What Happened to Better Bedder After Shark Tank? Better Bedder Shark Tank 2022

In this 21st century era, people are very concerned about pollution, and some companies have come up with some new ideas for developing zero-pollution vehicles. Zero Pollution Motor is a US licensee for MDI. Ideally, this Luxembourg-based company is developing the Air Cars that Ethan Tucker featured in the Shark Tank show in episode 626.

Owners wanted up to $5 million to help them market and build pollution-free Air cars under the Zero Pollution Vehicles brand. Their license includes them as car manufacturers and dealers. They’re proposing to build a micro-factory across the U.S. that would allow them to make flying vehicles and then sell them to the local market.

With $5 million in funding, they are keen to offer a 50% stake in the company. The funding will help them develop their first factory in Hawaii. They say the price to build a vehicle ranges from $3,700 to $5,100. Each car will cost around $10,000, so it sounds like a worthwhile and profitable idea.

However, what about the zero-pollution motor before the show Shark Tank, and what happened after it appeared on the show? Read on to learn more.

What is Zero Pollution Motors?

As the name advocates, Zero Pollution Vehicle is a company that looks forward to manufacturing and developing zero pollution vehicles. These vehicles, called Dubbed AirPods, operate on compressed air. Also, the car does not need fossil fuels, which makes them environmentally friendly. The company’s license enables it to produce and sell these special cars in the US.

 Generally, air cars are divided into 3 categories: AirPod Cargo¸ AirPod Standard, and AirPod Baby. The difference between these cars is cargo storage and the number of seats it contains. These air cars will work well in urban and city environments where air and noise pollution are very big issues.

To effortlessly serve the U.S. market, the company will build several micro-factories in different parts of the country to produce and sell flying cars.

Who is the owner of zero-pollution Motors?

This company is the innovation of Pat and Ethan. It started in the 2000s with the two founders working in the entertainment industry, but they claim they offer 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Pat is a musician and Ethan is a producer, playwright, and actor.

The development of AirPods flashed to Ethan’s mind when he was writing the script for a movie about Nikola Tesla. This is one of the best leading technology innovators. The two had worked hand in hand in the entertainment industry before entering the business. Duals teamed up to develop America’s first aerospace vehicle manufacturer.

Zero Pollution Motors before Shark Tank

Ethan and Pat are very concerned about environmental pollution as entertainment and business professionals. Fossils and noise pollution do not provide the expected peace of mind. This problem inspired them to find the best solution to help solve the problem of overcrowding in American cities by providing a pollution-free and clean environment.

Basically, minimizing pollution from vehicle fuels is one of their biggest concerns. The idea of a zero-pollution car was encouraged by Tesla. Ethan had to develop a Tesla movie while in Vermont, which reinforced his desire for green technology.

Ethan and Pat team up to build their first manufacturing facility in Hawaii. They got a license to make AirPods before they appeared in Shark Tank. Although they got their license in 2010, most investors have delayed funding them. After that, their plans to launch the first green car took a hit. Still, they say the problem is now over.

The Zero Pollution Motors Shark Tank Pitch

Ideally, the owners of zero-pollution motorized shark tanks are brilliant. Robert recognized them as they walked up to the podium. They both presented their ideas on the bench of 5 Sharks investors consisting of Lori, Daymond, Kevin, Mark, and Robert.

Pat and Ethan present the AirPods design and their thoughts. They go into detail about what the car does and how it works, and why it’s a good choice compared to a battery-powered car. The two gentlemen shared their dream of building a car factory in Hawaii and how they would modify every vehicle in every region to meet the purpose of cat users. They also state their relationship with MDI.

Ethan said the AirPods car will travel about 100 miles and take four hours to fully charge. Beyond that, the Doubles told the bench they needed $5 million to help them get started on the program. They also said they would sell each AirPod for $10,000. They don’t have prototypes and only use images for publicity.

Every investor has a different take on the idea, Diamond, one of which called the project a lunchbox on wheels. He further stated that it was too early to allocate his money to such an idea and reject it. Kevin calls it an unreliable business concept. Mark is a wait-and-see guy, and he’s not ready to invest in the idea. Lori is interested, but she asks for a local deal. She also said she wasn’t ready to invest in AirPods.

As expected, Robert had a unique interest in the idea. He also expressed a desire to test-drive flying cars. He is ready to join, however, he needs the rights to the entire US market. Pat and Ethan agree. Afterward, Robert offered them a $5 million deal in exchange for a 50 percent stake. The pair accepted the offer, and they left Shark Tank with the deal.

Zero Pollution Motors after Shark Tank

The idea of a zero-pollution car started taking pre-orders after they secured a deal with Shark Tank. Those interested can order the model they want from 3 options. Likewise, you can order a three- to four-person air vehicle or make a passenger-cargo arrangement. The orders were made on the Zero Pollution Vehicles website.

The owners point out that corporations and celebrities are funding them. Chicago’s hopeful Rocky Carroll was mentioned as a standout. In addition, NYC and USPS Taxi Services, among companies looking for eco-friendly vehicles, have also expressed interest in AirPods.

Likewise, an air vehicle would be the perfect idea for businesses looking for quick delivery, including pizza and mail delivery businesses. The idea would help solve the congestion problems that many American towns and cities experience. After Shark Tank, the company took the idea to its initial market.

Even after a good deal with Robert, things didn’t go as expected. Air owners didn’t get design rights for the entire U.S. market, one of the conditions when they signed the contract. After nine months, Robert dropped his offer.

For that reason, zero-pollution cars have no choice but to find new investors. They plan to inaugurate their first AirPods in France, and the manufacturer will be MDI. After that, they went for an IPO to get funds to start a production company in the United States.

Updates: About Zero Pollution Motors in 2022

As you’ve noticed, due to some legal issues, Robert’s deal didn’t go as expected. First, their owners don’t own the Air Cars. They are only distributors, which limits their possibilities for expansion. As a result, it is difficult to obtain the right to sell on the US market.

Because investor Robert dismissed the deal. Zero Pollution Cars has yet to produce its first Air Car. Despite some promises, they were to release the first one in France in early 2019. The idea never materialized 20 years after it was conceived. However, on their website, you’ll find orders are still open and individuals can still join the waitlist.

When you check their Facebook page, you’ll see that it was last updated in 2018, when they promised to deliver the first Air cars to order in early 2019. However, this did not happen. In April 2022, Zero Pollution Cars are still taking reservations on its website.

Since then, some reports have suggested that the company has gone out of business. Production of the AirPod didn’t happen. Their website enables individuals to look forward to being on the waitlist and hoping to get some information on air car updates to join.


In short, the zero-pollution car appeared first on the Shark Tank show. Owners Pat and Ethan have expressed an extraordinary passion and interest in tackling environmental pollution. If AirPods were ever made, they could be a game-changer.

Their sales pitch convinced Robert that he was willing to offer $5 million in funding. This is the highest amount offered in Shark Tank. Even with the offer, things went the opposite of what they had planned, and investor Robert called off the deal nine months later. The act worsens the zero-pollution AirPods program.

The Zero pollution AirPods Company has not updated its production process on its website and Facebook since 2018. The only information found was about delivering the first pre-orders in the 2019 race, but that didn’t happen.

Today, the company went out of business, but they are still taking preorders. No one can say the world will enjoy the experience of stepping on an AirPod for the first time.