What Happened to Scrubbie After Shark Tank? Scrubbie Shark Tank 2022

We have many small problems and issues in everyday life that seem to be unimportant. However, once solved, the solutions to these problems become indispensable. Once you get accustomed to these small accessories, it’s hard to imagine your daily chores without them. And it’s about such invention that someone said, ‘Need is the mother of invention.’

Today’s article is going to be about a small but useful invention for cleaning your dishes, surfaces, etc., without a mess. Examples of such inventions are bottle openers, apple peelers, drain unclogging devices, etc. These devices offer great utility in the kitchen and home. Therefore, we can not ignore such small devices.

Have you ever struggled to get rid of the dirt on the dishes? Do you often get frustrated with spending hours cleaning the dishes, surfaces, outdoors things, etc.? Well, a product similar to that of Scrub Daddy is going to be the subject of discussion.

The founders of the company appeared on Shark Tank to get investment from the Sharks. We will discuss what happened to them after Shark Tank and everything about the business.

A Little About Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a business reality show aired on American TV where big investors are panelists or sharks. Different businesses pitch their ideas and businesses to the sharks for seeking investment, loans, or expertise. 13 seasons of Shark Tank America have been aired with over 1300 episodes.

The reality show was aired for the first time in America in 2009. It’s a franchise of Dragon’s Den, a reality show based in Japan that started under the name Money Tigers in 2001.

Many people think that every deal made on Shark Tank is actually executed. However, 20% of won deals are not actually executed after the detailed analysis and viability of the businesses. After the initial willingness of the Sharks, the due diligence, business analysis, and valuation are done. It’s done to see if the business is actually of the worth as claimed by the founders.

What Is Scrubbie?

Scrubbie is your partner who brings convenience and ease in cleaning hard-to-do surfaces, dishes, and more. The repurposed sponge can be attached to hoses, taps, sprayers, pull-down faucets, etc. Simply put, it’s a cleaning sponge different from most of the others available on the market.

What is the utility?

Once you have a Scrubbie, there are so many ways you can use it for home cleaning. All you have to do is attach the scrubby to the tap, add the dishwashing detergent and start cleaning your dishes. It can be equally useful for cleaning other surfaces like cars, bikes, metal furniture, etc.

The sponge of Scrubbie comes in different types to cater to the nature of the surface you intend to clean. Scrubbie is a cleaning attachment that can be attached to different taps, nozzles, faucets, hoses, etc. It also comes with three additional sponges that can be replaced when the previous sponge tears off with use.

Founders Of Scrubbie

Matt Hosey, Tyler Kessler, and Jeff Dakin are the men behind the entrepreneurial venture Scrubbie. They identify themselves as “Side Hustle Homies,” who had developed the product Scrubbie to help people in cleaning things at home.

If we sneak into the personal background of each entrepreneur involved in this project, here are the details.

Jeff Dakin was a local contractor before he came up with the idea of Scrubbie, and he actually started working on it as a sustainable business. Matt Hosey was a professional working in the oil and gas industry.

Finally, Tyler Kessler was a businessman who would see the business idea as scalable and got on board with the other two founders of the Scrubbie.

We cannot claim if this happened, but now the trio is enthusiastic about their product Scrubbie.

Business Idea Of Scrubbie

So, like most utility-based inventions, the idea of Scrubbie also got life at the home of Jeff Dakin. Principally, Jeff is the founder of Scrubbie as the idea of having something like Scrubbie first hit his mind. While washing dishes at home and trying to get rid of food scraps from plates, he got frustrated.

He used a spray gun to remove the food from the plates, and the results were very satisfying for him. He discussed it with other team members, and they also approved of the solution.

From the vague idea of how the solution would look, the trio went on the journey to finally develop a prototype. Once they were satisfied with the look of the product, they showed it to product engineers for approval.

After the approval, they launched the Scrubbie at the 2019 Wichita Women’s Fair. They came back to the event next year as well. So it’s how they developed a product and sold it to the locals.

Net Worth Of Business

When the team of Scrubbie appeared on Shark Tank, they asked for $100,000 against a 10% stake in their company. Therefore, according to the valuation made by the founders, their company’s net worth was $1 million when the show aired.

Scrubbie On Shark Tank

Scrubbie’s founders appeared on the 12th episode of season 12 of the Shark Tank. They pitched the business idea and shared statistics about the sale, how they market the product, and what is their vision. Here is the detail of the pitch they made on Shark Tank.


They came on the stage of the Shark Tank with their product. After showing their product, they also demonstrated how Scrubbie works. Once they had shown the product, the Sharks started asking the questions. However, Lori seemed to be disturbed during the whole time.

Lori was the first one to talk to them. She asked who created the packaging of the product. Besides, the pitch of  Scrubbie founders was very similar to Scrub Daddy. Not only this, the logo had a lot of resemblances.

Upon being asked by sharks about the logo, all three of them were not comfortable answering the question and answered that they didn’t notice the similarity.

However, upon asking, they told sharks that the cost of one Scrubbie is around $4.99. The selling price of the Scrubbie is $14.99. When the customer chooses the three replacement sponges, the cost is $9.99. The founders were trying to make themselves clear, but they came unprepared.

The sale data was not satisfying for the sharks. When the sharks asked about the sale volumes, each one of them took his time to answer the question. However, they finally came up with a figure of $13,000. But they couldn’t manage to impress the sharks.

What Happened To Scrubbie After Shark Tank?

Once the founders had pitched the business, asked for $100,000 against a 10% stake in their company, and answered questions brought by the sharks, it was time for the decision.

Lori had invested in Scrub Daddy, and she went out of the deal as she found resemblance in pitch, logo, and packaging. After Lori, Daniel took no time to back out as he believed that the founders took so long to find it out.

Robert didn’t show interest in investing as he thought that founders didn’t have the thrust to bag a deal. Finally, Mr. Wonderful also backed out from investing in Scrubbie.

As a result, none of the sharks invested in the business, and Scrubbie founders had to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

What happened afterward?

As soon as the episode aired, it brought the needed attention to Scrubbie, which resulted in more conversions for them. However, if you check their official website now, it doesn’t seem to be active, and no updated information is there. Therefore, we can assume that the business might not have been able to make it due to legal matters, trademark disputes, etc.

Quick Facts

Company NameScrubbie
FounderMatt Hosey, Tyler Kessler, and Jeff Dakin
CEONot Known
IndustryKitchen and Cleaning
Target AudienceHouseholds
Vision Of BusinessA sponge attachment to make cleaning faster and easier.
Net Worth$1 million
SeasonSeason 12
EpisodeEpisode 12
Ask By Founder$100,000 for 10%
Final DealCouldn’t bag a deal from the Sharks

Wrap Up

Scrubbie’s founders came up with a very similar product to an already existing competitor. The resemblance is not limited to the product only, but the logo and packaging are also very similar. Besides, the founders failed to satisfy the sharks, and all of them gave vague answers. Therefore, they couldn’t bag a deal on Shark Tank.

We have shared the latest updates about Scrubbie and how their business website is not showing any updates. Fans should know that there might be some legal delays due to which Scrubbie has not become a sensation yet.