5 Reasons Why You Should Use Discord (Explained)

Internet users, particularly gamers, recognize Discord as a top name in online chatting and communication. The app came into the market in 2015 when there weren’t many online options for gamers to chat with each other, especially through voice or video calls.

However, Discord’s success isn’t its penetration of a market with low competition. Discord is also well-known for its great features and usability.

Discord has evolved significantly from the past and now caters to the needs of all types of users. Various distinct communities use Discord’s features to their advantage.

Before, only gamers used the platform to chat with each other.

Today, users from different sectors, such as students and tutors, and corporations, use the platform to host meetings or online sessions with each other. Its features have been one of the main factors in the wide acceptability of the platform.

Five reasons why you should use Discord

Discord allows its users a wide variety of features as an online platform, from hosting calls to video streaming to chatting online. Basically, it’s an all-in-one online communications solution.

However, these features aren’t all the advantages the platform provides. Some users may also want more reasons to use the platform than just these features. For those users, given below are the top 5 reasons why they should consider using Discord.

1) Free

One of the biggest features or advantages of Discord is that it is free to use. Despite its free-of-charge services, the platform does not compromise the quality of its services.

While there are some features that users can pay for, they are still optional. Therefore, users don’t need to worry about the platform’s financial aspect.

With Discord, all users need to register on the platform and use the features without paying for them. Some other similar platforms may require users to pay to use their features or place limits on their usability. Discord, however, does not have such requirements.

2) Customizability

Discord doesn’t only focus on its features, though. It also focuses on the aesthetics and customizability of the app. For users who like customizing their experience on an app, Discord is worth a try.

With Discord, users can customize small features, such as their client’s look, to more advanced features, such as account details and custom emojis.

With its Nitro feature, users can also get much more customizability options. These may include customized emojis, usernames, tags, and animated profile pictures. However, as mentioned above, the feature does not have a significant impact and is optional.

3) Security

Discord is also secure as compared to some other platforms. The platform has security features, such as SSO, 2FA, and client-server architecture, to keep user IPs safe. Most of the interaction, technically speaking, is between the user and Discord’s server.

It keeps users safe from hackers and other parties that want to access their personal data. Apart from that, Discord also has strict policies regarding users’ privacy.

For most users, online security and privacy are vital. Therefore, Discord takes proper care of its users to focus on the experience provided by the app rather than worrying about security.

Discord also keeps the information they collect on users safe on its servers to keep them away from breaches or unauthorized access.

4) Control

One of the other reasons why users should consider using Discord is the control the app gives them. As mentioned above, users can control small aspects, such as customizability, to more advanced settings, including the security of their accounts. It gives users better access and control over the way they interact with the platform.

However, control isn’t only limited to these features. Discord also gives server owners control over their servers. Owners can control the roles, emojis, moderation, audit long, integrations, and widgets of their server through server settings.

Similarly, the app gives them control over their users, invitation links, and other moderation features, such as kick and ban commands.

5) Usage

With Discord, users can replace many alternative apps and bring everything together under the same roof. As stated above, Discord has text, voice, and video chat features along with video streaming.

Through these features, the platform has replaced many other well-known platforms. These platforms include Skype, TeamSpeak, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and many more.

Similarly, Discord allows users to use the platform for many different reasons. For example, users can use the platform to take online classes, replacing its alternatives such as Zoom or Hangouts.

As long as users can come up with a use for the features provided by the platform, there are no limits that restrict them. However, Discord does require users to follow some community standards and rules.


Discord is one of the largest online platforms that allow users to communicate with each other. However, some users still don’t use it. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why users should consider using the platform.

Given above are the top 5 reasons, among other reasons. These reasons include the platform’s free-to-use, customizability, security, control, and useful features.