5 Reasons Why You Should Use ZOOM Update 2022

It will be hard to believe that you haven’t used ZOOM services this year. Students, small business owners, and individuals all required virtual meetings and communication during this year’s stay-at-home period.

Educational institutes, in particular, needed a hybrid model of education that could let them continue vital educational activities.

ZOOM once claimed they reached an average of 300 million users daily limit this year. There are certain reasons which make ZOOM such a popular choice.

There is an abundance of Video communication apps and online communication platforms in the market. ZOOM has been a choice of many this year, though. It has peaked its popularity with customers for some good reasons too.

Here are our top 05 picked reasons for you to use ZOOM as an individual and corporate client.

1) Take Full Advantage of Zoom Free Account

ZOOM has excellent features for a free account user. You can enjoy most of the features like ZOOM meetings and ZOOM rooms. As an individual and a small business owner, its free account offering meeting for up to 100 participants and video call lengths of up to 40 minutes should suffice your needs. It offers free unlimited one-to-one meetings for personal use too.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, ZOOM has removed the 40-minute video call limit to facilitate the health and education sector forced to work from home.

Even ZOOM’s paid plans starting at $ 149.90 per year per license, offer great value for money. The ZOOM pricing plan is on par with its competitors, if not better.

2) Zoom Is Easy To Set Up and Use

ZOOM has an easy-to-install setup. With an online/desktop, mobile application, and third-party API integration, it offers a lot of flexibility to its users. It has a clean user interface with an HD video call feature. You can set up the account with a few clicks and immediately start a free ZOOM video call.

Starting and Joining a ZOOM meeting does not take much coding or IT skills. Video conferences, webinars, and meeting participants do not need a ZOOM account. ZOOM has empowered the hosts to choose the participants by refuting some privacy concerns.

ZOOM has also recently announced new features that give extra control to meeting hosts, such as participant reporting, muting, restriction, and passcode access.

3) Expand Your Business with a Virtual Marketplace

The benefit of taking your traditional brick-and-mortar business virtual isn’t exclusive to ZOOM only. However, ZOOM offers a wide range of tools and features that enables you to make your virtual business conduct an easier option.

With ZOOM, you can provide services to many clients simultaneously. Even with a free ZOOM account, you can add up to 100 participants with all the basic features of chat, IM, video calls, file sharing, etc.

Online communication needs for service-based businesses are fast becoming inevitable. More businesses are transforming into a hybrid form of online and traditional business conduct. Within the last year, ZOOM has offered specialized services and offers for the health and education sector.

ZOOM has customized and discounted plans for these industries. If you operate in one of these industries, it’s high time to take full advantage of ZOOM offers globally.

4) Zoom Enhances Your Team Collaboration

Team collaboration within an organization remains a critical success factor for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, in particular, look for cheaper options for business resources.

You can arrange a virtual collaborative meeting of a business team of up to 100 participants for free. ZOOM also offers valuable features like chat, meetings, webinars, and phones for businesses all in one place.

ZOOM’s meeting scheduling feature is perhaps the most liked one by its users. ZOOM apps also offer a synchronized experience with a single account usage across platforms like the web browser, desktop, mobile application, and conference rooms. It supports the most widely used platforms like windows, Linux, IOS, and Android.

5) Third-Party Apps Integration

If you need more customization from ZOOM, you can take full advantage of ZOOM third-party apps. ZOOM has a third-party app marketplace of hundreds of applications ranging from marketing, finance, utilities, CRM, etc.

Some of the popular third-party apps that you can integrate with ZOOM include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Hubspot
  • G Suite
  • Gmail
  • Trello
  • Github

If your team has tech-savvy coders, you’ll ideally want to integrate ZOOM’s open-source API into your website. ZOOM has an open-source API Reference and ZOOM SDK clients to integrate with mobile applications for both IOS and Android applications.