How Do You Activate a Debit Card from Bank of America?

You may have applied for or have gotten a debit card from Bank of America. We can easily understand that the problem of activation may be challenging for you. But activating a debit card from Bank of America is quite an easy process.

Even if you do not know how to go about it, then we are here to answer how you activate a debit card from Bank of America. So, to kill all queries related to the Bank of America Debit Card, read this article thoroughly.

How Do You Activate a Debit Card from Bank of America?

To activate a debit card from Bank of America is an easy process, and you can activate it through a phone call. And you can also activate your debit card by using the bank’s mobile application or at an ATM.

Continue reading this article to know the whole procedure to activate a debit card from the bank of America. There are many options available to you when you are interested in starting your debit card.

These options you seek to explore directly depend on your convenience and choice. So, for further studies, you must understand several options at our disposal and how each option works. So, without delay, let us discuss these options.

1. Activating a Debit Card by Using Mobile Phone

Using your mobile phone to activate a debit card is one of the easiest ways. If you apply this method, stop worrying about walking to the bank or an ATM. In addition, you can activate your debit card for your comfort, and it does not matter where you are.

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For this purpose, you must download the mobile app of the Bank of America. This step is applicable if you do not have it on your phone. And the next step is to sign up and use its menu to activate a debit card.

2. Activating a Debit Card by Using An ATM

Apart from using a mobile phone to activate your debit card, you can easily activate a debit card using ATM. When you use a debit card at a Bank of America ATM or any other purchase, fill the pin.

And in this process, when you fill in our pin, it automatically activates itself.

3. Activating a Debit card via Phone Call

Activating a debit card is as easy as picking up your phone call, like dialing and making a call. This whole procedure is quite convenient, but it saves you from a lot of stress. While utilizing this process, you have to call the customer service line of the Bank.

In addition, before activating your debit card via phone call, you must have to verify your identity.  And answer some essential questions satisfactorily. When you satisfy the requirements for the activation of your debit card, then this activation process completes immediately.

4. Activating a Debit Card by Using the Online Banking Option

Bank of America’s website is a secure site as you can use it to carry out all kinds of online transactions. And activating your debit card is one of the transactions you can carry out on this site.

But before activating your debit card issued from Bank of America, you must have one account on its portal for online banking. This shows that if you do not have an account on the portal, you must create one.

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And proceed with this created account before going ahead with the activation process. Once you create your account, the next step is to log into the portal as you cannot log in without providing online ID information and passcode.

In conclusion, you must keep your login detail safe and kindly do not share your information like passcode with others. The moment you log in, then you can activate your debit card.

I hope with all these methods, you have found the answer to how you activate a debit card from the bank of America.

How to Apply for a New Debit Card?

It is a common thing for people to lose bank cards. But sometimes, the card is stolen, and you need a replacement. Whether or not you struggle to get a debit card for the first time, some processes are involved.

  • When your card is stolen or lost, you will have to notify the nearby bank and, more precisely, the bank of incidence. It will enable them to be aware of our card or loss theft. And help to deactivate it quickly.
  • When the bank cannot do this at the right time, your card is at the risk of whoever has it. And that person can empty your bank with little effort.
  • You cannot get a debit card as an old or new customer to Bank of America until you apply for it. When you apply for a new debit card or as a replacement for the one damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • You can also request a new debit card on your online banking portal. So, you must log into your account and see the menu to request the replacement of your damaged, lost, or stolen one.
  • Bank will send you your debit card via mail, and it will be ready for activation and other uses.
  • Request a debit card from Bank of America by logging into your mobile app.
  • Call their customer service representative on the phone and request a new debit card.
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Note that you cannot apply for a debit card if you do not have any active checking account with the bank. The beauty of Bank of America debit card is that you can customize its design.

Do People Experience Problems During Card Activation?

Like other banking activities, there is a great tendency for people to experience difficulties while activating bank of America debit cards. Moreover, these challenges are rare because the full activation is quite a hitch-free and straightforward process.

At the point where you feel difficulty, you must contact the bank’s customer service representatives. If you still do not know how do you activate a debit card from Bank of America, read this site?

Does Using a Debit Card Attract Transaction Charges?

Bank of America usually does not charge your account for the purchases you make. However, the merchants could deduct some fees like POS, VAT, charge, etc., when you make your purchases with them.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know that the debit card that bank of America issues to its customers is quite a worthy piece. It is helpful in the customers’ daily lives and all their transactions with banks.

The beauty of having a bank of America debit card is that you can easily customize the design on the debit card. In the end, we are convinced that you have to find the answer to how you activate a debit card from Bank of America in this article.

If you have any questions about this topic, you can ask. I hope you guys enjoyed this article!