5 Reasons Why You Should Use DealDash (Explained the Benefits)

If you are looking to secure some great deals, you usually would turn to an auction site. Some auction sites offer both brand-new and used items.

Buyers and sellers alike make profits by trading on such auction sites. DealDash has been in the penny auction site industry for well over a decade. Their business model restricts reselling, but you can get great deals on listed items.

DealDash is a pay-to-participate penny auction site, so if you plan to bid here, do consider this fact. Unlike free auction sites, you’ll have to set up a genuine account and buy the bids before the action begins for you.

DealDash claims to make bidding fun with unique bidding rules. Their strict house rules and attractive deals lure many customers. Auctions for pricey items can continue for hours, you’ll be better off automating the bidding process with their BidBuddy.

Apart from that, here are 5 compelling reasons you should consider DealDash as a good value-for-money option for you.

1) Branded Products at Bargain Value:

DealDash offers great deals on listed products from different brands. They have continuously advertised low-priced items won with a fraction of the total item price.

For example, one of their TV ads claims the Apple MacBook sold for only $10.12 (excluding bid prices). There are no used or second-hand products on DealDash.

How does DealDash do that?

DealDash can afford to offer such low prices because they earn on bids from the customers. The normal bid price is $0.60, and with promotions, it is usually in the range of $0.12 to $0.40. With accumulated sales, they can offer lower prices on listed items.

They also buy from large retailers for overstock and liquidated inventory. These items usually do not sell well in brick-and-mortar stores, and auction sites like DealDash buy them.

2) Strict House Rules:

DealDash started with a vision to make the auction experience fair for everyone. Their house rules on account creation and the bidding process stand tall on that claim. Unlike other auction sites, you cannot make more than 1 account. You’ll have to buy the bids before the auction starts.

DealDash discourages bid jumping. They set a conditional instruction for all bidders to join the auction before the product price reaches $5.00.

You cannot bid for the same item within 30 days. Any winners can make up to 50 successful wins per week. These sets of rules reduce auction spamming and fictitious accounts.

3) Can You Resell On DealDash?

 You cannot resell the purchased or won items on DealDash. That sounds like a big disadvantage for e-commerce traders and resellers.

For individual buyers, it becomes the biggest advantage. It again reduces the fake or spam competition running to buy cheap and resell the same item in the same marketplace.

Note: You can resale the purchased or won items on any other platform, of course. If you’re looking to make profits on reselling, DealDash can offer great deals to buy cheap and sell at market price.

4) Promotions and Deals:

DealDash offers bid packs with bundles of 100, 200, and up to 8000 bids. Each bid cost is usually 60 cents. DealDash runs a number of promotions on product prices as well as bid bundles.

You can get promotional bid packs at lower costs. For example, as of the writing, each DealDash bid costs $0.14 only. These promotions frequently run, as with DealDash, you’ll find a fictional holiday every now and then.

If you can plan strategically well, DealDash offers great value with different promotions. You can save big money on these deals. Even a 50% deal running on a bid bundle can save you 50% on the product price purchased, equal to the market price.

5) Educational Material and Customer Support:

If you wish to test-run an e-commerce site, an easy way is to communicate with their customer support. A genuine marketplace will come up with fast customer support and extensive product knowledge.

DealDash has a dedicated section of educational material providing valuable insights on how to win with its unique bidding method.

You can and should learn from the DealDash blog to create a winning strategy. In fact, DealDash encourages newcomers to master the bidding strategy before jumping into the actual action. Go through the how-to guides on bidding and how it works sections.

A Quick Wrap-Up:

DealDash works well for customers looking for great deals on second-tier branded items. If you can learn how the auction process works on DealDash, you’ll increase your winning chances significantly.

As a last resort, never forget to buy the item if you do not win the auction to protect the spent bids.