How to Use your Home Depot Store Credit Effectively? -The Ultimate Guide

Home depot gives many opportunities to their cardholder that you must know to understand how to use your home depot store credit effectively. Otherwise, you will miss many facilities.

Here is the complete guide on using it effectively; moreover, the application process and other queries are also subject.

Let us start!

What is a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card?

It is the in-house store card developed by home improvement retailers. However, it does not have any stamp of Master or Visa, so you cannot use it for international purchases.

It is used only for shopping in local stores; moreover, they offer special facilities to their buyer. For example, you will get a significant discount on your first shopping.

Moreover, you will have a log return policy. But you cannot use it with other retailers and apps as it is only compatible with home renovation retailers and apps.

How to Use your Home Depot store Credit Effectively?

They do not offer direct concessions or discounts on every purchase made with their in-home card. But with their card, you can avail many liabilities.

The following points will help you understand how to use your home depot store credit effectively.

1.  No Interest

When you shop for $299 or more than it, you will not have to pay interest for the next six months, but make sure you pay the total amount before the end of 6 months.

Otherwise, you will have to go through particular circumstances and pay interest.

Moreover, they offer many financial deals, some of which are extended to 24 months, and you get a lot of benefits. Following are a few offers

  1. On installed fencing purchases of $1,999 or more, you will get special 2-month financing
  2. 24 months financing on Kinetico or RainSoft installed water treatment purchases ($600 minimum purchase)
  3. 12 months of financing on any installed heating and air conditioning purchase of $299 or more
  4. 12 months of financing on any stock or unique order windows, installed windows, doors, installed garage doors, and patio doors

3.  Limited Time Discount Offers

They have no fixed discount for cardholders; however, they give discounts on certain things, but that is for a limited time and they keep updating their discount.

So, go through their website after a few days and see the discount they offer. Thus, you will not miss any opportunity in this way and save your money.

When they just launched their card, they offered a discount of $100 on a purchase of $1000 or more.

Furthermore, they always do something good for their customers who are not cardholders.

In recent few months, they have been giving 50% off on installed sheds and garages in addition to 5%back if you purchase by home depot consumer credit card.

4.  Extended Return Policy

This is also a worth-mentioning facility for cardholders; they give you a one-year return policy. Thus, you do not need to hustle things as most retailers give a 90-day return policy.

 Is it not fascinating how much they think about their customers? Moreover, you do not have to carry the receipt with you as you make payment through a card, and home depot management keeps a record of customers for up to 365 days from the day of purchase.

However, other retailers do not give you a return policy if you have lost the receipt.

5. Offer Big Cards for Large Purchases

If you want to renovate your house but do not have enough revenue, there is no need to worry. You have the facility of a home depot project loan card.

It gives you the facility to get a loan of $55,000 for 84 months for helping in the renovation of different parts of the house, for example, the kitchen, and bathroom.

Thus, you have enough time to return the loan, and things get easy with their card.  Before getting their loan, the card must go through their terms as specific updates occur.

How to Get a Home Depot Card?

From the above discussion, you must know the importance of a home deposit credit card and how to use the home depot credit store effectively. So most get their card.

Here is the step-by-step process of getting their card online.

  1. Go to the website of home depot’s online credit card center.
  2. Now look for the home depot customer credit card offer.
  3. There will be an orange button, ‘apply now.’ Click on it to get access to the application page
  4. You must give your personal information like name, email address, home address, phone number, date of birth, etc.
  5. Go through all the privacy and policy terms, and if nothing is bothering you, click on agree.
  6. Now it is time to apply. Press the orange button.
  7. The application approval process takes time, but in most cases, you will receive an online confirmation along with your card’s limit after a few days.
  8. Now visit the nearby home depo store and carry all confirmation information. They will provide details of your temporary card and a $25 coupon that is good to use in 30 days.


Beyond how to use your home depot store credit effectively, the following questions are also asked by most people. Read on to clarify your queries.

What can I do with unwanted store credit?

You can use your card for following

  1. Re-gift the card
  2. You can sell unused cards for cash
  3. Donate it to the charity
  4. Exchange or sell with someone

Does home depot’s credit card expire?

No, it has no expiry date, and you can use it lifetime, so you must keep it with care. It is hard to get it again if you lose it because these cards are not tracked; there are just bar codes on plastic.

Can I sell store credit?

Yes, you can sell the card even if you have used it for a few days. It is not a long process; most cards sell within 24 hours and raise detect 15% of the selling price.

How can I return my store credit into cash?

Go to the cash-out store credit page, then send them a request to have cash sent to their PayPal account. However, the store will charge 10% of the amount you convert from a credit card to cash.

Can I use a home depot card somewhere else?

Now, you can use it for shopping from home depot only, and for other retailers, you will have to get their cards.

To Sum up

In short, home depot store credit has many benefits, and to use it effectively, you must know all the facilities provided by the home depot to cardholders.

You get a limited discount, a prolonged return policy, and no interest on certain purchases, so they must buy their card online or in person.

If you still have something in your mind that is bothering you, feel free to contact us in the comment below. Thank you for your visit!