What Happened To LARQ After Shark Tank? LARQ Shark Tank Update 2022

Moving back to season 12, episode 21, when Justin Wang, the founder of LARQ, approached ABC Shark Tank with his hydration product. After LARQ’s Kickstarter, the company raised $1,374,021 and was quite admired by the audience. That’s where Wang decided to convince Shark Tanks to invest in his invention.

Then what happened to LARQ after Shark Tank? The founder, Justin Wang, managed to take $1 million at just a 4% stake from Shark Tank and is all set to hit $30 million in 2022. LARQ has been pretty impressive to the consumers who are always on the go. Want to see how it all started and what is LARQ doing now? Let’s find out.

What Is LARQ?

LARQ is a stainless steel self-cleaning bottle that contains UV-C LED technology to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odor from the bottom of the bottle. It is made of pure steel and does not contain any SBP lead, making it safe to consume.

LARQ was kickstarted in 2017 with the idea to purify water for drinking. People who are always on the go, traveling, or camping feel it is inconvenient to drink tap water. And with the breakout of the pandemic, it became even more crucial to ensure maximum hygiene in consumable products.

That’s where LARQ’s concept revolutionized the world.

How does LARQ Works?

LARQ water bottle was invented with the vision to provide purified water to people who do not have instant access to it. Even if they do, the concept of reusable bottles was always behind because of the residual fungus and bacteria at the core of the bottle.

The remaining viruses could not be able to wipe out due to the bottle’s narrow mouth. Many people voted for disposable plastic bottles due to this reason, and something solid was imperative to complete the tradition.

That’s where Justin Wang surprised the world with his sustainable, hygienic, cutting-edge water bottle. LARQ is all made up of stainless steel eliminating all sorts of SBP lead. This next-generation water bottle features a UV-C LED technology that removes all types of bacteria and viruses and keeps the bottle clean itself.

People always hesitate to reuse water bottles as it is quite difficult to wash the bottle from the inside. To figure it out, LARQ features an automatic UV-C LED sensor that removes all the fungus and odor and keeps the water fresh and tasty.

It keeps the bottle clean and preserves the freshness of the water. It keeps the hot water hot for 12 hours and cold water for 24 hours after pouring it. Due to this, consumers appreciate LARQ for its unmatchable hygienic quality and prefer it for traveling and camping purposes.

How Was The LARQ Shark Tank Pitch

After the unimaginable success and appreciation from consumers, Justin Wang produced several other products like LARQ Pitcher but focused more on improving the features of LARQ bottler. Therefore, he was looking for funds to invest, which made him pitch his product to ABC’s Shark Tank.

Just presented in episode 21, season 12, and introduced his hygienic, sustainable product before Sharks. His pitch really hooked the judges and intrigued them to invest in his product that will make massive hits in the future.

He was looking forward to getting $500,000 for a 1% stake which the judges remained quite shocked for a moment. Obviously, it was the highest investment demand in the history of Shark Tank, but Justin convinced them it was worth it.

He showed his accomplishments during kickstart. His popularity in 2017 was really impressive, which helped him make brilliant sales. LARQ’s water bottle was mentioned in the hottest “The Wall Street” Journal, which promoted his bottle at tremendous speed. In addition to this, LARQ was enlisted in the “Top 10 smartest sustainable products of 2018”.

All of these amazing objectives really persuaded the Sharks to make a shot, yet Justin had to reduce his expectations for cutting the deal.

While offering, Daymond John was the first to step back, but Justin anyhow made a fortune of getting $1 million funds from Kevin and Lori at just a 4% stake. The pitch was successful, and now LARQ was about to hit big.

How Things Went After Shark Tank?

Things worked quite great after Shark Tank. After getting many counteroffers from the Sharks, Justin Accepted a deal of $1 million at a 4% stake from Kevin and Lori. After the airing of the original episode in Spring 2021, LARQ generated an additional $10 million in revenue, which shows the potential of his entrepreneurship skills.

