DealDash Review: Infor, Mechanism, Rules, and More

DealDash is one of the leading penny auction sites. It was founded in 2009 by William Wolfram in Finland. It later moved its headquarters to the US. It operates and ships the products within the US geographical boundaries.

Here is a brief review of the DealDash business model and how it works.

The Company Information:

1Legal name and website:DealDash,
2Business model:Penny auction site
3Differentiation:Pay-to-participate auction and Buy now features
4Bid Costs:normal rates $0.60. Promotional rates range: $0.11 – $ 0.60
5Headquarters:.Finland and the US
6Contact:(855) 455-3325 and [email protected]
7Social Media:FB:

DealDash Auction Mechanism:

What we liked most in the DealDash auction is the ability to redeem the lost bids with a failed auction. In case you do not win an auction, you may purchase the product at the listed price. It will restore your spent bids.

You have to buy bid packs in bundles of 100,200 and up to 8000. Each bid normally costs $0.60 but it often runs on promotions and bundle auctions too.

This buy-to-participate function is not what everyone would welcome too much. Many penny auction sites only require the winning bidders to pay to receive the product.

You can automate the bidding process with the help of BidBuddy. It will save you time and effort, and money of course.

DealDash House Rules:

Another favorable feature for the bidders is DealDash’s pack of house rules. You cannot participate in teams, not more than two family members, and no fake accounts. You’ll have to bid before the product price reaches the $5.00 mark; it restricts any bid jumpers and late climbers.

Two key features set DealDash apart, their “Buy it now” rule in case you do not win the auction. The second, money-back guarantee for the new bidders up to 90 days.

DealDash Product Range and Quality:

You can find any item on DealDash with branded tags. Honestly, it is an area where DealDash can improve a lot. It offers a limited number of brands and the new products come from overstock and liquidation inventory.

However, DealDash has a vast range of products in the following categories:

  1. Electronics and Computer Items: TV, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, watches, gadgets, and all types of accessories.
  2. Fashion, Health, and Beauty: Apparels, Shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, imitation jewelry, shades, Fitness equipment, and exercise gadgets. Etc.
  3. Hobby, toys, and Outdoor: house and lawn equipment, toys, PlayStation, video games, Legos, etc.
  4. Kitchen and Home Appliances: cooking ranges, utensils, crockery, refrigerators, cutlery, etc.
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Cars: With a limited auction variety only.

Can you really buy a car on Dealdash?

Yes, you can buy a car and others items that it is offering. Car is one of the categories that it offers including electronic and Computer Items, Fashion, Health, and Beauty, Hobby, toys, and Outdoor, Kitchen and Home Appliances and Gift Cards,

DealDash Fees and Charges:

DealDash does not charge you for an account opening and signup. However, you need to buy the bid packs to participate in the auction. They ship all products for free within the US. For small items, a free shopping offer is a great money saver.

The drawback here is that DealDash does not ship outside of the US. As an international participant, it limits your options. You can find DealDash useful only if you’re looking to buy a high-priced product at a bargain price.

DealDash’s Best and Worst Features:

DealDash offers some great features like:

  • Bargain prices on listed items with a good variety
  • Free shipping of goods and a money-back guarantee
  • The pay-to-participate model that restricts scammers
  • Strict house rules that forbid team play and auction jumpers
  • Comprehensive customer support and educational guides on the bidding process


  • You have to pay before the auction begins
  • No international shipping
  • You may pay more with a won auction as bid prices are fairly high
  • You need to rely on bid automation as the bidding process is too slow
  • Limited physical outlets

DealDash Controversies:

DealDash has often been accused of deceptive marketing campaigns. Critics argue that it does not explicitly inform bidders of the actual costs of bidding. For example, a winning bidder of a small price item with a price tag of $10 can end up paying more than its face value.

DealDash’s company website also indicates a pending US patent. Another criticism of DealDash has been the lack of transparency in its corporate governance structure. It still operates as a privately held company without any public financial information.

Our Verdict:

DealDash is a legitimate penny auction site. It has an established brand reputation. It offers valuable product offers for customers. You’ll have to learn the bidding mechanism before you put the money with any auction site.

However, the lack of international shipping and physical outlets are the drawbacks of DealDash. It also needs to come up with more transparent marketing campaigns.