5 Reasons You Should Know Why DealDash is Safe (Detail Explanation)

DealDash has been under the critics’ radar for many years now. Annoyed customers are bidding without knowing the process, and losing money also fuels the fire.

Many disgruntled customers take it to social media with negative feedback. It creates a lot of doubt about whether it is safe to use DealDash or not for new users.

DealDash is a penny auction site that works on product bidding and an e-commerce platform. It has been in the auction business since 2009 and has an established name.

Users can only buy items, and reselling the same items is prohibited.

Unlike many other auction sites, DealDash works on Pay-to-Participate in the auction model. This model works in favor of DealDash for sales generation.

It also creates a cushion of safety for the users. Here are the top 5 reasons why you can consider DealDash safe to use.

1) House Rules Work in Favor of the Users:

Each e-commerce site sets some site user contracts and trade rules. DealDash has also put in some house rules to make the bidding fair for everyone.

As a beginning point, users cannot make two accounts or not more than two from the same family. It restricts spam and scam activities.

Some prominent House Rules that work in favor of users:

  • Reselling: Reselling of the won or purchased items is not allowed.
  • Winning Limits: Bid winners can win the same item only once within 30 days. Bidders can make a maximum of 50 wins per week.
  • Accounts and Team Play: Only one account per user is allowed, with a maximum of two accounts per family member. Team-Play with the help of third-party software or otherwise is strictly prohibited.
  • Anonymous accounts: Users with deceptive account names get blocked by DealDash. Also, the fair play rules state to forbid the company close family members and friends in the auction bidding.

2) Buy it Now Option for Failed Bidders:

Most of the disgruntled bidders on DealDash complain about the lost money with failed bidding attempts. It is natural to react when you lose money.

However, understanding the working mechanism can help you ease the nerves. DealDash offers a “buy it now” option if you do not win the bidding for an auction product.

You can purchase the item with the listed price and get back all the spent bids. The buy-it-now option eliminates the biggest risk for users of losing money on bids.

However, product availability and shipping time may affect the final product delivery.

3) Learn with How-to Guides:

Elaborative how-to guides on DealDash’s working mechanism and bidding policy help users manifold. These guides enhance site transparency and user confidence in the working mechanism.

DealDash encourages new users to study the bidding process comprehensively, go through the winners’ list, learn how to blog, and learn about the site. The learning material works as a guide and builds users’ trust.

In all its fair attempts, DealDash has set a dedicated web section on “tips and tricks.” That should help new bidders strategize the winning plan. You should consider these tactics and take advantage of promotions and discounts to fully use your money.

4) Customer Support Services:

Many personal blogs or fraudulent commerce sites lack genuine customer support. They never disclose the office locations, either. DealDash has been in the auction business for well over a decade now. They provide user-friendly and prompt customer support services.

For example, DealDash has helped many customers win back the spent bids using the “buy it now” option. Also, they offer a money-back guarantee for new participants for up to 90 days.

Bidding with DealDash can take an enormous amount of time and requires focus. You can use the bid automation tool BidBuddy to save money and time.

If you’re stuck with bidding or want to purchase the item at the listed price, you can directly contact the customer’s support team.

5) Secure E-Commerce Website:

A secured SSL website is an integral part of any e-commerce business. As an industry brand, DealDash has a secured SSL site and payment options for buyers.

The payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. The SSL encryption makes all payment transactions secure for the users.

DealDash users put many reserved comments about their bidding mechanism. But understanding and learning the bidding strategies can help you save time and money.