What Happened to Muff Waders After Shark Tank? Muff Waders Shark Tank Update 2022

The think tank Taylor Nees and marketing expert Garret Lamp are the inventors of Muff Waders’ inventors, a bib overall for men who love drinking. Overall accommodates 5 cans of beer, soda, and energy drinks with a cooling insulator. Even though the idea is unique, every startup still faces difficulties, and that’s why Taylor and Garret went to Shark tank on the 16th episode of season 12.

However, they left without any deal, and people wondered what happened to Muff Waders after Shark Tank? In this article, we will talk in detail about Muff Waders, how they started, and their current update in 2022. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

How Did The Founders Think Of The Idea?

The whole concept behind Muff Waders moved back to 2016 when Taylor Nees was attending a high school football game. While watching his team kicking massive shots, Taylor with his pals talked about the idea of how cool it would be to carry beer cans to sneak into the stadium.

Later on, he pursued the idea, made a prototype sketch, and started raising funds for it. Being a country lad, Taylor was everyone’s guy in Holstein, and everyone contributed with him. However, he fell short of his target goal of  $135,000.

Meanwhile, Garret Lump was a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and worked as an expert in video production. After that, he found Taylor’s idea amusing and joined him as a partner. They both divided departments; Garry handles marketing and customer, while Taylor is responsible for manufacturing and sales.

Both Garry and Taylor approached 80 companies before landing on their first client. They pitched their invention, and someone purchased it, and here comes the need for the manufacturer. Taylor and Garry handled some 1000’s orders, but they were still unsatisfied and decided to take their hustle to something big.

How Did Muff Waders Present Before Shark Tank?

From this point, the founders of Muff Waders were looking for investors to expand their business. Therefore, they decided to pitch Shark Tanks and appeared in the show on the 16th episode of season 12. While pitching, they defined their brand as “Muff,” which is a combination of both “Manly” and “Tuff.”

 In season 12, Episode 16, Taylor Nees and Garret Lamp pitched Muff Waders to the sharks. One of the most intriguing things in Season 12 was their overalls that hold alcohol. As Taylor and Garret stated, this is the ideal pair of overalls for when you need to take a little break while on the job. It’s also a wonderful method to keep your drink safe when tailgating.

They pitched their target audience as a  common office employee who would like a refreshing chilled beer between a hectic routine. Similarly, they described their can retail price, which is $85, and a unit cost of $35. In that aspect, they generated a total sale of $54,000.

The founders of Muff Wader sought to get $25,000 for a 25% stake worth 125,000. The first Shark to go was Kevin, who Mark and Robert quickly followed. Lori Greiner pulled out of the deal as well.

There is just one Shark left, Daymond John, who first looks to be interested in making an offer but ultimately declines. Despite their presentation enthralling the Sharks, they all depart empty-handed.

What Happened To Muff Waders After Shark Tank?

After they left Shark Tanks without any deal, they still, however, kept going on and are still running in the business. Thereafter, the original episode was broadcasted again four months after it aired.

At present, the business is on the move, but the stock is showing unavailable, and their Facebook page hasn’t updated any recent activity.

However, in a news release in April 2021, a Hemp clothing manufacturer Stevia Nutra Corp. was known to acquit the Muff Wanders. The publicly traded business Stevia Nutra Corp. (STNT) will be able to put real money behind the promotion of this product. The firm made over $125,000 in sales due to its performance. For the 4th of July in 2021, they created a “Stars and Stripes” version of Muff Spenders.

What Is The Objective Of Muff Waders

Muff Waders came up with an idea to make drink lovers able to carry multiple cans and bottles among themselves. A simple bib overall will help them stock 6 cans of soda and two bottles down their pants hassle-free, whether in an office or on the go.

An additional feature in the overall is a detachable Muff Mug attached to the front of the overall with a magnet. This also works like a can opener, so you don’t have to keep it individually.

The goal is to make beer approachable anytime, anywhere!

What Is The Current Update On Muff Waders In 2022

Although Muff Waders left without any deal and faced a slump period for a long time, they are still in business. They even started Muff Spenders by introducing stripes and additional pockets in the pants.

In terms of a Muff Waders update, Taylor and Garret successfully raised a little over $10,000 on Kickstarter for Muff Spenders. Despite departing without a contract, Taylor and Garret appear to have kept the lights on thanks to Shark Tank publicity and the successful launch of Muff Spenders.

The company is officially based in Holstein and is run out of a 30-year-old van that the two affectionately refer to as their “corporate office.” The Muff Waders are offered through their own website and from the truck, which the couple takes to various events such as fairs, parties, and tailgating.

Lamp and Nees came up with another intriguing concept in September 2020, following their success with the Muff Waders. It’s a pair of black suspenders with pockets on either side for a beer or a water bottle called the Muff’ Spender. The Muff’ Spenders are intended for more formal and premium occasions like weddings.

 We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything further from Taylor and Garret!

What Is The Public Opinion About Muff Waders?

There is no doubt that Muff Waders is a common man outfit and can be used by anyone who loves drinking. It’s just a bib overall that comes with intriguing pockets to store your drinks and keep them cool.

Here is what the customers have to say about Muff Waders

·        “Check out the innovative renovation of excellence for the greatest mullet you can obtain!! SAID MUFF”

·        “The ideal tailgate and drinking companion!”

·        “These are fantastic! Everyone should own a pair of them! Congratulations to the creators of the Muff Wader!!!”

·        “I have family members that might enjoy these.”

Do Muff Waders Give Discounts?

Yes, Muff Waders gives you a discount by using their discount coupons. You can get up to $75 waive off on purchasing Muff Waders apparel and overall.

Who Are The Founders Of Muff Wader

Taylor Nees And Garret Lamp from the company Muff Wader. Taylor Nees is the country’s lad and the mind behind Muff Wader. On the other hand, Garret Lump is an Iowa State University graduate holding a degree in advertising and working as a video production expert.

They both started to pursue entrepreneurship and divided the work compartment between them. Garret was responsible for marketing and customer handling, while Taylor worked as a manufacturer and was responsible for generating sales.

How Many Cans Can Muff Wader Hold?

If you’re up for a game, you can easily stock six cans of beer in the front. You can also place two additional beer bottles in the side pockets of your pants. The cooling insulator will ensure your beer remains cool to enjoy even after hours.

Can You Wash This Overall?

Hand-washing Muff Waders in cold water and letting them drip dry is advised; temperatures should never exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also dry clean them using synthetic and ordinary solvents (i.e., a solvent-based detergent). They may be tumble-dried at a low temperature. Your Muff Waders should never be ironed with a hot iron.

Where Can You Get a Muff Wader?

Muff Waders received great appreciation from the public. Drink across the world left tremendous feedback and requested to grow their innovative products. If you want to purchase Muff Wader overall, you can visit their Facebook page because they only sell through the FB marketplace. Just Make sure you put the right mailing address.

Wrap Up

The idea of sneaking anywhere with a pack of 6 beer cans is fascinating and convenient at the same time. Even though the Muff Waders couldn’t crack a deal with the Shark Tanks, they still ran their business by approaching alternative investors. They are satisfying the customers rapidly and making their customers enjoy their favorite drink anytime, anywhere!

This article tried to cover everything about what happened to Muff Waders after Shark Tank. Hope this will prove helpful to you.