Can I Do DoorDash and Still Collect Unemployment? (2022 Updated)

If you’re collecting unemployment, you may be wondering how to make ends meet while you’re out of work. You may find that your unemployment checks cover your day-to-day expenses and leave you with a little leftover to save, or you might want to fill in the gaps with some extra income. 

If you’re just looking for something fun to do on the weekends, perhaps making money delivering DoorDash food could be right up your alley! Here’s what you need to know about if it’s okay to work for DoorDash when you’re collecting unemployment benefits.

Know More About DoorDash!

Technology has certainly played a large role in bringing platform work into widespread use; smartphones give both individuals and businesses access to people who are interested in freelance opportunities. DoorDash is a technology company that specializes in on-demand food delivery. 

Unlike Uber, DoorDash doesn’t employ drivers: instead, it uses independent contractors to deliver takeout from local restaurants. DoorDash is one of many startups in the gig economy—and online marketplace where companies contract with independent workers. 

While you can earn extra money by joining DoorDash, if you’re receiving unemployment benefits, it might be more advantageous to pass on working as a contractor and try collecting your unemployment benefits instead. 

Because these services connect freelancers with businesses seeking temporary help, they are considered platforms — not employers. That means they do not offer traditional employee perks such as health insurance or paid time off.

Why Can’t You Collect Unemployment While Doing Doordash?

Unfortunately, you cannot be paid by DoorDash and collect unemployment from a state agency at the same time. Almost all US states require that you meet some type of work search requirement in order to qualify for benefits. 

Some states do not require you to actively look for work at all; others require job applications or multiple resumes mailed out per week. Some programs also demand employers contact your former employer before approving a claim with them as well as making sure there are no rehires available before they approve your claim. 

Every state has different ways of determining eligibility so it’s important to check with your local office or website regarding any specific qualifications necessary.

Most importantly, every program will conduct random audits on its participants during their period of receiving benefits so it’s vital you accurately report any income earned when applying and throughout their enrollment duration. 

If there is evidence someone fraudulently received unemployment payments, criminal charges may follow along with fines and possible jail time required to repay restitution payments made to the government.

How One Can Get a Job at DoorDash?

Getting a job at DoorDash is much easier than you might expect. The company hires frequently, and there are several ways you can get hired in spite of your lack of experience. For many of its positions, DoorDash doesn’t even require that you have a car! So what does it take to get a job with DoorDash? 

First things first—you need to be available when opportunities arise. If you want a part-time gig as an online dasher, it isn’t necessary that you work evenings or weekends. If you want full-time work as an in-house dasher, though, there will likely be times when evening availability is required. 

It’s also important to make sure you meet minimum requirements; all jobs include passing a background check, so find out which positions allow felons before applying!

And keep reading: We detail more information about applying below. Like most delivery services, DoorDash evaluates potential employees on their driving history. 

Potential drivers must meet certain criteria when they apply to drive for DoorDash — all of which revolve around insurance coverage and driving record. New drivers must pass a driving test at one of its offices in order to become a driver. 

Applicants who hold current insurance will simply have to pay $5 toward certification tests costs and then undergo 40 minutes worth of tests involving parallel parking, backing up quickly and accurately, maneuvering without hitting objects while accelerating or braking hard, coming to stops without skidding across lanes or slamming on breaks, navigating turns without crossing into opposing traffic or other vehicles’ turning lanes and curves within tight spaces.

These four exams correspond to different tiers of quality over everything from stopping distances to parallel parking. After completing these tests successfully, new drivers will receive certifications valid for 2 years and may begin working immediately after receipt. 

An additional 10 hours of classroom training takes place only once per month and covers information such as maintaining a safe vehicle and following safety procedures. 

Drivers do not have any scheduling requirements aside from letting DoorDash know if they cannot show up for scheduled shifts — but just 3 cancellations per month are permitted after proper notification time periods expire.

How much does DoorDash pay?

The key question that prospective employees have is, How much do delivery drivers make at DoorDash? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including your location, your vehicle and package size, your speed, and the mileage traveled per job. 

On average, you can expect to earn between $12-$20 an hour working as a delivery driver for DoorDash. Some locations (especially in big cities) will pay more; other locations may be less. 

If you’re just doing it as a side gig, then maybe it doesn’t matter so much — but if DoorDash delivery driving is your main source of income, then earning potential is going to be one of your biggest considerations.

What Are Some Benefits of Working With DoorDash?

DoorDash has a lot of potential benefits. For one, you’ll make your first delivery within 24 hours. Unlike UberEats and GrubHub, they guarantee that you won’t be inactive on their app – meaning you won’t get stuck doing deliveries without making any money. 

Finally, DoorDash guarantees its drivers work in some of their most lucrative locations – so if you want to get tips and make some great cash on short shifts, DoorDash may be a good fit for you.

Working with DoorDash is a fun and unique experience that’s perfect for anyone who wants to make money while doing something they love. The company allows you to pick your own hours so you can take off whenever you need time off. 

What’s more, DoorDash provides opportunities beyond being a delivery driver; if you’re interested in working behind the scenes and don’t have driving experience, there are many non-driving positions available as well.

What are the drawbacks of working with DoorDash?

There are some cons that come with working for DoorDash. The first is low wages. Employees are paid per delivery and so long as you don’t complete any deliveries, you won’t make any money at all. Another downside is that your hours are limited because there aren’t enough deliveries available in your area. 

Because of these downsides, it can be difficult to pay your bills while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. However, if you have time on your hands and if making money isn’t a priority right now, then DoorDash may be right for you. 

Overall, while there are many drawbacks associated with DoorDash —such as poor compensation — the pros certainly outweigh them. Plus, they are constantly growing, which will only improve their services. 

Additionally, since you can work whenever you want, it allows people who either have irregular schedules or who don’t like sitting in one place for long periods of time to make extra money whenever they want to! If those things interest you then sign up now by clicking here and start delivering delicious meals today.

Frequently Asked Questions!

There are plenty of questions people may have about DoorDash, so let’s dive into some FAQs! Hopefully, we can give you a clear picture of DoorDash. 

Should I Give Up My Unemployment Check and Start Driving With DoorDash?

In many cases, it isn’t always easy to give up unemployment benefits. And most people wouldn’t recommend giving up on a guaranteed paycheck of $0 just because you may be able to earn extra income via part-time work.

To avoid going without income and missing out on benefits, it’s best to consult an attorney or financial professional before making any decisions. 

Which DoorDash Positions Are Eligible for Federal Benefits?

It’s important to note that only certain roles within DoorDash are eligible for some government assistance programs. If you drive with DoorDash—either full-time or part-time—then you won’t qualify for federal benefits. 

Can My Significant Other Drive For DoorDash While Collecting?


Because not all states track employment through self-employment, there’s no one clear answer to questions like these. Many drivers collect unemployment checks based on their earnings from delivering meals. 

How Do I Register As Self-Employed?

Signing up to deliver food with DoorDash is as simple as answering a few questions about your personal information and then creating an account.

How can I tell if it is okay to work for an employer while collecting unemployment benefits? 

All states have some sort of work search requirement that needs to be met in order to receive benefits.