5 Best Competitors and Alternatives of TaskRabbit You Should Know

Are you in need of someone to repair your kitchen tap that has been broken for days? Or are you looking for a 2-5 hours part-time job as a repairman? Then TaskRabbit is going to be your GO-TO website to find skilled local labor or freelancing maintenance tasks.

This article will tell you exactly how TaskRabbit works, which services it provides, and how TaskRabbit helps you find the right person and work opportunity.

Along with that, the article will also discuss the five best alternatives to TaskRabbit that can also help you in case of emergency maintenance or repairers’ tasks. To give you a thorough understanding of these other options, we will also discuss the key features of these services. 

However, first, let us dig deep into TaskRabbit and its services:

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online American marketplace that provides its users with various services, from repairing to cleaning, heavy lifting, furniture polishing, and even grocery shopping. TaskRabbit does it all!

While working to provide a better user experience, TaskRabbit has designed both Android and IOS apps. It allows users to research, reach, hire, review, and rate people based on their services.

TaskRabbit is a platform that provides instant services on demand. The company follows outsource economy, providing advanced features and applications.

TaskRabbit provides its services to around 68 countries in the UK, USA, and Canada. However, London is the only city where its services are available in the UK.

TaskRabbit is considered a big success in London. It has 1,40,000 Freelancers providing their best services. According to the experts, TaskRabbit is on its way to changing the idea of sole trading.

TaskRabbit and its Services

TaskRabbit offers a wide variety of professional services. Like gardening, house renovation/ home improvements, delivery services, grocery shopping, painting and polishing, house cleaning, heavy weight lifting, and furniture adjustments. In addition, it can also provide you labor for building, plumbers, and electricians efficiently and quickly.

TaskRabbit is pretty flexible, meets various schedule needs, and allows taskers to set their rate. In addition, taskers are notified every time a new job is posted that matches their skills.

How does TaskRabbit Work?

There are two groups of people at TaskRabbit: Taskers (who offer service) and Task-givers (who demand service). TaskRabbit works when Taskers and Task-givers interact.

Reviews and verified ratings are displayed in the respective profiles. Through this, we can read previous clients’ experiences, compare rates and share our reviews based on a client’s services.

Clients and customers connect through chatting via the TaskRabbit app. This way, they share their ideas, opinions, and requirements. The ability that distinguishes TaskRabbit from competitors is its user-friendly application.

The app allows users to add their compensation rate, manage availability, consider their skill set, and track their monthly metrics from your cellphone application.

The hourly rates depend on the type of services provided and vary from tasker to tasker. It is the reason why TaskRabbit does not give a precise estimation of a particular service.

After service is completed, TaskRabbit adds a 15% Trust and Support fee to your invoice. TaskRabbit usually takes 30% of the total amount paid. This amount can be decreased to 15% if anyone gets repeated clients. These are TaskRabbit service charges, and this is how TaskRabbit makes money.

Braintree Payments or Stripe Payments are meant for handling all the payments done on TaskRabbit’s platform. Both of these are third-party payment processors. Both of these are third-party payment processors.

Moreover, TaskRabbit charges registration fees, but it is one-time. The only time TaskRabbit charges is approximately $25 from the taskers.

Overall, TaskRabbit is a reliable and convenient service, making it easy for people to hire a repair or a maintenance person without much hassle. Now, let us have a look at the 5 alternatives of TaskRabbit.

5 Best Competitors and Alternatives of TaskRabbit


What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is considered stiff competition in the home services industry. It has proclaimed its name as a leading company in today’s gig economy. Thumbtack is an online platform that lends repair people, housekeepers, tutors, photographers, wedding planners, and other services.

Thumbtack is famous as an online service because it efficiently matches customers with local professionals. It hires workers for temporary employment. The Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, Javelin Venture Partners, Baillie Gifford, and Capital G are behind Thumbtack.

Services Provided by Thumbtack:

Thumbtack currently lists roughly 500 different sorts of services in categories such as home, healthcare, events, and tuition. As a technology leader, Thumbtack is developing a new home management platform. Homeowners can manage their properties using the Thumbtack app.

