5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Discord (Explained)

There are many apps online that allow users to communicate with others. These may include social media platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. However, some dedicated solutions cater to the needs of a specific market segment of online users. Among these names, the biggest and most well-known platform is Discord.

Discord started as an app that focused on meeting the needs of gamers and providing them with a better online communication platform.

However, soon it transitioned to focusing on users from different communities with different goals and backgrounds. It is also why the platform is so popular and used by more than 100 million active users.

To get started on Discord, users need to register with the platform through its app or website. Once registered, they can join or create servers to interact with other users. Discord also allows them to add other users as a friend with whom they can interact. While all of these features seem harmless, some users may not think the same.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not use Discord

Discord isn’t only about features and advantages, though. Many online users don’t want to use the platform. Most of the reasons they have for not using Discord are justified.

Users should consider these reasons before joining or using the platform. Given below are the 5 reasons why users should not use Discord.

1) Privacy

For most online users, Discord is a privacy nightmare. This is because the platform collects information regarding its users’ activity, which it stores on its servers.

While Discord claims they store information about its users to improve its features, some believe there is much more behind the scenes. Especially for users who are particular about their privacy, Discord is a big no when it comes to privacy issues. Similarly, Discord also lacks some basic privacy features, which users can easily find on other alternative platforms. However, there are some privacy features that the platform offers.

However, these features are very basic and may not stand a chance against modern-day breaches and exploits. Overall, privacy is the top reason why users should consider not using Discord.

2) Cyberbullying and harassment

Discord is full of users that come from different communities and backgrounds. So while it is a good thing for the platform as it helps with its popularity and revenues, it may not be the best thing for other users.

While users also face cyberbullying and harassment on other social media platforms, it seems more prevalent on Discord. One of the main reasons cyberbullying and harassment are more widespread is how easy it is to create alternate accounts.

Similarly, users do not share any personal information through which others can identify them. It means users can’t be held accountable for their actions on the platform, promoting inappropriate behavior.

3) NSFW servers

While there are safe servers that users can visit, Discord also allows users to join NSFW servers. NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work, which mostly means adult content. Even safe servers may have dedicated channels for NSFW content sharing.

While it is a feature that Discord provides to its users, it may not be for all its users, especially considering the age groups the platform allows.

Discord allows users who are above 12-years old to join the platform. As mentioned above, while NSFW isn’t a problem, it may be for a portion of Discord’s users. This portion mostly includes the users that fall in the 13-18 age category.

While Discord does warn its users when they join such channels or servers, they do not verify users’ ages. Therefore, parents may consider not allowing their children to use Discord for this reason.

4) Inappropriate content

Similar to NSFW content, users on Discord may also get exposed to inappropriate content. Inappropriate content may include NSFW content, but it does not have to be limited to NSFW channels.

Due to the nature of the platform, anyone can share any content they wish to any server or channel. If the moderators of a server are active, they may take it down. The problem arises when moderators may support or promote such behavior. The platform can, therefore, expose users to inappropriate content.

As stated above, some users, especially teenagers, may get exposed to said content, which can be harmful. Most parents don’t allow their children to use the platform for this reason.

5) Alternatives available

While Discord has many features, it does not mean all users use those features. Therefore, using the platform may not make sense for users who don’t need those features. In addition, the added account on Discord or the resources running the app on their device requires may not be acceptable for some users. Those users can consider using alternatives instead.

The alternative that users may use depends on the needs of the users. For example, if users want to use social media platforms, they can use options such as WhatsApp or Messenger. For other solutions, users may consider using Hangouts, Mumble, Ventrilo, Slack, TeamSpeak, etc.


There are many online communication solutions that users can take advantage of for their needs. For specific solutions, however, there is one name on the top, Discord. While Discord is well-known among online users, it may have some disadvantages. From these, given above are the top 5 reasons why users should not use Discord.