What Is the MACY Business Model 2022? And How Does It Make Money?

MACY is a large retail store in the US, and it is competing with Kohl very well. What is the MACY business model, and how does it make money? What drills they use to manage to be always the number one priority of people.

You will learn about the detail of their business model, its background, and the money-making process. Move on!

What is MACY?

It is an American business department store chain having headquarter in New York, but its store is present in more than 500 countries of the US. It was formed in 1858, and within a short time, it has set a high rank.

The main reason people love to buy it is its quality services and products. They prioritize their customers and try their best to introduce quality products to them.

Moreover, it has almost 75,000 employees, and all of them are trained, have manners, and have very high communication skills.

You can guess their success by the revenue they are generating. In 2020, MACY was the owner of a 17.706 billion dollars asset. However, he faced a downfall in 2019 due to COVID-19.

But it is not only MACY who suffered. Almost all business owners faced this loss. Kohl’s, a business company in the US, is the biggest competitor of MACY.

However, MACY is leading it and managing to remain the number 1 company of the US even in the horrible condition of COVID-19.

MACY’s Business Model

The business model is the working process of a company and how it is making money. All businesses have their business models and strategies for making money.

The main variations are between revenues, expenses, markets, customers, keywords, etc., and these functions define the money-making process. Let study in detail what is MACY’s business model? And how does it make money?

Business to Consumer Model

It is working on the business-to-consumer business model, which has helped them very much in growing. They do not have an online store and love to treat their customers directly.

MACY has launched almost 500 stores in the US and a few internationally. All these stores are managed very professionally, and customers love to shop from them.

Mass-Market Business Model

MACY also uses a mass-market business model with no small distribution of customers; instead, they prepare strategies for a large group of customers. Moreover, they make sure they are fulfilling the needs of all individual customers.

Value Proposition

Easy access, easy use, and branding are its primary value proposition, and these three factors were have been the winning factors of the MACY.

It has made shopping straightforward, and they sell all types of products. Thus, customers do not have to go to different shops as they cab women, kids and men’s clothes, shoes, bags, etc. from one store.

Moreover, you can see their products online and buy all those products from the store when you want.

They have many stores, almost in every city of the US, and these stores are not located in populated areas; thus, you will not face any issue while visiting them.

Moreover, they offer quality services that’s why their brand is growing at this speed. Similarly, the development of stores in almost all areas has increased their rate very much.


MACY main channels and source for earning are stores located everywhere in the US. However, they also sell things online and add to their revenue. Along stores, MACY takes part in social media campaigns, conferences, and blogs.

All these channels increase the attention of people towards MACY, and ultimately its sales increase.

Key Activities

Their primary concern is the distribution of products, delivery to the customers. Their whole team tries its best to manage things. Moreover, they keep introducing innovative features to increase the ease of their customers.

Key Partners

They have relations with the merchant who sell them things for display in their stores. Moreover, they also maintain relationships with merchants who are responsible for their private label collections.

Key Sources

MACY is a large US retail business store, and it has almost 880 stores in 45 states. However, 318 out of 660 are leased, but others are owned by MACY’s.

Similarly, they have human sources for dealing with customers in stores, and many employees are working with them. Moreover, they give a lot of services to their customers, for example, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance.

Their 401k plan is very famous, and you can get leaves. Suppose you are expecting a baby, they will give you maternity leave; similarly, family medical leave is also provided.

Along these holidays, you get paid for sick days and paid holidays, and best of all, they assign flexible working hours. In short, they try their best to keep their workers comfortable.

Cost Structure

The company is working on a cost drive structure and knows how to manage value positions and significant automation as they do not have many expenses.

However, their most significant cost driver is the cost of sales, and it is not even fixed. But other cost drivers, for example, social media campaigns, sales/ marketing, and administration have a variable price range of cost drivers.

Revenue System

What is the MACY business model? And how does it make money? This company has one source of revenue, and that is sales of their things. But they do make strategies to make it a vital and highly paying revenue source.

How does MACY’s make Money?

They sell different things and have made divisions, each giving different amounts of profit to the company—their second high-profit paying division in women’s accessories, apparel, shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances.

As in 218, 2019, 2020 they earned $9,457, $9,454, $7,206 respectively. However, due to the pandemic, they suffered the loss of billions.

Similarly, in 2021 home/other divisions contributed almost 21.59% of the total revenues. In 2021, men and kids were at the third number in generating revenue.

But it faced a downfall of $2.142billion in 2018, but from 2020, it is a significant part of revenue and has helped the company grow by making its part up to 21%.

Women’s division was very paying, but in 2020 it was at a loss, and it contributed with only 16.6% percent in the company’s total revenue. The primary reason for the downfall is pandemic.

Moreover, there was a reduction of 46.26% from the amount which they earned in 2019. This is all about what is MACY’s business model? And how does it make money?

Final Words

In a nutshell, MACY’s business model is business to consumers, and they earn by selling things. They have 880 stores that spread in almost all cities of the US.

Similarly, they also sell things online. Their workers are very professional moreover the company gives them a lot of facilities. Due to COVID, MACY has faced a bit decrease in revenue.

If you still do not comprehend, what is my business model? And how does it make money? Feel free to contact us in the below comment section.

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