By bringing the $500 billion home services business online, Thumbtack will help millions of homeowners fix, maintain, and upgrade their homes without manually looking for services.

How do Thumbtack works?

When you sign in on the Thumbtack app, the online service matches clients with local experts in 1,100 various services. In addition, the app shows the total number of professionals in an area through ‘geolocator.’

Professionals can market their businesses or take on jobs as freelancers to work on their own terms. Thumbtack sends leads centered on pre-set criteria. The act allows workers to set their pay rates by sending quote approximations before taking the job. 


What is Wonolo?

Wonolo is in the second position on TaskRabbit’s competitor list. The name Wonolo comes from the slogan, “Work Now Locally.” An online staffer company aims to make it easier for larger companies to find temporary workers.

It fills contractor-type quick job spots in the warehouse, general labor, operations, food production, delivery and shipping, cleaning, administration, event staffing, and merchandising.

The Sole purpose of Wonolo is to help employers find temporary workers more efficiently and make flexible shifts more accessible to workers. 

How does Wonolo operate?

The platform allows companies to ask for and hire workers temporarily. At the same time, the unemployed or underemployed individuals can survey companies’ demands and access pay rates and hours before committing to a job.

Moreover, Wonolo provides workers and companies an opportunity to post job ratings and reviews alongside job listings. Furthermore, it also publishes information about public transit proximity to job locations and affordable health care services.


What Is Upshift?

Another alternative to TaskRabbit is Upshift. It is an American platform that is developed to connect workers and businesses for demand-based labor. This platform allows people to work for a few hours, when they want or as they want.

There are now ten thousand employees using Upshift’s forum to find shifts at over 1,000 businesses ranging from medium-sized hotels to Fortune 500 companies.

How can Upshift find work for you?

Upshift helps you find a work of your choice that supports your needs and fits your schedule. If you want to apply in single or multiple shifts, you can make your schedule according to your flexible hours.

Here you can quickly get consistent pay. In addition, if you need some additional cash for your daily purposes, you can apply for any shift and are paid week after week.

How does the Upshifts Mobile App work?

The unique mobile app of the Upshift platform can easily keep track of all your shifts in one place. In addition, the Upshift forum offers a web and mobile platform so that you can pick up shifts with a single click of a button.

Finally, the Business App of Upshift has been a great addition to managing and accepting Upshifters for shifts.


What Is Helpware?

Helpware is a company that tries to change the game in the BPO and outsourcing industries. It works on two simple strategies. First, it offers excellent, dedicated team solutions specific to tech and modern companies; secondly, it provides exceptional workplaces and culture to employees.

The leaders of Helpware Company are industry experts. On the Helpware platform, members develop a one-to-one relationship with people to build a friendly relationship with the customer.

How do Helpware Members Help You?

Helpware is a type of company that focuses on helping its clients to scale their business on a cost-effective basis. Helpware works within the client’s workflow.

Their team members become an extension of the customer’s team so they can scale their business quickly. The Helpware team focuses on email, chat, and phone support that help customers establish unmatched expertise.


Unlike TaskRabbit, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourced Internet marketplace that allows computer programs to collaborate with human intellect to complete tasks that computers cannot perform alone.

These tasks differ from writing product descriptions, identifying specific content in an image or video, or answering questions.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a forum where employer (Requester) posts work as questions called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). And contractor (Worker or Turker) assembles these HITs and earns rewards. 

What is a HIT?

Requester customers to create HITs to be completed by Worker customers.

Basically, Human Intelligence Task, known as a HIT, is a query that requires a solution. A HIT is a single, self-contained virtual task that a Worker can complete by working on it, submitting an answer, and then collecting a reward.

Requesters write, test, and publish HIT using the Amazon Mechanical Turk APIs, Mechanical Turk developer sandbox, and AWS SDKs. Then workers assemble HITs, and in return, they get the reward.

How does Amazon Mechanical Turk work?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an opportunity for people to make money after performing a specific task. There are two users: one is a “worker” (contractor), or the second is a “requester” (employer) in Mturk.

Contractors have access to a dashboard that shows three sections: HIT status, total earning, and HIT totals. In amazon Mechanical Turk, workers set their hours with no obligations of accepting any task.