Not just this, but the company made a consistent increase in revenue after Shark Tank. In fact, Justin is all set to make $30 million in revenue in 2022. So with every passing year, LARQ is spreading its hygiene everywhere.

They made a great promotion of their product by signing up with three-time NBA champion Daymond Green on 1/12/2020. This was a great way of influencing the fitness world to shift to LARQ. Daymond’s fans across the globe picked LARQ for their gyms as it keeps the water and protein shake fresh and sustainable for hours.

So Shark Tank was a great experience for LARQ as it boosted the business. Consumers can get LARQ from their official websites or many other e-commerce stores. Even the price wasn’t a big deal for consumers; as it turns out, it helps them save a lot of bucks that were otherwise spent on disposable bottles.

What Is a LARQ Pitcher?

LARQ pitcher is another water purifying invention by Justin. Unlike other disinfectants, the LARQ pitcher was beyond just filtering the water and purifying it in real terms. Traditional pitchers only trap and cause reverse contamination in water. However, the LARQ pitcher was a whole different concept; it was a 2-step purification and filtration beyond clean water.

Here are some of the awesome features of the LARQ Pitcher.

PureVision Purification

LARQ Pitcher contains PureVis cutting edge technology which keeps the water contaminates free by eliminating all sorts of mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. This makes the water nature intended.

Improve Filtration

The filtration process of LARQ pitchers is a lot better than traditional pitchers. It smoothly filters the water without contaminating lead, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium without compromising the quality.

AI Filter

It is a well-known fact that the water pitcher contains a filter that needs to replace after a specific period. But the question is, after when? Instead of memorizing the period manually, the LARQ pitcher features an AI filter that automatically notifies you when to replace it. So you don’t have to bother yourself.

Sustainable Filters

Most water pitchers contain a plastic filter that pollutes the environment. On the other hand, LARQ filters are made up of 75% less plastic, making them hygienic, sustained, and long-lasting.


Like LARQ bottlers, their pitcher also automatically cleans itself every 6 hours, making it the most viable option for people who are always on the go.

Who Are The Competitors Of LARQ?

Here are the following competitors of LARQ; check them out.


Aquion is a portable water disinfectant that comes in polyethylene bags with ceramic electrodes to prevent water from viruses and pollutants. It’s an eco-friendly disinfectant that costs $65 each unit and works fine.

However, Acquion does not clean the dirty water and only prevents further contamination.

Cheers, Healthy Water

Cheers, Healthy Water is a carbon filter that removes dangerous pollutants from the water like lead, chlorine, fungus, mold, bad odor and maintains the taste. It costs $58 per unit, which is quite affordable; however, it does not turn the unsafe water into safe.


Roxane is a big competitor of LARQ and can purify water up to 90%. It’s a portable UV light that is the size of a tennis ball and eradicates several germs from the water like listeria, salmonella, and E.coli.

Roxane costs $159; however, it cannot purify cloudy water, yet it is a sustainable product and can purify 1000 gallons of water in 15 minutes.


Here we have another competitor on our list. L10 is a water purifier that can work from 0 to 1000 gallons of water and can remove multiple toxins and bacteria. In addition to this, it also eradicates lead, mercury, chlorine, and other dangerous substances that pollute the water. Each unit of L10 costs $65, which is an affordable choice.

Contrary to this, L10 does not work on cloudy water and does not convert it to potable.

What Makes LARQ Different From Others?

When it comes to UV water bottles, several other aspects accompany them. Companies that offer UV water bottles have different criteria to purify water. It purifies the water by pouring into a sealed container and exposed to sunlight, making it unhealthy to drink.

Contrary to this, LARQ water bottles have the latest technology. It contains UV-C LED technology that purifies the water one click away without exposure to sunlight. So it filters the water, purifies, and keeps it healthy and tasty to drink.