DealDash Vs. eBay – How DealDash as an Auction site is Different from eBay?

Both DealDash and eBay are auction sites with considerably different brands and volumes. E-Bay has been an industry leader in auction sites since 1995. Many online platforms like DealDash followed the same auction-selling pattern with some differentiation.

Although, eBay alone is not comparable to any other e-commerce platform as it offers a unique business model. DealDash and other auction sites can be compared with eBay in drawing similarities and differentiation in business models.

Here are 10 ways we can analyze DealDash and eBay with differences and similarities.

1) Brand and Company Worth:

eBay started in 1995 as an auction website. It now serves 182 million buyers worldwide with 1500+ stores in different cities. eBay is listed on the NASDAQ exchange with a market cap of $ 37.03 billion.

DealDash started its journey as a penny auction site in 2009. It has served over 8 million customers in over a decade of business. However, DealDash is still privately held without published revenue and profit records.

2) Business Model:

DealDash works as a penny site offering a range of different products. The bidders have to buy the bids to participate in an item auction. DealDash offers a “buy it now” option for losing bidders too.

eBay offers an auction and a direct buy option for any kind of product. Bidders do not have to buy the bids and only pay for the winning bids. eBay is a full-fledged e-commerce platform with an additional auction buying and selling feature.

3) Product Range:

eBay has a massive collection of both branded new product ranges and used items sold on auction. As one of the leading e-commerce platforms, buyers can expect to find anything from household items, electronics, books and CDs, Tools and Equipment, sports, fashion and beauty, Bikes, and Cars. Even Jets! If you know what I mean…

DealDash also has a wide variety of products with almost similar categories. Buyers do not find any used items on DealDash, though.

4) Product Brands and Quality:

DealDash offers branded items purchased from giant retailers like Walmart and liquidators. Most of the branded items listed on DealDash are overstocked and liquidated in inventory. It means you may even have outdated branded items in terms of fashion and modernization.

As the world’s one of leading marketplace, you can expect high-quality branded items with original and genuine brand tags on eBay.

For price-savvy buyers, eBay offers an option of auction items that usually come with high quality and branded values too.

5) Auction Style:

A major difference between the two platforms is the buyer’s (precisely the bidders’) auction experience. Bidders have to pay and purchase the bid packs before they can participate in any auction.

Whereas customers do not need to buy any bids for an item; however, they will have to make the final payment upon winning the bid. In a sense, buyers pay for the product price only on eBay, whereas the price may be significantly lower or higher on DealDash.

6) Fee structure:

DealDash does not charge any subscription fees to the customers. Their charges are bid packs. Usually, DealDash bid packs come with a bundle of 100 or 200, costing around $0.20 bid apiece.

Bidders will have to pay for each bid even if they do not win the item in an auction. However, if they buy the item at the listed price, they can get back the bids spent. Shipping throughout the US is free.

E-Bay has a detailed fee and invoicing structure for both buyers and sellers. Businesses selling as stores also pay differently. Most fees relate to the sellers ranging from Insertion fees, final value fees, taxes, and classified ads charges.

Different categories are charged differently, from 0% to 12% insertion fees. Real-estate listing and some item categories come with fixed insertion fees, which depend on the listing marketing style.

7) Selling on eBay:

eBay is an e-commerce platform that comes in an auction web style. Users can simultaneously buy and sell on eBay. Businesses can set up their virtual stores and sell branded items. All users can participate in both selling and buying activities.

DealDash, on the other hand, allows only for buying through bidding only. Users cannot place products for sale, and cannot resale the purchased items on DealDash. DealDash offers all items purchased from large retail stores and liquidators.

8) International Marketplace:

DealDash operates in the US geographical territory only. International buyers are not forbidden from bidding but the items cannot be shipped internationally.

E-Bay offers comprehensive worldwide shipping on every item. They have dedicated stores in over 1500 cities worldwide to cater to their customers.

9) Private Vs Public Company:

DealDash since its inception in 2009 has remained a privately held company. It does not offer its shareholding for public listings on any financial market or exchange.

eBay is a large public company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. eBay is a public company with its shares available for the public through the stock exchange.

10) Affiliate Program:

DealDash does not offer any affiliate program for individuals or business sellers. All of their sales are generated through the website only.

eBay offers a comprehensive affiliate program for individual and corporate partners alike. The program offers a commissioned base partner program.

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