Does Living Spaces Do Payment Plans? All you Need to Know

Does living spaces do payment plans for the ease of their customers? It is the most frequently asked question. Over the past few years, living spaces have introduced new policies.

Read on to know the detail of their all payment plans, how you can get their credit card, its benefits, and top-selling items

Living Spaces and its Payment Plans

It is the most renowned furniture store having shops in 26 continues along with online store, and they sell top quality and eye-catchy furniture. Moreover, people love to buy from them again and again.

They have their credit card which you can use for shopping in both shops and online store moreover you can choose the best plan for you as they offer different payment plans.

What are the Payment Plans of Living Spaces?

Does living spaces do payment plans? Yes, they have different plans, and each of them has its purchase price and monthly payment.

Moreover, they give you a financing option of 8-12 months, and if you make payment within these months, you do not have to pay interest.

Let have a review of their payment plans

  1. If you do shopping for $2000 or more than using their credit card, you will have to pay a fixed amount for 60 months.
  2. However, if the proportional balance is not paid within 18 months, you will have to pay interest, and a minimum monthly payment is required
  3. For the purchase of $1000 or more, you will have to give a promotional balance within 12 months if you do not want to pay interest, and a minimum monthly payment is essential.
  4. If you go shopping for $150 or more, you have to pay interest if you cannot pay the promotional balance within the 6 months, and a minimum monthly payment is vital.

Benefits of Using Living Spaces Credit Card

Does living spaces do payment plans, and how to avail them? A credit card is essential for them, and here is the list of other benefits you will be getting after making living spaces credit

  1. It becomes straightforward for you to shop from living spaces in the future, and you can make payment easily while shopping in-store and online.
  2. There is no long verification process and procedure for making their credit card; you can get your card just after few days of submission of required data.
  3. When you buy something for your new house, you need many things, so the order is big and challenging to manage. But if you have a living spaces card, you can easily manage big orders.
  4. Moreover, for buying furniture in the future, you will get a dedicated credit card line. Is it not is impressive?

How to get Living Spaces Credit Card Online?

It is a simple process and consists of just a few steps. Open their official website, then go to the application page, and now you will be asked personal detail, and after filling in the information, you will get your card within few days.

For making the card payment visit the credit card management site or synchrony bank and then use living spaces furniture financing for making payment.

Do Living Spaces Accept PayPal?

No, they do not take transition through PayPal and if you want to purchase furniture from them, go for other options, such as their credit card having a lot of other benefits.

Characteristics of living spaces

Following are their worth-mentioning features

Material quality

They use high-quality, durable, long-lasting materials for making furniture. Moreover, there is a strict check balance of employees working and higher management access quality of products after periodic time and creates strategies to grow their business and bring innovative designs.


Their website has a straightforward user interface, and customers can easily filter many items in a short time. Thus you can quickly get the furniture for your home within minutes at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, they customize things as well. Suppose you liked a sofa design, but you want to customize it in brown color. You can ask them to deliver a sofa of the same design, but it must be brown.

They will accept your application; best of all, you do not have to pay extra money for customizing color. Is it not amazing?

Payment Method

You will be amazed, but they have made it very easy for people of all regions by introducing their credit cards. For example, if you are using PayPal, you cannot pay by it. For its alternative, they have introduced their credit card.

Top Items of Living Spaces

You have got the answer to does living spaces do payment plans and how to make living spaces credit cards. Now let us move towards their top-selling items

Sectional and Sofas

They offer a wide range of sofas and sections in the range of $295 to $2695. You can get couches, day beds, sofa beds, etc., at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, you can customize the color, material, and configuration of the sofas.


They sell mattresses of different brands like foster, Serta, and Stearns; moreover, they have their line of high-quality mattresses. The range of mattress prices is $119 to $5399.

Best of all, you get a 30-day sleep trial, so if you do not feel comfortable on the mattress, you can change it.


Rugs are the essential part of home décor, and they must be beautiful. They offer rugs in all sizes, colors, and designs. However, their price depends on the area of the rug.

If you buy a doormat, it will cost $ 15, but for a large carpet, you will have to pay up to $500+.

Living room furniture

Suppose you are looking for a store to buy coffee tables, clothing stands, or dressers. The living spaces is the best store for this. They offer 100+ designs of coffee tables, and their price range is from $95 to $995.

Similarly, you can get tv stands of all most all sizes and in 80+ designs. Best of all, their price is reasonable as you get tv store for just $150. However, if you are looking for a highly luxurious table, you must have a budget of $1295.

In addition to these items, they have many other things. For example, you can get dining room furniture, office room furniture, bedroom furniture, wall art, and kid furniture.

In short, it is all in one store offering you each kind of furniture, so you can save your time and money and buy the high-quality product from just place.

To Sum up

In short, living space offers you different payment plans on the basis of payment of the promotional balance. It is a trustworthy furniture brand and provides all kinds of furniture in a flexible range.

Moreover, it is very easy to purchase items from them as they introduced their credit card that you can make online for yourself and enjoy shopping. If you have any query feel free to ask in the below comment section.