How to Download and Use the Peloton App on Roku 2022?

If you have a Ruko device and want to connect it with the Peloton app, then you must be looking for how to download and use the Peloton app on Ruko. Sometimes, you may face trouble connecting the Peloton app on Roku, so we have mentioned the complete guide.

In this guide, you will learn the complete information regarding downloading the Peloton app on Roku and how to use it on this device. In addition, you will also learn about Roku apps and channels and their settings.

Let’s Get Started!

What is Ruko?

Ruko is a company that manufactures Ruko devices that stream music, movies, and other content from the internet to your TV. So you can make a theater at home because you can stream your internet on a big screen.

But before streaming the internet to your TV or other apps, first, you need to connect your Roku device to the internet.

Ruko Device with Peloton App

Now you can have your fitness routine with yoga, stretching, and other exercises experienced on the big screen. Peloton is available on the Ruko device, so you can connect Peloton to your TV and stream the entire history of fitness classes at home.

To enjoy fitness content on TV and streaming devices, you must first sign in to your Peloton account. If you don’t have a Peloton account, create one, and you will get a 30-day free trial. You will not get the trial period in case of pre-existing Peloton account.

The Peloton app includes access to all the apps and devices, including iPhone, iPad, iOS, Andriod devices, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Apps and channels. So this is possible to download and use the Peloton app on Roku.

How to Download and Use the Peloton App on Roku?

Before knowing how to use the Peloton app n Roku TV, First, we look at downloading the Peloton app on Roku tv and channel. Then we will see how to connect Roku TV with Peloton, and at last, we will see how to use the Peloton app on Roku TV.

How to Download Peloton App on Roku?

 Follow the steps listed below to download the Peloton app:

  1. First, open your Roku TV and connect it to an internet connection.
  2. Go to the home page of the Roku TV.
  3. On the left side of the screen, there will be an option.
  4. Take a Roku remote and go down. There will be a Streaming channel option.
  5. Click on this option and tap on the OK button.
  6. Find the Search channel button and press the OK button.
  7. Type Peloton in the search bar, and the peloton app will appear.
  8. Now click on it. And find the Add Channel option.
  9. Wai until the Peloton channel this added to your channel list.

How to Connect Roku TV with Peloton App?

Ensure your device is compatible; otherwise, it will not support downloading. After the download, we will provide a step-by-step guide to using this app on Roku TV and streaming devices.

  1. First, connect the Roku device to your TV. Then sign in to your Roku account.
  2. Go to the Roku home page and find the settings.
  3. Now click on the Screen Mirroring option, then select the Screen Mirroring Mode.
  4. After this, select the Prompt option.
  5. Now your Roku TV is ready to cast a Peloton app.
  6. Go to the Peloton screen and click on the Settings option.
  7. Now click on the Cast Screen option.
  8. On the window, the Roku device will appear. Click on it.
  9. Now your Peloton screen will appear on the Roku TV, asking you to allow it. Click on the also button.

How to Use Peloton App on Roku TV?

  1. Open the Roku TV and go to the MY Channel option. And find the Peloton channel here. Now the Peloton home page will appear.
  2. If you are already a member of Peloton, then click on login and add all the necessary credentials to log in.
  3. If you are new to Peloton, click on Create Account and follow all the directions to create the account. Your 30-day trial period will start right after completing the performance. After the trial period, you will need to pay for the monthly membership.
  4. Browse the discipline and fitness classes on Roku TV and the streaming device you want to attend.
  5. You can browse the history available in the library music genre, instructors, difficulty, and many other classes you want to join.
  6. When you start a class, you will see the full class description of the instructor and the equipment needed to work out during the class.
  7. You can also track the class progress during the class by checking the time countdown.

Benefits of Connecting Peloton to the Ruko TV and Devices

If you like the Peloton app and Roku streaming platform, connecting both will be an excellent experience. The following are the benefits of joining the Peloton app with Roku devices and Roku TV:

  • You experience all the Peloton features on the big screen of Roku TV.
  • You can access thousands of the best workout classes of the Peloton, including yoga, cycling, running, strength, stretching, Bootcamp, meditation, and cardio, on Roku TV without any limitation.
  • The connection between Peloton and Roku is best for floor-based exercises.
  • More than one person can easily use one Peloton subscription at one time. So this connection proves money saving.

Is Peloton Free on Roku?

Yes, Peloton is 100% free on Roku. You only need to buy the Peloton membership to use it on the Roku TV. After the month, you need to renew your subscription.

There is no need to pay to use the Peloton app on Roku; the only requirement is downloading and using the app on the Roku streaming device.

Which Devices of Roku are Compatible with Peloton?

The peloton app is not compatible with all Roku devices. It is compatible with only a few Roku devices, including:

  • Roku stick
  • Roku 4k generation3 or up
  • Roku HD TV

So you can connect the Peloton app with these devices to have a great experience.

Final Verdict   

In short, Roku is the best streaming platform compatible with the Peloton app. You can easily download the Peloton app on your Roku TV and add it to your available channels list.

To use Peloton on Roku devices, you only need to buy a monthly membership of Peloton. After purchasing, you can use all the Peloton features on Roku devices and TVs.

This guide will teach you how to download and use the Peloton app on Roku. You will also know the benefits of connecting the Peloton app with Roku TV and devices.