How Do I Know My Debit Card Account Number?

If you are a debit cardholder and want to know the debit card account number you must be looking for, how do I know mY debit account card number? In this guide, you first know about the credit card and its uses, and then we will move forward to know about its account number.

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What is Debit Card?

The debit card is a simple payment card that the cardholder uses in place of cash to make payments. This is also known as a bank card, check card, and plastic card. Debit cards and credit cards are similar to each other, but the difference between them is that in the case of the debit card, the money must be present in the account of the cardholder at the time of making a purchase.

The debit card is linked to the bank account. When you make the purchase, the transaction fee is deducted from your account and transferred to the merchant’s account. The debit card also works for instant money withdrawal and works like an ATM.

How Do I Know MY Debit Card Account Number?

In most cases, your account number associated with the debit card is not mentioned anywhere on your card. But you can see the card number in the middle of the front side of your card. There are three digits on the backside of the card, typically for security purposes and to protect you from any fraud.

The account number associated with your debit card number is neither used as the debit card number nor placed anywhere on the instrument to provide security to the cardholder. I have mentioned the following methods to know the debit card account number here.

What would you think if you could know your account number from the debit card? It will be a great favor because there will be no need to memorize the account number. After reading this guide, finding an account number using your debit card will be easier than you think.

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How to Know Bank Account Number from Credit Card?

First, look at the front side of your debit card and find the account number below your name. If there are 16 digits present below your name, then this is the account number of your debit card.

If the numbers are not present below your name, the debit card number is your bank account number, consisting of 16 digits. If you don’t have a number under your name, you will have to find the account number from your 16 digit card number.

The first 6 digits on your debit card number represent the identification number or BIN. The purpose of the BIN is to identify the bank or institution that issued your debit card, and the last 10 digits represent your bank account number.

Debit Card Account Number on Your Cheque

You can find your debit card account number from your checkbook. There will be a 16 digit number on the bottom of your cheque, representing the check’s account number. If this number is not present on your cheque, the number following the routing number is the account number.

How to Find Account Number from Online Banking?

When your account number is not mentioned on your debit card, the trouble begins. But you can find it easily instead of finding it on your debit card. You can find your debit card account number from online banking, and finding out the account number by online methods depends on your bank with which your debit card I linked.

Following are the steps listed below to find your account number.

  1. Log in to your bank account using your bank app or through the web browser
  2. Click on the service center
  3. To view the statement, click on it.
  4. Click on the checking account.
  5. Go to the payment period and select the most recent one.
  6. There will be Debit card options click on them.
  7. At the end of the transaction, there will be the debit card account number.

If this process does not go well, you can find help to find out the debit card account number.

How to Know Account Number Through Bank Statement?  

You can also find the Account number of your debit card from the paper bank statement. Your account number is printed on every bank statement that you receive from the mailbox or online, and there will be 10-12 digits present on it labeled Account Number. This account number is present at the top of the ban statement, either left or right.

How to Find Debit Card Account Number Through Bank?

The other way to find an account number is by calling the number present on the back of your debit card number. Otherwise, you can also get the number from the bank’s website. After making a call, tell them that you want to know your account number.

Tell your name, address, social identity number to identify you. They will tell you your account number. Please write it down on paper, notepad, or anything where your account number is saved, and no one can steal it.

Why is Account Number not Listed on Your Debit Card?

The main reason for not mentioning the account number on the debit card is cardholder security. Because if your account number were present on the debit card, then anyone who gets your debit card can withdraw money by knowing the account number quickly—this thing safe you from fraudulence and other issues.

How to Keep Your Account Number Safe?

Follow these tips

Secure Internet Connection

If you’re going to log in to your bank account, your internet connection must be secured. Avoid logging your bank account by using an insecure wireless internet connection because it can put you at the risk of identity theft.

Make Sure the Website is Secure

When you must enter the account number on your bills or transfer funds, make sure the website is secure. To figure out this, look at the website address, and it must be started with HTTPS. In this,” s” stands for secure.

A lock icon is present in the top left corner of the website’s address when it is a secure website. If these things are not present, don’t enter your account number here; otherwise, you will be at significant risk.

Keep Track of Your Bank Statement

Don’t leave your checkbook or bank statement irresponsibly anywhere. When you receive the bank statement, you should save your statement papers and other documents in a safe place, such as your secret drawer.

Final Verdict

if you are searching for, how do I know mY debit account card number? After reading this, you will be aware of finding the number from your debit card, online banking system, and calling your bank. You can also find the debit card bank account by going to your bank. You will also know how important is the privacy of your debit card account number. In short, in this guide, you will see how to get the debit card account number through different ways and save your account number to save yourself from any loss.