How Much is a New Peloton Screen? Complete Guide

If any part of your peloton has expired, you can replace it; however, its part cost is high. How much is a new peloton screen, and how to install it?

Here I have discussed its price and the complete method of replacing the old screen with a new one. Moreover, you will also get to know how to protect the screen from all kinds of damages.

Let us start!

What is the Price of the New Peloton Screen?

Peloton’s new screen is costly, and you have to pay a high amount of charges for buying it as it costs $750.

How to Remove the Screen of the Peloton?

Follow these steps

  1. Firstly unplug the monitor cable.
  2. There is a square panel on the back of the touchscreen; remove it.
  3. Take a Philip Headscrew driver and use it for removing the four monitors screen. Perform this step with extreme care and hold the screen tightly.

How to Connect the New Screen with the Peloton?

Here is the step-by-step guideline

  1. Firstly remove the square panel present at the back of the screen.
  2. Now line up the monitor mount.
  3. Take a Philip headscrew driver to fix it by using Philips screws that are given in a small bag placed inside the box.
  4. Now replace the square panel.
  5. Finally, plug in the monitor cable.

Why Do People Upgrade the Screen of their Peloton to the Peloton Bike+?

Peloton screen has many fantastic features; however peloton bike+ screen is more attractive, and you enjoy it more.

Firstly, it has much big size than the peloton screen. You enjoy the workout more on a large screen, and that’s why people switch from the screen of 22 inches to that of 23.8 inches.

Secondly, you can turn the screen of peloton bike+ towards left and right, which has many perks as you can do another type of workout known as Bootcamp. Initially, it was available only for treadmill users; however, peloton users can also do it now.

So must leave some space at the right and left sides of the peloton. If you are doing a whole-body workout, which involves almost everything, and you have to do many drills on the floor, rotate the screen towards the left side.

Spread a mat on the floor at the side of the Peloton bike, and follow your instructors.

If there is no space around the peloton, and you cannot spread the mat there, there is no need to worry. Turn the screen towards the side where there is space, now spread your mat there and continue your workout.

How to Protect Peloton Screen from Damage?

Peloton screen is costly, and it must be dealt with care. Here are some tips you should follow to protect yourself from a significant loss.

1. Clean its Screen

The peloton screen is a very sensitive electronic part, so do not use any wipes or spray to clean it. However, it is very essential to clean it after every use because oil from our hands damages it badly

Never use harsh chemicals for cleaning; always go for mild detergents. Take spray that is used for cleaning the eyeglasses. Do not spray directly on the screen, and take a microfiber and spray cleaner on it.

Now rub it all around the screen of the peloton till all dust and oil have been removed. Let it air dry.

2. Please Keep it Away from Dust

Dust is hazardous for such equipment as it leads to expiry, so always place your peloton away from dust. Select a place where you think dust is significantly less and its screen will remain protected from all kinds of particles.

3. Keep it at Ample Space

People do not give much importance to its place and put it in the store. You can set it in the store, but make sure that nothing around it can damage its screen.

If it is at a very crowded place and something hits its screen accidentally, it will break down, and you may have to buy it once again.

4. Provide it Ventilation

Our bodies sweat very much when we do extreme workouts, and drops fall on the peloton. Sweat contains chemicals and salts that are not good for the peloton and cause damage to its inner parts.

So place it at an airy place. For example, you can keep it near the window, so sweat does not gather on it; instead, it evaporates.

5. Buy Peloton Screen Cover

Peloton screen is costly, so keep it with care. You must have an asset to keep changing its screen after every month. Peloton cover has many benefits as it protects the screen from dust, debris, and other particles.

Similarly, it acts as a shield whenever something hits the screen. As a result, its screen remains intact. The screen cover protects it from UV rays, which are dangerous for equipment.

If the peloton screen is exposed to the sun for a long time, it starts darkening and expires very early.

Following are the best peloton screen covers

BoxWave Anti-Fingerprint Matte Flim Skin for Peloton Bike Plus

It is a dual-layer cover made of polyurethane terephthalate. It has solid anti-glare characteristics, thus giving the best visibility even under sunlight.

Must buy this cover to protect your screen from dust, debris, fingerprints, etc. Best of all, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, it is a glue-less adhesive, and you can even wash it with hot water.

However, you may find it difficult as it is new in the market. Thus you will have to juggle a little for buying it.

Cleartouch crystal screen protect for peloton bike

It is also a glue-less adhesive and has a very durable construction. Thus it will protect your peloton screen from all kinds of damages. It is made of high-grade thermoplastics, and you can use it again after washing.

Just take hand soap and warm water. Now apply them on the screen to restore its adhesive properties. Want to protect your peloton screen from ugly scratches? Buy it.

However, it has ordinary packing, but it is worth the price and is one of the best peloton screen covers. Best of all it has a very affordable price.

Neoprene Screen Cover For the Peloton Bike

It has fantastic quality, and you can wash it even in the machine. You can easily set it on your peloton screen as it has easy fitting.  It is made of neoprene, and thus it lasts long. Moreover, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

It is long-lasting, and you do not need much amount to buy it as its cost is reasonable.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you have to pay a high amount for buying a peloton screen. However, replacing the expired screen with the new one is simple. Buy a peloton screen cover to protect it from harsh scratches, dust, debris, and ugly fingerprints.

Similarly, please keep it in a safe place with proper ventilation. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!

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