Pros and Cons of Using Zoom (Explained)

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing tools in the market today. When it first started operations in 2011, many experts couldn’t see such a large-scale success for the platform. It offers a clean user interface and offers a video-first experience for its users. As a result, the company claimed to peak an average daily user figure of above 300 million.

If you are looking for video conferencing, event hosting, or free one-on-one video calls, Zoom will surely be on your list. It offers app downloads for any device you can think of, including desktop, IOS, Android, and online browser extension.

With its open-source API and coding for markets are developers program, you can customize the feature for your website or app.

Zoom and its competitors like Google and Microsoft offer free basic user accounts with limited features. If you want to compare the features and Pros and Cons of each platform, consider the paid plans against the features offered.

Zoom also has certain Pros and Cons over as compared with other industry-leading platforms for Video Conferencing solutions.

Zoom’s Advantages and Features

Zoom was introduced by its founder Eric S Yuan mainly for corporate clients with video conferencing needs. The company since then has aimed to provide frictionless video meetings and webinar experiences to its corporate clients.

Here a few salient features of the Zoom platform:

  • A video-first platform making video calls an easier experience
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Easy to install and easy-to-use applications
  • Third-party partner and developer integration
  • Ability to host a large number of users without sign up or download requirements
  • Customized and corporate clients focused on video conferencing solutions.

Zoom started with video calling applications and webinar solutions initially. However, it has recently stretched its product range with Phone and Event hosting applications for its corporate clients.

Product Quality and Features

Zoom offers HD video quality to its customers, hosting video calls for up to 1000 users. For corporate users with a large user base such as educational institutes, it offers a one-touch and multi-user solution through its flagship product, Zoom Rooms.

Zoom offers unparalleled video and audio quality even for large participating users if customer feedback is to go by anything.

Installation and Usability

 Customers can download the Zoom software in a few clicks, integrate the software through open-source coding with their web, or download the mobile apps in a few minutes. In addition, online users can download the web extension.

Meeting and Room participants do not need to download the software or sign up for the Zoom account. The easy to join feature makes Zoom super easy to use for all individual and business clients alike.

Customization and Large Scale Compatibility

Zoom offers Video Communication solutions for individuals with limited needs of one-to-one video calls to corporate clients with thousands of participants. In addition, corporate clients can hold a webinar of up to 50,000 attendees with Zoom. Zoom offers Zoom meeting and Zoom Room features for regular corporate clients to allow large-scale video communication.

Third-Party Integration

For corporate clients, in particular, third-party integration offers greater flexibility. Zoom allows its applications for all major platforms integration such as with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Zoom Disadvantages and Limitations

Zoom has come a long way in just a few years in the video communication industry. It’s the clean user interface, video-first approach, and app marketplace that offers great video communication solutions. However, it also comes with certain disadvantages and limitations.

High Pricing Plans

Most of the online communication platforms offer free basic plans. Zoom also has a free basic plan for up to 49 participants in a video meeting. Its pricing plan starts at $ 14.99 whereas the Google Meet pricing plan starts at $6. For individuals and small businesses, Zoom offers slightly higher pricing plans for additional features.

Security Concerns

Lack of encryption in its video communication remained the biggest challenge for Zoom for many years. Zoom has been criticized for its data security breaches as well.

However, Zoom has recently introduced end-to-end encryption for its applications.

Some of the Zoom critics have been vocal on Zoom public webinars and room participant mechanisms. Participants can join with a shareable link, but the host cannot control their participation activities (public webinars only) that create a disrupted experience for many customers.

Although Zoom has temporarily lifted the 40-minute free meeting limit, many customers find it less useful with a comparison of other platforms like Skype with a free call limit of up to 100 minutes.