What Happened to Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer After Shark Tank? Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer After Shark Tank Update 2022

A portable hand washing device, Suds2Go makes life easier when you’re camping, on the road, or at home and need to get your hands clean in a hurry. The company made its debut on ABC’s Shark Tank in season 12, where the sharks went head-to-head to make their best offer to the company. 

In this article, we are going to mention what happened to the Suds2Go portable hand-washer after Shark Tank? Suds2Go portable hand-washer after Shark Tank update 2022 will also be discussed in this article. Therefore, keep reading until last to get helpful information. 

What is Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer?

Suds2Go, a portable hand washing device, successfully raised $200,000 on Shark Tank in 2018, and the company has continued to grow since then. The small business’ hand washing machine uses high-pressure water to remove dirt and grime from your hands in just 15 seconds.

Suds2Go handwashing device made life easier for those who spend time in hospitals, retirement homes, daycare centers, and other places where hygiene is paramount. 

While portable sinks are already on the market today, they typically require either plumbing or electricity to function correctly. The design of our product allows it to be used anywhere, even while camping or in an emergency situation!

Suds2Go is one of those products that is so ingenious in its design, and People were surprised no one thought of it sooner. It combines just about everything we need when going camping or hiking into one neat package – portable hand washes, dish cleaning soap, and body washing soap all in one. 

What Happened After Shark Tank?

Suds2Go was one of the first products to appear on Shark Tank. The portable hand-washer is designed to help people clean their hands when soap and water are unavailable. On July 26, 2017, Suds2Go received an additional $500k in funding from Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner for a total of $1M in funding. 

A $200,000 investment for ten percent equity was sought by Trevizo in the Shark Tank. In the end, they agreed to a deal with Robert Herjavec: $200k for 15 percent.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, they also generated approximately $4M in sales. It’s been three years since they appeared on Shark Tank, so we wanted to get an update on how things have been going for them. 

How Did It Get Started?

If you’ve ever sat on an airplane and watched your fellow passengers frantically race to wash their hands after landing only to realize there are no paper towels in sight, you know how important having access to hand sanitizer is. Suds2Go has been providing portable hand washers for commercial locations for quite some time. 

The company started by creating custom-built units for restaurants, bars, hospitals, and other high-traffic establishments. Recently, however, they began selling individual units that can be used at home or taken with you when traveling. 

The company says its new product is ideal for camping trips or any situation where you might not have access to soap and water but need to clean your hands quickly. 

How does it work? 

The unit consists of a pump dispenser and a container of hand sanitizer. You fill up the container with water from a sink or faucet, screw it onto the dispenser, and push down on the handle to squirt out soapy suds onto your hands. 

The design allows you to use one hand to operate both pieces while using minimal effort—so it’s easier than washing your hands under running water.

Why Do People Need It?

Our article about Suds2Go portable hand-washer after Shark Tank update 2022 is essential to mention why people need this product.

The creators of Suds2Go, an infomercial product featured on ABC’s reality TV show Shark Tank, say they were inspired to create a portable hand-washing station after recalling their days working in restaurants. 

It had nothing to do with hygiene; instead, it was due to their realization that their hands became incredibly grimy after touching money all day long. 

If you’re not employed by a restaurant or some other industry where your hands get dirty throughout your workday, you might be wondering why you need such a thing. 

But think about how many times each day you touch something and then immediately put your fingers into your mouth (not counting food). 

If you have young children who are constantly putting everything into their mouths, there’s even more reason for concern. And if you don’t like thinking about germs—who does?—it can also help prevent infection. 

In short, if your job requires you to handle cash or any number of other items that could lead to contamination, having a clean way to wash up before returning home is pretty much essential.

Different Versions For Different Markets

Suds2Go offers two different options depending on how many people are using it. While its name makes it sound like a one-size-fits-all, it’s really a two-size model: Each is designed to fit one or two hands and requires no assembly; they also come in five colors (teal, white, black/silver, and green). 

You can wash the dishes and yourself with Suds2Go; who wants to put dirty fingers back into clean dishes? It doesn’t take up much space—the device weighs less than 1 pound—and it has a built-in soap dispenser. It comes with dishwashing liquid, but you can use your own if you prefer. 

There’s also an optional soap refill available for purchase if you find that Suds2Go isn’t getting your dishes clean enough. The gadget costs $19.99, which includes shipping within the U.S.

In addition to stickers, Suds2Go sells replacement pumps to repair the bottle if it breaks. Their incredible and helpful products can only be obtained by visiting their website. 

A portion of the couple’s sales proceeds is also donated to the Central African Republic to facilitate the distribution of clean and fresh drinking water.

The company recommends washing by hand rather than putting it in a dishwasher because heat may cause detergent buildup over time. In other words, don’t just buy one of these devices and assume you never have to do dishes again!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are some faqs about Suds2Go portable hand-washer after Shark Tank update 2022. 

Where Can I Buy A Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer?

Today Suds2go can be purchased from AmazoneBay, or their direct website. It’s up to you where you can easily buy this fantastic product.


Can I Carry Suds2Go in My Bag?

Their portable hand washing unit fits in your bag or suitcase, making it easy to travel without carrying excessive amounts of water and soap products. 

How Does It Work? 

This portable sink works much like a regular faucet, and instead of water flowing through pipes directly into your sink, suds flow through tubes into a removable bucket. When you’re done using it, close off the faucet and remove/empty your bucket. That’s it! 

Who Uses Suds2Go? 

As mentioned above, healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors can use Suds2Go at their discretion. But anyone who needs to wash their hands quickly and easily can benefit from our product.

Why Is This Product Unique As Compared To Other Hand Washers Like This?

Many hand washers on the market have drawbacks such as being too bulky, too challenging to use, or just ineffective. The designers of Suds2Go sought to improve upon past models in a number of ways. 

By focusing on function and ease of use above all else, they created a product that could revolutionize public health by making hand-washing both more efficient and more affordable for hospitals, schools, and other businesses. 

Final Thoughts On Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer

Here are the final thoughts about what happened to the Suds2Go portable hand-washer after Shark Tank.

The Sharks expressed that they liked Mike’s idea and wanted to see where it went. All five of them entered into an agreement that allowed him to retain control over Suds2Go, but one of them would have a right of first refusal on future deals. 

Mike took Robert and Mark because he felt he could work best with them in the future. Kevin walked away feeling that working with two other Sharks would be redundant since his expertise was not in marketing or sales but with new technologies. 

Daymond wasn’t interested in any deal at all because he didn’t feel like there was enough upside for him at that point. 

Barbara left without saying anything; she had already made up her mind before entering into negotiations and didn’t want to waste anyone else’s time by continuing down a path she had no interest in pursuing. Suds2Go sold more than 100,000 units within its first year after appearing on Shark Tank

By 2020, it was estimated that almost 2 million units were sold globally. This product has been featured in magazines such as Popular Science, GQ, Newsweek, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal. 

It also won numerous awards, including Best New Product of 2018 from Time Magazine and Best Invention of 2018 from Forbes Magazine. As part of their expansion efforts, Suds2Go also opened several retail locations across North America that sell their products directly to consumers.