What is Facebook Marketplace? How Do You Send a Private Message on Facebook Marketplace?

Business ideas are revolutionized by technology. Every business needs a platform to sell or buy products. Facebook provides this platform to a seller or a buyer. Now, there is a need to know what is Facebook marketplace? How do you send a private message on the Facebook marketplace?

Here I have discussed what is the Facebook marketplace is, step by step guide on how to do business on it, and communicate with different people.

Let us start!

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The versatile social media platform Facebook continues to expand. The Facebook marketplace is its digital marketing platform where people can sell, buy, or trade products with other people in their zone. Facebook marketplace only provides the platform to buy and sell products; it is not responsible for transactions and delivery of products.

Facebook launched its marketplace feature in October 2016, and the aim was to provide convenience to discover jobs opportunity, items for purchase, houses for rent or sale, etc. That was a great revolution for a businessman.

A business person can use it, and anyone can buy or sell their items and even used items. We know selling your old and used goods is not an easy job.

This platform is much easier to use as compare to making your website. It is not essential to create additional accounts, and you can sell or buy the item through your personal Facebook account. It is an ad posting section where you only need to advertise the thing you want to sell.

Now, you have a little knowledge about what is the Facebook marketplace.

Let us Talk about How We Can Access it.

You can access the Facebook marketplace both through the Facebook browser version and the Facebook app.

Step1: Open your Facebook account.

Step2: click on the three horizontal lines on the upper right corner of your mobile or laptop screen.

Step3: Then click on the marketplace.

How We Can Browse Items for Sale

The first step in purchasing is browsing the items. The marketplace has photos of things that sellers near to you want to sell. If you’re going to buy something particular, you can enter a keyword in the search bar at the top.

Moreover, results can be filtered by specifying location, categories, and price. There is a category section where you can discover things according to your need and choice by entering a keyword such as clothes, jewelry, electronics, etc.

When you add your location, the Facebook marketplace will show you the sellers’ items near you. When you enter the price, you will only come across those products in your budget.

How We Can Buy Items

When you have selected the product you want to buy, click on the image to check the details given by the seller, such as the product’s description, price and delivery charges, etc. You should also see the sellers’ profile and his location.

When you have decided that you want it, you can text a seller from your account to book the item or click on the make offer button. Facebook marketplace is not responsible for the payment and supply of products.

 How We Can Sell our Items

Facebook is the third most visited site and has a record of 2.5 billion monthly active users. Facebook has engaged 450 million users in buying and selling products groups. This is also providing a rostrum to buyers and sellers and enhancing buyers and sellers’ experience.

If you want to sell your new or used item on the Facebook marketplace, take a photo of the product or select it from your mobile gallery. Then post it with a description including name, price, category, model, and location.

If anyone of your nearby location is interested in this product and wants to buy it, he will message you. Keep in mind that the Facebook marketplace does not involve in payment and delivery of your product.

 How much is the Selling Fee?

Selling on the Facebook marketplace is entirely FREE, but some fees will be charged when using a commerce manager to sell products.

Selling fee:

When you make your sale on this platform, Facebook automatically subtracts a fee from your payout. This is the only fee that Facebook charges you when you make a sale. It also includes taxes and payment process costs.

Chargeback fee:

Sometimes customer files for money back for many reasons and their debit/credit card issuer hold the transaction until the issue is resolved.

How do you Send a Private Message on a Facebook Marketplace?

When you have selected an item to buy now, you can send a private message to the buyer. Facebook marketplace works differently because interested buyers can make an offer or can also message privately. We all know we can also send messages to people even though they are not our friends, but the condition is that the other user should allow people to test them first.

In the case of the marketplace, buyers can send private messages ta sellers by following steps:

  • Click on Facebook marketplace.
  • Click the photo of the product that you want to buy.
  • There will be an option to send a message.
  • By clicking on this, you can send a custom message to a seller.

You can also make contact with your seller by click on make an offer. Seller is also available on messenger.

 Advantages of the Facebook Marketplace

Following are a few advantages of the Facebook marketplace.

  1. The significant benefit of the Facebook marketplace is that you can use it on your mobile.
  2. It has provided a platform for buyers and sellers to interact with one another, and consequently, you can make business connections with potential customers.
  3. Facebook marketplace allows you to sell your product on the world’s giant social networking platform.
  4. You get brand exposure for your business. When you list your items on this platform, your brand name is written below the product. Suppose people don’t click on the list but get exposed to your brand name. They may come back to your products list to buy something.

Disadvantages of the Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Facebook does not verify the products that you are going to buy. The whole process is built on trust.
  2. You can also get scammed because this platform does not verify buyers and sellers. You can avoid this by using this platform in groups and communities because there is a screening process before accepting an invitation.
  3. Drugs, pets, alcohol, and counterfeits cannot be sold on this platform.

To Sum up

In short, Facebook is an emerging marketplace where you can buy new as well old items. For your satisfaction, you can send a private message to the seller and get in touch with him.

The picture of the product, price, description, and features are given to check before ordering. However, there is no verification of sellers and buyers, so be cautious as people often get scammed on Facebook.

Thank you for your visit!

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