5 Reasons Why You Should Use Square (Explained)

Square is not an unknown name in the mobile payments and merchant services market. The platform has approximately 24 million in 5 major countries around the world. Square provides users with many features and unique products that allow merchants and businesses to receive payments. These products range from a small payment card reader to a complete Point of Sale (POS) system.

Similarly, the platform also has products that cater to services-based businesses. For example, one of its products lets these businesses organize their appointments with customers. Apart from these, Square also has products that are for all merchants. These may include their Square Capital service or Cash App, which anyone can use, regardless of their business type.

Despite its popularity, many users don’t want to use the platform for their payment needs. It is mainly because most of them don’t know the pros of using the platform. For those users, it is necessary to educate themselves about the platform and its features.

5 reasons why you should use Square

While there are many reasons why users should use Square, the top 5 reasons may include the following.

1) Caters to the needs of small businesses

One of the top reasons why Square has been so successful around its targeted countries is its products and services that cater to the needs of small businesses. While large-sized businesses can still use these products, they prefer to have a dedicated system rather than a generic solution, such as the ones provided by Square.

The reason why Square started in the first place was to facilitate mobile payments for small business owners. The platform capitalized on the opportunity and expanded its products greatly. The platform is also a superb choice for small business owners due to the low costs and fees charged by the platform. Overall, the platform also focuses on small size businesses.

2) Ease of use

The next reason why users should consider using Square and its services is its ease of use. The products that the platform offer are incredibly straightforward to use.

All users need to do is sign up on the platform and use their app to get started. Through the app, users can order Square products for their businesses and control all their transactions. Similarly, Square allows users to integrate all its products using its app. It allows users a central hub to manage their business without the hassle of managing individual products.

Furthermore, all the products offered by the platform are also easy to operate. Most of their products are similar to using any other POS system, making it easier for users to work with them.

3) Analytical tools

Square provides users with products and services for their sales system, but it also has powerful analytics tools to allow business owners to get details regarding their business.

These tools help merchants manage and monitor their businesses remotely. On top of that, other tools, such as trend analysis allow merchants to understand their transactions with customers better. Overall, the platform provides users with tools that they wouldn’t otherwise get with other POS solutions. It makes Square the top choice as these analytics tools can also help them save costs.

Through the use of the platform, merchants don’t need to worry about collecting data manually. The platform does it for them.

4) Inventory management

For businesses that deal with physical products, Square helps them with their inventory management. Merchants using the platform can manage their inventory remotely and for free. First of all, the platform provides detailed inventory reports for users that use any of their products. It is a feature that users can expect from any POS system.

However, that’s not all. The platform enables users to update their inventory quantities in bulk, import product details from other files, download inventory reports and receive daily stock alert emails. Overall, the platform helps these businesses manage their inventory better.

5) Customizability through API

Square doesn’t only provide users with generic solutions. It provides users with a powerful application programming interface, using which they can customize their system the way they like it. The platform’s API, known as Connect API, allows merchants to create apps and solutions specific to their needs. The platform also lets them integrate its products with other solutions, such as accounting, inventory, appointments, etc.

Therefore, for users that don’t use the platform because it doesn’t have specific features, there is still a chance they can get those features through its API. Overall, it allows owners more customizability and grants them more power over their POS system.


Square is a mobile payments and merchants services platform that caters to the needs of businesses in 5 major countries. The platform provides many advantages to those who use it. These advantages include catering to the needs of small businesses, ease of use, analytical tools, inventory management, and customizability through API.