Does Gopro Do Financing 2022?

Buying your favorite action camera from Gopro is simple and easy. You can purchase it directly through its website or one of its retail partners.

The drawback is that Gopro does not offer any financing or monthly installment plans to its customers.

The good news, Gopro offers an annual subscription that offers a bundle of key features for its loyal customers. Also, customers can save a ton on special discounts, Black Friday deals, and Cyber-Monday promotions.

Let us discuss Gopro financing options and different ways to save money on its purchases. 

What Does Gopro Offer 2022?

Gopro is a leading camera brand in the world. It offers one of the best action and sports cameras for individuals in the world.

Gopro is a business-to-customer entity. It sells its cameras, accessories, and lifestyle gears directly through its online store, store outlets, and retail partners.

Customers can enjoy significant discounts by shopping directly through Recently, the leading camera firm has introduced a subscription program as well.

Customers buying cameras from Gopro can now subscribe for its cloud storage and data backup features. The subscription is also a great way of saving money on direct purchases through its website.

So, if you are looking for a stylish and compact camera for your action and adventure, Gopro is your go-to option.

Does Gopro Do Financing?

One of the key features that customers miss out at Gopro is its lack of financing options to its customers. There is no financing or monthly payment plan on offer to its customers.

All it means for you is to buy a camera, accessories, and gears at the full price.

But that’s not the end of the road for you. You can find out more about financing options through your credit card, debit card, or other payment solution providers.

We’ll show you how to make the most out of coupon codes, discounts, and shopping deals to make up for the lack of financing options from Gopro.

However, in short, there is no direct installment payment plan or financing option on offer by Gopro currently.

Alternatives to Gopro Financing

Financing options mean payment terms that let you pay over time. One of the possible ways is to use your credit or debit card if your bank offers a payment plan.

Remember, using this option means incurring a high-interest cost for you. Credit card APRs are usually the highest when it comes to short-term financing options.

Another way around is to look for cheaper deals and discounts. This way, you can save money that you’ll otherwise pay as interest through installment plans.

Let us discuss a few options that you can use to save on Gopro shopping.

Gopro Subscriptions

Gopro recently introduced subscription plans to its customers. Since its introduction, it has offered several discounts and deals to attract more subscribers.

Gopro subscription includes:

  • Unlimited cloud storage and auto uploads (with data backup)
  • Easy camera replacement option
  • Access to premium footage editing tools
  • Up to 50% discount on purchases through
  • $100 savings on the latest Gopro camera

And one more great feature that comes in handy with your annual subscription is the live streaming option. If you are a performer, you can directly live stream your recording through a Gopro camera.

And what does the Gopro subscription cost?

It is an annual subscription that costs $ 49.99 or £ 49.99. It is an auto-deducted subscription program. It means you’ll need to cancel the subscription plan manually before it renews every 12 months.

The biggest subscription discounts apply to lifestyle gears and camera accessories. You can combine the subscription discount of $100 with the (up to) 50% discount on all purchases to save substantial money.

Can you transfer/gift the one-year subscription to a friend?

Yes, it is simple and easy to transfer or gift a one-year subscription to your friend. You can simply log in to your Gopro account, select the details of the beneficiary and complete the process in a few clicks.

Gopro Trade-up Program

GoPro’s trade-up program allows its customers to return their used and old cameras and get a discount when purchasing the latest one.

The trade-up program was introduced to retain loyal customers. It helped existing customers to upgrade to a new camera by getting a discount with the trade.

The company did not impose any restriction on the trading limit and customers could replace as many old cameras as they wanted.

The trade value of the old camera would certainly depend on the camera model, features, and prevailing conditions. Another important factor is trade-up program would offer value only for upgrades and not the usual returns or selling options.

Note: Currently, the Gopro trade-up program is not available. 

Gopro Awards

The Gopro awards program is another great option to make a few extra bucks. Gopro rewards its loyal customer by arranging photography challenges from time to time.

Customers can send their best shots taken with a Gopro camera. They can submit photos, clips, video footage, edited, or in raw form for an ongoing competition.

Gopro decides the winners for each challenge. The awards can be in the form of cash, camera accessories, or travel discounts.

Ongoing challenges at Gopro are:

  • Gopro Snow Challenge
  • Photo of the Day
  • Anything Awesome Challenge

So, give it a try to win lucrative awards from Gopro, why not earn with your passion?

Gopro Black Friday Deals

Gopro Black Friday deals are yet another impressive option to save money. These deals truly make up for the lack of financing options by Gopro.

In the previous years, Gopro has regularly announced Black Friday deals. For instance, last year, the normal price for a Hero 10 black model was $549 which was reduced to $399 during the Black Friday Sale.

It means you could save a staggering $150 on a single purchase!

When you combine the benefits of the Gopro subscription with its other offers, you truly maximize the saving options.

Note: Gopro usually does not offer a discount on its annual subscription prices during the Black Friday sales.

Gopro Cyber Monday Deals and Retailer Discounts

Another great way of saving on your favorite action cameras is to wait for the cyber-Monday deals. Many of the renowned retail brands offer Cyber-Monday deals that can save you more.

For example, last year the following renowned brands in the US offered special discount deals on selective Gopro cameras.

  • Adorama
  • B&H
  • Amazon
  • Walmart, and
  • Gopro

Similarly, in the UK the following brands offered special discounts:

  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Very
  • Wiggle

The Black Friday and Cyber-Monday deals come closely. So, your best chance is to wait for the second promotion time as the Black Friday deals usually last longer.

Another possible great way of saving money on Gopro purchases is to look out for retailer discounts.

For instance, Amazon continuously offers special promotions, discounts, and deals on Gopro products. The usual offer is to save more when you buy a camera and accessories or gears along with it.

Similarly, you can find saving options at Walmart, eBay, or Rakuten to save a few more on your favorite action camera.