Bumble Business Model – How Does Bumble Make Money?

Key Takeaways:

Dating apps did a great business when Tinder was launched and hit the Play Store in 2012. People were swiping left and right around the World to get a perfect match. People were looking for matches and making plans of dating when Tinder was launched. But after some time, women realized that flirting on Tinder is like flirting with a guy on a bar counter. Tinder mainly opened many ways of unwanted things, unwanted commenting, and harassment.

At that peak of time, Tinder Co-Founder Whitney Wolfey decided to do something different for women. She thought that she would make an app and that app will give power to women’s hands. Then she made the bumble app; now Bumble has grown to 18 million users, and it’s effectively evolving into more than a dating app.

This app is the feminist answer to Tinder as both apps allow males and females to swipe left or right according to Their choice, but Bumble let women start the conversation first. This app’s idea was the Ladies first Approve, and its Algorithm was to reduce the online harassment and spam of fake accounts. In 2016 bumble app was the first app that steps out of the dating world.

Bumble BFF, an extension of the app that matches users for strictly platonic relationships, saw quite one thousand thousand swipes in its first week. Bumble app is a qualitative analysis app; you’ll swipe through near users supported the app. once a match is created, the woman gets to begin the conversation; eventually, the woman can make the primary move. While Scrolling through the app, you won’t see only selfies and pictures of the users. This app allows users to upload résumé and portfolio. All you can say is that it’s a great app.

Company Profile:

Company Name© 2021 Bumble
Founded- In:December 2014
Headquarters:Austin, Texas, United States
FounderWhitney Wolfe, Andrey Andreev
Key PeopleWhitney Wolfe Herd (co-founder, CEO), Andrey Andreev (founder, Magic)
Business ModelFreemium Model / Dating App
Product/ServicesInternet Dating app, website
Competitive AdvantageMatch Group’s network, Mogharabi
RevenueUS$488.94 million as of  (2019)
Competitors Match.com, Tinder, Skout, and Hinge

What is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app that gives women’s power to move first; actually, it is an idea of ladies’ first concept. In this app, when a match is made, the women have to start the conversation. Its founder name is Whitney Wolfey. she made the bumble app now Bumble has grown to 18 million users, and it’s effectively evolving into more than a dating app. This app is the feminist answer to Tinder.

Both apps allow males and Females to swipe left or right in step with Their selection; however, Bumble let women begin the communication initially. This app’s idea was the Ladies first Approve, and its Algorithm was to reduce the online harassment and spam of fake accounts. In 2016 bumble app was the first app that steps out of the dating world. Bumble BFF, an extension of the app that matches users for strictly platonic relationships, saw more than 1 million swipes in its first week.

A Short History Of Bumble:

It’s an American Social Media Company that was founded in December 2014 by Whitney Wolfey. It is an online dating app or website which facilitates communication between interested users. The app has a rule that only females can start the conversation with the matched male user. While of the same sex, any person can send a message. The Bumble app was founded when Whitney Wolfey left Tinder.

The founder of the Bumble app called this app a ” feminist dating app.” According to the survey and report of January 2021, the Bumble app has a monthly 42 million users, and thus it is the 2nd most famous dating app on the internet after Tinder. According to a survey, 46.2% of these app users are Female. And according to a company survey, this app is worth more than $1 Billion, and according to the reports, this app has 55 million users in over 150 countries.

Wolfe Herd sued to kindle for sexism and harassment and settled for simply over $1 million in September 2014. Amidst the media attention encompassing the proceeding, acquaintance and Badoo founder and chief executive officer Andrey Andreev contacted Wolfe Herd via email, and also the two met up.

Andreev advised she go back to into the geological dating house, and also the combine eventually shaped a partnership within which Andreev would receive seventy-nine possession within the company following Associate in Nursing initial investment of $10 million alongside extra investments and Wolfe Herd would function as founder, chief executive officer and twenty percent owner.

As a part of the agreement, the new company would additionally utilize Badoo’s infrastructure and Andreev’s consulting. The Bumble app Company has three headquarters in Austin, Texas, and the United States. The company has 650 employees working for the company all around the World. In 2016 the Bumble Company released a BFF which was to try and find platonic friends.

In 2016 the company also announced their partnership with Spotify to connect their Spotify Account to the Bumble company to show Their music interest. In 2017 the company also launched a Career networking app which is Bumble Bizz. The company also made a partnership deal with the anti-defamation league to ban the people who use hate speech or hate symbols in their profile. In 2017 the company was valued exceeding $1 Billion.

What is the Business Model of Bumble Company?

This Company is Based on Freemium Model, which Means any User can join and have Their match for free. But actually, the earning is from the in-app purchases. The app has different boosters, and stuff that makes your profile look attractive, So more users can Visit your profile daily. The company also do advertising and partnership.

As the Bumble company rivals Tinder and Hinge, which offers you a freemium business model, using the app for free may be suitable for a bit of fun, but to enjoy the app’s bonus, you will likely be persuaded to part with cash. The company once said that it has 12 million active users. As the company offers you different moods like BFF, Bumble Bizz, and Bumble date, it makes this app unique to the competition.

How Does Bumble Company Make Money?

 Bumble app earns most of its money from premium membership and perks and in-app purchases. The company also earn revenue from advertising and partnership, but it is only 3% of the total revenue. The app offers you several in-app purchase features which will help you building a prominent profile as this app bulk of its revenue from in-app purchases and shows you different premium membership like Bumble Boost, which starts at US$12.99 a week, and its upgraded Bumble Premium, which starts at US$17.99 a week.

According to a Company Survey, 10% of the Bumble app users can pay $9.99 to access the perks like extra time and other features, while at competitor Tinder, only 5% people pay for the same service. According to the Bumble Company CEO, the app has 12.3 million active users. Part of the explanation why Wolfe desires to require the corporate public is additionally to lift a lot of funds to grow even faster; this suggests world growth, hiring talent, and rolling out a lot of options that area unit in line with its long arrange by the corporate business executive, and it’s a good initiative.

By taking the corporate public, the core team and early-stage investors will then offload a number of that operational risk to the general public. And as CEO Said, the company is working hard to be on the top, and She said that We would beat Tinder and give our Customers Quality Services.

Bumble Company Funding, Valuation & Revenue:

Bumble generated $337 million in income in 2020, a 40 percent increase year-on-year. In 2020, Bumble announced a net loss of $110 million. Bumble has forty-two million active users, 1.2 million of that subscribe to the app’s premium options. Bumble 2019 profit in a year was ($110 Million). It had 42 million users in 2020, and it is still growing. Its paying users are 1.2 Million.

As the Company is Public, so it gets funding from different sources through sponsorship and partnership. The company has other sources of funding. Bumble is growing faster day by day, and its worth is increasing day by day. It is women’s power as it reduces harassment and other nasty things from online internet dating applications, and it works for women’s rights.


We are living in a world where almost everything is on the internet, from news to dating. Nowadays, people date online on the internet to find a perfect match for themselves. Different dating apps are top-rated for the business model, but theirs is a Specific App for ladies which allows ladies to make their first move to start the conversation, and in this app, the power is in the women’s hand. This company was found in 2014 by its Founder, Whitney Wolfey, and now this is the 2nd favorite dating app on the internet as it has millions of users around the globe.

This company is based on Freemium Model, which means any user can join and have their match for free. Its basic earring is from in-app purchases by Paying Their premium subscription; they earn money from it. This app allows you to purchase in-app features that will help you boost your profile, and in this way, your profile will look prominent. This company generated $337 million in 2020. This app has 42 million active users. As this company is public, they also get funding from different people; they also get funding from partnerships and sponsorships.