How to Connect Cadence Sensor to Peloton App?- The Ultimate Guide

Peloton app is very efficient and helps in workout very much. Furthermore, you can increase its efficiency by connecting different sensors like cadence sensors.

How to connect cadence sensor to peloton app? Can we connect all sensors with the peloton? Without wasting time, let us move ahead to know the complete procedure of connecting the sensor with the peloton and much more

What is a Cadence Sensor?

It is a Bluetooth device widely used to measure the cadence in RPM for all the rides you take. Moreover, it adjusts the RPM according to the instructions of your trainer.

What is RMP?

It stands for revolution per minute. In other words, it is the number of times the wheel revolves around the axis in a minute. So it depends on your speed of revolving the paddle.

The high-speed rides show a large number of RMP on their screen. On the other hand, rides having slow speeds have relatively low RMP.

Do Peloton Bike Have Cadence Sensor?

Yes, peloton bikes have a cadence sensor. Besides it, many other sensors are present in the peloton bike, such as speed and power sensors. These sensors measure the power, watt, mileage, and the number of calories you have burned.

Thus, all the information one can require to access his activities is present on the screen.

Does the Peloton App Track Cadence?

No, you cannot track cadence with the help of a peloton. However, it is possible by using peloton digital from mobile devices. There is no physical connection between the cadence and peloton bike.

It takes all the input from the externally connected device via Bluetooth.

How to use Cadence Sensor with Peloton App?

You do not have to make much effort to connect the cadence sensor with the peloton. There are just a few steps you have to follow. If you want to join the cadence sensor with the peloton app, follow these steps

Unbox the Cadence Sensor

Cadence sensors are straightforward to use, and once you unbox them, they are ready to be used. In their box, there is a battery that lasts for 12 months by assuming your time of using it for 1 hour per day. Besides the battery, there are cables for connecting the sensor.

You have to choose the one location from these for attaching the cadence sensor

Mount the Sensor to the Pedal Crank Arm

you can attach the cadence sensor with the pedal arm as you get different cables along the sensor to help you fix the sensor.

Mount the Sensor on the Cycling Shoe

moreover, you have the choice of joining the peloton cycling shoe. If you do not have a peloton cycling shoe, you can attach it with any shoes.

From these two methods of attaching the sensor, mounting the sensor on the pedal crank is the best as we do not have to move it from shoe to shoe.

Moreover, you can carry the sensor with you and use it by pairing it with the peloton digital app and use with a spin bike.

Turn on the Cadence Sensor

You do not have to press any button to turn it on as it is a motion sensor, so move it once or twice. The sensor will start flashing its light and searching for a Bluetooth device.

Similarly, when you are not using it, you do not have to do anything as it stops working and saves the battery.

Pair Cadence Sensor with eloton App

Without joining the class, you cannot pair the sensor with the peloton app. So first of all, join a class, then press and hold the sensor present on your phone.

Now the peloton app will start looking for a compatible Bluetooth device, and once the sensor finds the sensor, pair both devices together.

The Appearance of the Cadence Sensor on the Peloton App

When devices are connected, there is a display for cadence sensor on the top right corner of the display of the peloton app. Here you can see the matrices history and graph of cadence for the whole class.

What is the Best Cadence Sensor for the Peloton?

There are different sensors; however, not all are best for the peloton. Most of them cannot be paired with peloton easily.

If you want to buy a cadence sensor, make sure it has Garmin, Wahoo, and Taope dual models. The best of all of these is wahoo; moreover, peloton suggests using these cadence sensors with the peloton app.

So if you want to avoid all pairing issues, buy the sensor from just this brand. Many companies are selling these sensors. Moreover, you can also get them from their official website. Best of all, all these sensors are available on amazon.

Try to buy such gadgets on a special occasion because then these are on sale and in some cases; you get a 50% discount. Thus you can save your money.

Speed vs Cadence Sensor

Collectively speed sensor is much better than the cadence sensor as it gives your complete information about your workout.  The information provided by the cadence sensor is critical because it helps you in planning your other peloton activities, and you get to know about your progress and shortcomings.

Can you Connect the Speed Sensor to the Peloton App?

You cannot connect the speed sensor to the peloton app as it has some limitations. However, you can join the heart rate monitor for checking your strive store and cadence sensor for calculating RPM.

Peloton Cadence Sensor vs. Resistance

Power output is a crucial metric of the peloton, and you should know it. It would help if you had both cadence sensor and resistance for calculating it.

Can you Measure Watts on the Peloton App?

No, you cannot find out the watts from the peloton bike as it displays only heart rate and cadence. You can attach a power device with it; however, the peloton app will not show these numbers.

You can get only these inputs from the peloton app, and their complete results will appear on the peloton app.

  1. Heart rate monitor
  2. Cadence sensor

Is Cadence or Resistance more Important on Peloton?

Generally, both resistance and cadence or equally important. If you want to increase oxygen uptake, aerobic capacity, and cycling economy, it is better to track resistance instead of cadence.

If there is higher resistance, more watts are generated as the engagement of muscles is more in it.

Final Words

In short, buy the cadence sensor that is highly compatible with the peloton, move it to turn on the pairing mode, now pair it with the peloton. There will be the appearance of a cadence sensor on the display screen of the peloton.

Many other sensors are available in the market; however, peloton accepts only a few cadence sensors. It would help if you had both a cadence sensor and resistance sensor for counting power output.

We have subjected all queries there; if you still have any questions feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!