How DealDash Works? And How to Bid Successfully? (Explained)

DealDash is a popular penny auction site that offers an online bidding platform. They offer a wide range of branded and liquidated products. Customers can bid for any items ranging from Electronics, Fashion and beauty, Home and Garden tools, kitchen appliances, and even cars.

Like other auction sites, you’ll have to make a successful bid to win an item. With DealDash, you get extra protection with the “Buy now” option if you fail in the bidding.

Here is a step-by-step approach that can help you understand how DealDash works and how you can best use your money.

Sign up and Subscription:

You can sign up free through the DealDash website or by downloading the IOS or Android app. There is no signup fee, and the account setup takes a few clicks only.

There is no registration or recurring subscription for merely using the DealDash platforms. However, you’ll need to buy the bids before you can start the action.

Buying the Bid Pack:

It will help if you bid to step into an auction on your favorite item to win it. Bid packs come with different bundle packs, e.g., a 200 bid pack.

One Bid price currently on sale costs you 12 cents. You can pay for your bid pack through any debit or credit card, including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express.

How to Bid?

Explore the product range put on auction and browse through the different categories. Once you find the item of your choice, you can join the bidding process by clicking the bid button.

Remember, each bid will cost you $ 0.12, and it will raise the item bid by $0.01 or 1 cent. The bidding will continue until there is no bid challenger within the 10-second bid clock time.

It seems a tedious task to bid time and again, right? You can automate bidding by opting for the “bid buddy.” It will automatically bid for you on your selected item.

The benefit of using the bid buddy; it doesn’t bid randomly. It bids only in the last second to save you money. It means you can have an advantage over competitors bidding manually; they’ll click before the last second.

If you lose the bid, you can still buy the item with a “buy it now” option. With the buying option, you’ll get all of your consumed bids on that item back for free.

How to Bid Successfully?

An effective way of successfully bidding with DealDash is to research items you wish to bid. Understand the full process of bidding. The bidding initially starts at $0.00, and each bid only increases the price by 1 cent. It also means for pricy items. There will be a lot of buyers looking to bid for them cheaply.

Using bid buddy can save you on random bidding clicks as it only bids at the last second. Another way to bid successfully is to explore different promotions. Each promotion comes with a unique benefit on DealDash.

For example, if there is a “Mystery Auction” promotion, the item will be revealed only 5 minutes before the bidding. That reduces the competition and increases your winning chances. Similarly, with returning bids each day, you get free bids in your account.

Also, the ‘the highest time as bidder” offer lets you win free bids with you each rising level. The more time you spend as the highest bidder for an item, the more free bids you win. Each bid normally costs you 12 cents apiece.

What is the best time to bid on DealDash?

The success of bidding on DealDash might be due to luck, not time, but if we talk about the best time to bid to succeed on DealDash, most people found that it works for them during the daytime of weekdays and holidays.

Understand the House Rules:

DealDash promises to make the bidding process fair for everyone. Understanding the house rules can help you avoid any disqualifications. Here are a few important points about the DealDash auction site.

  • You can have only one auction account.
  • No more than two accounts are allowed from each house
  • Any attempt to bypass the bidding through automation or bots can disqualify your bid and result in account suspension
  • You can only bid for a won item only once within 30 days
  • Any Bidder can make a maximum of 50 successful bids per week
  • Any team play or use of automated tools is forbidden

Order Shipments and Return Policy:

DealDash currently ships orders within the US only. Once you successfully win an item or purchase it, the shipment should reach you within 14 days.

Customers bidding for the first time enjoy extra protection of a money-back guarantee within 90 days of the transaction. Regular customers can also claim a free return if the product does not match the intended description.

How Much Does Each Bid Cost on DealDash?

Each bid in DealDash will cost you $0.12, raising the item bid by $0.01 or 1 cent. The bidding will continue until there is no bid challenger within the 10-second bid clock time.