach two long ribbons with stockings. Now roll those ribbons around the rod and set the stripes at their place by knot.

Make sure that ribbons are made of durable material, and that you have tied the knot tightly; otherwise, the stocking will fall, and all material will be lost.

Why are these Stockings Hanged on the Fireplace?

There is a story behind stockings, and it revolves around Bishop Nikolas, who was very generous and used to help people very much. He was passing from the houses of maidens who wanted to marry.

But their marriage was delayed due to limited financial resources as they did not have enough money to give to the groom for their wedding. He then threw some coins from the chimney into the stocking hanging on the fireplace for drying.

With time this started spreading to people and was also blended with the tradition of North America where they hand stockings for drying, but they fill up with snow, which Santa replaces with gifts.

What if you do not have a Fireplace?

There are many differences between the interiors of nowadays houses and old houses. Thus, if you do not have fireplaces where you can hang stockings, here is the list of the 15 best alternatives to the fireplace.


Dress is used for multiple purposes, along with getting ready. However, you can attach stockings with it if you feel that it does not have enough knobs

Go to the market, buy a few command hooks, attach them to the dresser, and hang stockings on it.

Wall Hooks

The second-best option is to have hooks usually present in every home. Buy a hook and hang stockings on it. Later you can use the hooks for hanging other things like clothes, bags, etc.

Stairway Railing

On Christmas, we decorate railings so look beautiful; you can further modify them by hanging beautiful stockings filled with presents. You can use hooks or pins to attach them to the railing.

Bed Frame

You can surprise children by attaching stockings with the bed as when they will enter the room and see the stocking, fill with joy and enjoy them very much.

Stocking Holders

If you do not want to hang stockings with your household things, buy stocking stands, and they are available in different designs, sizes, and prices.

Buy the affordable one for you, place it in the hall, and hang stockings on it. You can use one stand every year.


You can reserve a sofa for stockings. Decorate the sofa with different things, then place all the stockings on it by arranging it in an eye-catchy manner, and it is the best alternative to the fireplace.

This is all about what is the size of a Christmas stocking and how to hang them.

Final Words

In a nutshell, these are 20 inches long, made of beautiful fabric, and are hung on the wall after being filled with small gifts like toys, and candies. These are divided among the children.

They are usually hanging on the fireplace, but there are many alternatives if you do not have a fireplace, such as hooks, walls, and stands.

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